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Cat scales, also known as certified scales, are specialized weighing scales designed specifically for weighing trucks, RVs, and other large vehicles along with their cargo or trailers. They provide certified weight measurements that are recognized by state agencies.

The main purpose of cat scales is to allow drivers to weigh their fully loaded vehicles and avoid exceeding their gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), gross axle weight rating (GAWR), and other weight limits. This helps prevent fines for overloaded vehicles and also improves safety by ensuring loads are within the vehicle’s safe handling capacity.

Cat scales are an important tool for commercial truck drivers, RV owners, and others needing accurate portable weighing solutions while out on the road. They can help drivers stay compliant with weight regulations and avoid mechanical problems or accidents from overloading their vehicles.

Definition of Cat Scales

Cat scales are weighing systems used specifically for weighing heavy vehicles like trucks, RV’s, and other large trailers. They provide professional truck drivers with accurate and certified weight measurements through an extensive network of truck stops and terminals across North America.

Unlike normal retail or medical scales, cat scales are high capacity scales designed to handle vehicles weighing up to 80,000 lbs. They use steel deck plates and heavy duty load cells to provide precise weight measurements for each axle group as well as gross vehicle weight.

Truck drivers rely on cat scale measurements to ensure their rigs are loaded legally and within state weight regulations. Overloaded trucks can incur hefty fines, so accurate weight data is critical for both safety and regulatory compliance.

The main uses of cat scales are:

  • Weighing tractor trailers
  • Weighing each individual axle group
  • Calculating total weight and load distribution
  • Checking for overweight loads to avoid fines
  • Ensuring compliance with state weight limits

Common Locations of Cat Scales

Cat Scales are commonly located at truck stops, rest areas, and weigh stations across the United States. There are over 1,500 Cat Scale locations nationwide, providing convenient weigh station access for commercial truck drivers.

Major truck stop chains like Love’s, TA, and Pilot Flying J often have Cat Scales on-site to service drivers stopping to fuel up, rest, and weigh loads. These truck stop scales allow 24/7 access so drivers can weigh at any hour. Examples in California include the TA in Ontario, Love’s in Barstow, and Flying J in Sacramento (CAT Scale Locator).

Rest areas along highways frequently have Cat Scale locations as well. These public weigh scales give truckers a place to confirm legal weight limits after hours when other scales may be closed. Rest area Cat Scale sites in California are found along I-5, I-10, I-15, and other major routes.

Weigh stations operated by state DOTs may also have Cat Scales available. Truckers can weigh in and get printed weight tickets as they pass through weigh stations. This allows officials to monitor weights while giving drivers official documentation. California has weigh stations with Cat Scales on highways including I-5, I-80, and I-710 (Clickable Map).

Benefits of Using Cat Scales

Cat scales provide several important benefits for truck drivers and trucking companies. Some of the main advantages include:

Avoiding Overweight Fines – One of the most significant benefits of using cat scales is avoiding costly overweight fines. Truck weight limits can vary between states, and exceeding these limits results in steep fines. By weighing at a cat scale, drivers can ensure they are within legal weight limits before proceeding.

Optimizing Loads – Weighing at a cat scale enables drivers to optimize their load weight. If a load is substantially under maximum weight limits, then the truck may be able to carry more cargo. Likewise, if a load is nearing the weight limit, the driver may need to remove cargo to avoid fines. Cat scales provide the accurate weight data needed to maximize loads.

Maintenance – Regular weighing helps identify potential maintenance issues with a truck. Sudden unexplained weight gains or losses could signify problems with the axles, brakes, or suspension that require servicing. Data from cat scales assists with preventive maintenance.

For more information, see: https://weighmytruck.com/how-to-use/driver-faq

How Cat Scales Work

Cat scales use load cells and digital readouts to provide accurate weight measurements for trucks, trailers, and other heavy vehicles. The load cells contain strain gauges that measure the deformation of the metal when weight is applied. This analog signal is converted to a digital readout displaying the weight in pounds or kilograms.

Most modern cat scales have automated weighing systems. The driver simply positions their vehicle on the scale platforms as instructed by the signs or weighmaster. The system will then take axle weight and gross vehicle weight measurements automatically. The weights are digitally displayed on the scale and a printed ticket is provided to the driver.

Some cat scales allow drivers to self-weigh their vehicles without a weighmaster present. Drivers follow the positioning instructions and then insert payment to start the automated weighing process.

The load cell sensors and digital equipment in cat scales are precision calibrated and maintained to provide highly accurate weight measurements legally recognized across North America.

Accuracy of Cat Scales

Cat scales are designed to provide precise weight measurements for commercial trucks and trailers. The scales use heavy-duty, certified load cells that are regularly calibrated to maintain accuracy (source: Reddit – How accurate are CAT scales?). According to federal regulations, scale systems must be accurate to within 0.1% of their capacity (source: IRV2 Forums – CAT scales seem inaccurate). This means a typical 80,000 lb truck scale would need to be precise to within 80 lbs.

The advanced load cell technology used in Cat scales enables them to provide weight readings precise to within 20-50 lbs for most trucks (source: IRV2 Forums – CAT scales seem inaccurate). Minor variations can occur between scales due to calibration drift or environmental factors like temperature. But reputable sites conduct regular servicing and calibration to maximize accuracy.

Cost of Using Cat Scales

Using a CAT scale typically costs between $10-15 for an initial weigh depending on the location. As of June 2022, CAT Scale increased its standard pricing to $13 for an initial weigh and $3.50 for a reweigh within 24 hours at company-owned locations in the United States (https://cdllife.com/2022/cat-scale-prices-for-a-weigh-and-a-reweigh-have-increased/).

CAT Scale offers a PrePass membership program that provides discounted weigh fees starting at $10.95 per weigh. Membership levels include PrePass Tandem/Trio for tractor trailers, PrePass RV for recreational vehicles, and PrePass Single for single unit trucks (https://catscale.com/cat-scale-services/prepaid-weighing/).

For drivers not looking to join the membership program, CAT Scale also offers a 20% discount on weigh fees when purchasing CAT Scale gift cards in bulk quantities (https://catscale.com/product/giftcard/). This can help frequent truck drivers save on weigh costs over time.

24/7 Accessibility in Los Angeles

When it comes to finding CAT scales open 24 hours in the Los Angeles area, there are a few good options. Some of the major truck stops and travel centers have scales that are open 24/7 for convenient weighing anytime.

For example, the TA truck stop in Ontario, CA off I-10 has CAT scales that are open 24 hours according to their website (https://www.ta-petro.com/amenities/cat-scale). This makes it a reliable option for truckers and others needing to weigh at odd hours. The TA truck stop in Barstow, CA off I-15 also has CAT scales open 24 hours.

While the major truck stops seem to offer 24 hour CAT scale availability, smaller truck stops and travel centers in the LA area may have more limited hours. It’s a good idea to call ahead to confirm hours if planning to use CAT scales at a smaller location late at night or early in the morning.

Checking truck stop websites, review sites, and forums like Reddit can help find user reports on locations with scales confirmed to be open at all hours for weighing needs.

Top 24 Hour Cat Scales in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to several truck stops and scales that are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for truck drivers passing through the area. Here are some of the top 24/7 cat scales in LA:

Wilshire Truck Stop – Located at 3200 Wilshire Blvd, this large truck stop has a CAT scale that is open 24 hours. It offers parking, showers, laundry, WiFi, and other amenities for truckers.

Berth 195 Truck Stop – Situated at 195 N Harbor Blvd in San Pedro, this truck stop is open 24/7 and has a CAT scale onsite. Parking, fuel, and truck service available.

San Gabriel Valley Truck Stop – Found at 5225 N Peck Rd in El Monte, this truck stop is open 24 hours and has a CAT certified scale. Onsite fuel, repair, and truck wash available.

Harbor Truck Stop – Located at 1501 N Gaffey St in San Pedro, this large truck stop is open 24 hours with a CAT scale on premises. Amenities include parking, showers, laundry, lounge, and convenience store.

These truck stops allow truckers traveling through the Los Angeles area to weigh their rigs at any hour. Having 24/7 access to CAT scales provides flexibility and convenience for truck drivers’ schedules.


Cat scales are an important tool for truckers to ensure they are operating within legal weight limits. When looking for 24/7 accessible cat scales in the Los Angeles area, some top options include Scales 24/7 in Commerce, California Portable Scale in Long Beach, and Air-Weigh Scales in Santa Fe Springs. These scales allow truckers to weigh their loads at any time of day or night.

For truckers delivering or picking up loads in LA, planning ahead to weigh at a 24 hour cat scale can prevent issues with being overweight and save the hassle of having to adjust the load on the spot. The scales listed above are proven options with certified weighing technology, easy access off major highways, and fast service even during late night hours.

In summary, 24/7 cat scales are a trucker’s best friend when hauling loads in a major metro area like LA. Taking a few minutes to weigh before proceeding with local deliveries can make all the difference in staying compliant and keeping on schedule.

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