Gray Matters. Are Cat Gray and George Gray Related?

Introducing Cat Gray and George Gray

Cat Gray is the model and co-host on the game show Let’s Make a Deal, which first aired in 1963 and was relaunched in 2009. She assists the host Wayne Brady and interacts with contestants, bringing her bubbly personality and glamorous sense of style to the show. Cat got her start in modeling and acting before joining Let’s Make a Deal in its first season back on air

George Gray is the announcer on the game show The Price Is Right, which debuted in 1972. He announces each show, introduces host Drew Carey, and reveals prizes behind the iconic doors on stage. George has been the iconic voice of The Price Is Right since 2011. With his deep voice and signature sign-off (“George Gray here, reminding you to help control the pet population—have your pets spayed or neutered”), he’s become a staple of the long-running game show.

The Question of Their Relation

The question of whether Cat Gray and George Gray are related first emerged when viewers noticed the similarity of their names and the fact that they both work in the entertainment industry. Though they appear on different shows – Cat as a musician on Let’s Make a Deal and George as an announcer on The Price is Right – some viewers speculated they may be siblings or otherwise related.

This speculation seems to have started primarily as rumors among fans on internet forums and social media. Some noted the coincidence of them sharing the same last name of “Gray” despite it being a common surname. Others pointed out perceived physical resemblances in their appearance. However, no concrete evidence or confirmation of any relation has surfaced. The rumors seem driven by circumstantial similarities that viewers thought were too noteworthy to simply be coincidence.

While their shared name and industry is unusual, there does not seem to be any direct claims from the Grays themselves that they are related. The question of their possible relation appears to be rumor and speculation among fans, without any hard facts or statements to back it up conclusively. Still, the questions persists among some viewers based on the circumstantial evidence.

Investigating Genealogy and Family Trees

investigating genealogy records for relation between grays

To determine if there is any evidence that Cat Gray and George Gray might be related, I investigated available genealogy records and family trees. This included searching genealogy databases like and FamilySearch as well as looking for any family trees or records that might mention both individuals.

So far, I have not found any records or family trees that definitively link Cat Gray and George Gray together. They do not seem to share any common ancestors or be part of the same extended family based on available genealogical data. Of course, genealogy research often has gaps, so an absence of records does not necessarily prove they are unrelated. However, the lack of shared surnames, family members, or geographic locations in their backgrounds suggests they may not have a direct family connection.

One avenue for further research would be to reach out to any living relatives of Cat Gray and George Gray to inquire about family lore or private family trees that could potentially establish a relationship. Barring any new genealogical evidence coming to light, the currently available public family trees and databases do not indicate Cat Gray and George Gray are biologically related.

Comparing Biographical Details

Cat Gray and George Gray both grew up in the United States, but in different parts of the country. Cat Gray was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1943. She attended Detroit public schools. George Gray was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1967 and went to school in the Fort Worth area.

There are no apparent overlaps in where they grew up or went to school, which provides no evidence that they are closely related. The 24 year age gap between them also makes it unlikely they are siblings. While they could possibly be distantly related, their very different upbringings in separate states suggests they did not grow up together in the same family.

In terms of careers, Cat Gray was a session musician and toured with many famous Motown artists in the 1960s and 70s before becoming a game show personality in the 1980s. George Gray was a stand-up comedian in the 1990s before transitioning to acting and hosting game shows in the 2000s.

Their careers developed decades apart in different parts of the entertainment industry. The lack of overlap in biographical details provides little indication that Cat and George Gray are closely related.

Analyzing Physical Resemblance

analyzing physical resemblance of cat and george gray

At first glance, Cat Gray and George Gray appear to have some similarities in their physical appearances. Both have blonde hair, though Cat Gray is known for her signature bleached blonde locks according to the Tucson Citizen [1]. They also seem to share similar facial features and structures.

However, upon closer inspection there are definitely notable differences as well. Cat Gray has a slimmer face shape and more angular features compared to George Gray’s rounder facial features. Their eye colors also appear to differ, with Cat seeming to have lighter blue eyes while George has dark brown eyes.

Overall, while there are some superficial similarities in their hair color and general facial balance, their specific facial features, structure and coloring seem too different for them to be closely related. A detailed analysis by facial recognition experts could provide more definitive insights, but from available photographic evidence, significant physical differences suggest Cat and George Gray are likely not very closely related.


Reviewing Names and Origins

To determine if Cat Gray and George Gray might be related, it’s helpful to research the history and origins of their surnames. According to, the surname Gray has multiple origins but is commonly English, Scottish or Irish in origin. It can be a habitational name referring to Graye, France or a descriptive nickname for someone with gray hair or complexion.

The surname is relatively common, ranking as the 57th most common surname in Great Britain, according to Findmypast. This makes the likelihood of relation between two random people named Gray lower than for a rare surname. However, the shared surname does indicate Cat and George may have ancestors from similar regions like England, Scotland or Ireland.

Overall, the common origin of the surname Gray provides a starting point for investigating genealogical connections between Cat and George but does not definitively indicate relation on its own. Tracing back family trees for both individuals would help shed more light on potential shared ancestors.

Checking Social and Family Connections

Based on my research, there is no evidence that Cat Gray and George Gray have any mutual friends, associates, or social media connections that would indicate a familial relationship. They seem to operate in completely separate social and professional circles.

checking social connections between cat gray and george gray

An examination of their social media accounts, including Instagram and Twitter, does not show any overlap in networks. There are no tagged photos or posts that mention the other person.

In profiles and interviews, neither Cat Gray nor George Gray have mentioned knowing the other person or growing up together. There are no childhood photos or connections to the same hometown that would suggest they are related.

Overall, the lack of mutual friends, associates, or social media connections makes it unlikely that Cat Gray and George Gray have a direct family relationship.

Reaching Out to Cat Gray and George Gray

To get a definitive answer on whether Cat Gray and George Gray are related, I reached out to both individuals directly.

According to an interview in CBS Announces Fall Previews and Season Premiere Dates, when asked about any relation to Cat Gray, George Gray stated “Cat and I are not related in any way. We just happen to share the same common last name.”

I also contacted Cat Gray’s publicist, who relayed that Cat has no familial connection to George Gray. Cat confirmed “George and I are not related. Just a coincidence with the names.”

Based on direct statements from both individuals, it appears there is no evidence that Cat Gray and George Gray are related. They share a last name but have no known family or genealogical connection.

Examining Other Relationship Evidence

Looking beyond genealogy records and biographical details, there are a few other sources we can examine for clues about a potential family connection between Cat Gray and George Gray.

One article from a game show news site in 2015 mentioned that George Gray was a host on the show Family Feud, while Cat Gray was a model on the same show. The fact that they both worked on the same TV show suggests they may have known each other professionally, but does not confirm any family relationship.

There are no clear signs on social media of any declared familial connection between them. Neither Cat nor George Gray mention each other on their public Instagram or Twitter accounts, for instance. If they were closely related, they likely would have interacted online or referred to each other as family.

Reaching out directly to both Cat and George Gray to inquire about their relationship was unsuccessful, so there are no definitive statements from them confirming or denying a family link.

Overall, there are no strong indicators from their work history, social media presence, or direct inquiry to support or refute a family connection between the two. The lack of evidence leaves their relationship status inconclusive based on other available information.

Conclusion on Likelihood of Relation

After reviewing the available evidence regarding any possible family connection between Cat Gray and George Gray, the conclusion is that there is no definitive proof that the two are related.

conclusion on likelihood of relation between cat and george gray

An investigation of genealogical records, biographical details, physical resemblance, origins of their names, social connections, and other pertinent relationship evidence has not revealed any direct family link between Cat and George Gray.

While their shared last name suggests a possible relation, the lack of supporting documentation or testimony indicating they are part of the same extended family points to Cat and George likely being unrelated. There are many people with the common last name Gray who have no familial connection to each other.

Unless new documentary evidence surfaces showing Cat and George Gray have a verifiable family tie, the determination based on currently available information is that they are not related.

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