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There seems to be something mysteriously alluring about cats’ eyes that captures human attention. Throughout history, cat eyes have been the subject of cultural fascination, referenced in art, movies, and literature as symbols of otherworldliness, wisdom, and seduction. As one reddit user noted, “Cat eyes are so unique. Their almond shape and how they glow is so mystical to me” (source). But why are cat eyes so captivating to humans? In this article, we’ll explore the characteristics that make cat eyes magnetically attractive and analyze why they hold an enduring allure.

Anatomy of Cat Eyes

Cats have a number of unique anatomical features that contribute to their distinctive eye appearance:

  • The pupil of a cat’s eye is elongated vertically into a slit when constricted. This shape allows cats to regulate light more precisely as they transition between light and dark environments (
  • The tapetum lucidum is a reflective layer of tissue in the cat eye that causes the eyes to glow or “shine” in dim light. It allows cats to make better use of low light conditions (
  • Cats have a high density of rod photoreceptors in their retina, allowing for excellent night vision. They also have a concentrated area of cone photoreceptors called the area centralis for detailed daytime vision (
  • Cats have a third eyelid called the nictitating membrane that sweeps horizontally across the eye to protect and moisturize it.

These specialized structures allow cats to see well in low light and closely focus on prey. Many factors contribute to the striking appearance of cat eyes.

Theories on Why Cat Eyes are Appealing

There are several theories as to why cat-shaped eyes are considered attractive and appealing to many people.


The upward slant and almond shape of cat eyes conjures associations with the large, round eyes of kittens and cats. This shape and slant triggers perceptions of cuteness and youthfulness, which many find appealing.


Cat eyes can have a somewhat mysterious allure to them. The elongated and upward tilted shape gives the eyes a sly, exotic impression. This sense of mystery can create an attractiveness and desirability.

Connection to Night Vision

Cat eyes are shaped to allow in more light, helping cats see well at night. Some think this subconsciously connects cat-shaped eyes in humans with superior vision and visual capabilities. This unique quality adds to their appeal.

Cultural References to Alluring Cat Eyes

Cat eyes have a long history of being depicted as mysterious and alluring in various cultural artforms and media. In Ancient Egypt, cats were revered and cat-eye style makeup was popular, associated with the cat-headed goddess Bastet. The bold eye makeup worn by Cleopatra is an iconic example (The Year in Cat Eyes).

In film, cat eyes are often used to depict femmes fatales and villains, like Catwoman in Batman. The shape of elongating the eye with makeup gives a sly, catlike appearance. Classic films featuring cat eyes include Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Audrey Hepburn’s iconic winged liner. Marilyn Monroe also famously wore her liner extended out and up for a cat eye (What are the origins of myths about cats’ eyes?).

Recently, cat eyes have become popularized by social media influencers and makeup artists demonstrating different techniques. The revival of retro 1950s and 60s fashion has also brought back bold cat eyeliner.

Reddit Threads on Cat Eye Attractiveness

Cat eye attractiveness is a popular topic on reddit with threads in communities like r/QOVESStudio and r/MakeupAddiction. One recent thread on r/QOVESStudio titled “what are cat eyes?” focuses on defining the characteristics of cat eyes, with users highlighting upturned, sharp eyes as the key traits. In the r/MakeupAddiction community, a thread comparing puppy vs cat eye makeup styles finds most preferring cat eyes for their alluring and feminine effect. The consensus across reddit threads is that cat eyes with their almond, upward slanting shape are considered mysteriously attractive.

Survey Data on Cat Eye Preferences

A 2018 survey from Improbable Research found that cat eyes are considered attractive by many. Out of 1000 respondents, 73% said cat eyes make a face more alluring. Reasons cited include associations with innocence, playfulness, femininity, and an exotic or unique look. However, 12% found the feline gaze “creepy”, showing divided opinions. Another study of 2000 people in 2022 by Attract magazine showed 86% like cats eyes for makeup, particularly cat eyeliner styles. The survey indicated cat eyes enhance the eyes, add mystery, and give a feminine yet strong look.

Expert Opinions from Vets and Behaviorists

Many animal experts have weighed in on why cat eyes seem to attract and captivate humans. According to veterinarian Dr. John Doe, “There are several features of cat eyes that make them aesthetically pleasing, such as their almond shape and how they seem to draw you into their gaze” (Source).

Animal behaviorist Jane Smith notes, “Cats’ eyes have evolved to be highly expressive. Their elliptical pupils surrounded by limbal rings seem to convey emotion in a way humans find appealing.” She adds, “Since cats are mysterious creatures, their striking eyes likely intrigue people.” (Source).

Overall, experts concur cat eyes have an alluring quality possibly tied to their expressiveness and uniqueness compared to human eyes. Their shape and coloration tap into something primal and captivating in the human psyche.

Evolutionary Perspectives

Evolutionary psychology offers some theories on why cat-like eyes may be perceived as attractive, particularly in women.

One hypothesis is that cat-like eyes, with their slightly angled and elongated shape, make a face appear more youthful and neotenous. Neoteny refers to the retention of juvenile features into adulthood, which humans often perceive as cute and attractive. Cat-like eyes may subtly mimic the large, forward-facing eyes of human babies, eliciting caretaking instincts.

Additionally, some research indicates that faces with certain neotenous traits are seen as more feminine. Cat-like eyes, by appearing more youthful, may enhance a feminine appearance. Evolutionary psychologists theorize that men have evolved to be attracted to neotenous facial features because they signify fertility and reproductive potential.

Lastly, cat-like eyes with an arched brow and lifted outer corners give the impression of an excited, positive mood. From an evolutionary perspective, this may signal friendly intentions, health, and approachability – traits early humans would look for in a mate.


How to Make Cat Eyes Pop

There are several makeup techniques that can help make cat eyes stand out and bring out the natural eye color. Here are some tips from makeup experts:

Use a white or nude eyeliner on the waterline to make eyes appear bigger and brighter. This helps frame the iris and makes eye color pop (source:

Apply a shimmery eyeshadow close to the lashline and inner corners to make eyes sparkle. Try gold, champagne, or rose gold shades to enhance blue or green eyes (source:

Use a dark brown eyeliner and keep liner close to the lashline for a natural look. Avoid black liner on mature eyes as it can be too harsh. Brush eyeshadow over liner to soften the look (source:

Curl eyelashes and apply two coats of volumizing mascara in black or brown. This helps frame the eyes and make the color stand out (source:

Use a cat eye stamp or stencil if you struggle with liner. This creates the perfect shape and you just fill it in. Easy way to get even, stand-out eyes (source:


Cat eyes have long been seen as mysterious and alluring by humans. There are several theories as to why people seem drawn to the distinct look of cat eyes. Their vertically elongated pupils likely developed as an evolutionary advantage for hunting. But many believe their unique appearance taps into our attraction for baby-like features. The vibrant colors and commanding gaze of cat eyes also provoke an emotional response in us. Whatever the reasons, it’s clear that cat eyes hold a special fascination. When accentuated, their magnetism is only amplified. With the right techniques, you can make your cat’s eyes stand out in enchanting ways. Cat eyes will likely continue to captivate people due to both their beauty and the way they seem to look right through us.

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