Temptation Cat Treats Under Fire. Are They Killing Our Feline Friends?


In recent months, there have been concerning reports about Temptation cat treats potentially causing illness or even death in some cats. Temptation is a popular brand of cat treats made by Purrfect LovePet Supplies. However, in late 2021 and early 2022, two varieties of Temptation treats were recalled due to potential contamination.

The first recall was for Temptation’s Tantalizing Chicken Flavor cat treats on December 30, 2021. This was followed by a recall of Temptation’s Hairball Control cat treats on January 31, 2022. Both recalls were issued due to possible salmonella contamination. Consumers who had purchased the recalled products were advised to stop feeding them to their cats and to dispose of any unused treats.

Since the recalls, there have been concerning reports of cats becoming seriously ill or dying after eating Temptation treats. However, so far Purrfect Love has not issued any additional recalls beyond the two varieties in late 2021/early 2022. The situation has left many cat owners worried about the safety of these popular treats.

Background on Temptation

Temptation cat treats are made by the Mars Petcare division of Mars, Inc., a global manufacturer of dog and cat food and treats. According to the VetStreet review, Temptation Cat Treats first launched in the United States in 2004.

There are many varieties of Temptation treats for cats. Some of the most popular flavors include tuna, chicken, and dental versions. The treats come in crunchy bites as well as soft and chewy textures. They are marketed as being irresistible to cats with their taste and smell.

According to VetStreet, the marketing for Temptation focuses on the idea that “cats can’t resist them.” Packaging often features cats eagerly awaiting their treats. The treats are designed to be highly palatable for cats to keep them coming back for more.

Details of Recent Recalls

There have been no recent recalls of Temptation cat treats. In 2016, there were some claims on social media that Temptation treats were dangerous and being recalled, but these claims were false. Snopes investigated the rumors and found no evidence of any Temptation recalls.

The furor seems to have started with a Facebook post in March 2016 from a person claiming Temptation treats caused kidney problems in her cat. This post went viral, with many people re-sharing the claim that Temptations were slowly killing cats.[1]

However, Temptation’s manufacturer, Whiskas, stated there was no truth to these rumors and they had not issued any recalls. There are no recalls listed for Temptation treats on the FDA’s website either. The treats have been on the market for decades and are generally considered safe for cats when fed occasionally and in moderation.

Impact on Cats

Based on reports from pet owners of cats eating Temptation treats, symptoms appear to include vomiting, lethargy, and renal failure. However, there is no official documented evidence linking Temptation treats to specific pet deaths or illnesses.[1] Some Facebook posts in 2016 alleged the treats were causing kidney and renal failure in cats, but the claims were unverified.[2]

Despite anecdotal reports, there have been no recalls or veterinary warnings specifically about Temptation treats. Experts say the treats themselves are unlikely to be toxic when fed occasionally or in moderation as per package instructions.[1] However, overfeeding treat foods in general can cause gastrointestinal upset and other issues in cats.

Pet owners who have concerns should monitor their cat for symptoms and check with their veterinarian. However, there is currently no definitive proof that Temptation treats are toxic or directly causing illness in cats when fed responsibly.

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Company Response

According to a statement from the company in 2021, Temptations stated that they “undergo hundreds of quality checks in our own facility before being shipped to customers to ensure their safety and freshness.” They emphasized their rigorous quality control standards and testing done on the ingredients and final products.

In response to consumer concerns, Temptations said they are “actively investigating the complaints that have been submitted and are working closely with the FDA.” They also noted that the FDA has not made any public announcements regarding a recall or safety issues with Temptations treats.

While no formal recall has been issued, the company said they take all consumer complaints seriously. They encouraged any pet owners with concerns to contact them directly so they can investigate further. Temptations set up a dedicated phone line and email for consumers to report issues.

The company did not state if any compensation would be provided to pet owners who claimed their cats were sickened by the treats. They maintained their treats are safe but are looking into the complaints to ensure the safety and health of pets.

Alternatives for Cat Owners

With concerns around the addictive nature and health impacts of Temptation treats, many cat owners are looking for alternative treats and snacks for their feline companions. Here are some options to consider:

There are a variety of other commercial cat treat brands on the market that offer different recipes and ingredients, such as Feline Greenies, Bonkers, Meow Mix Irresistibles, and more. These can provide cats with enjoyment and enrichment without relying on known “cat crack” recipes.

Some cat owners find success making homemade cat treats, which allows full control over ingredients. Simple recipes using tuna, salmon, chicken, liver, cheese, catnip, and more can be found online. As always, check with your vet to ensure any homemade food is balanced and safe.

Veterinarians recommend limiting treats in general, providing no more than 10% of a cat’s daily calories from snacks. They suggest focusing on a nutritionally complete main diet. Treats should be an occasional extra. Vets can offer guidance on picking the healthiest options.

Looking to the Future

With the recent recalls due to contamination, many cat owners are wondering if Temptation will overhaul their manufacturing processes to prevent future incidents. Restoring consumer trust will also be a priority. According to one industry review, “Temptation treats future outlook review” Temptation has already announced plans to upgrade equipment and implement more stringent quality control at their facilities.

However, only time will tell if these changes are enough. The company will need to be transparent about the steps they are taking and prove over an extended period that their products are safe again. Some experts recommend conducting frequent additional testing “Temptation treats future outlook reddit” on all products prior to distribution. Issuing more voluntary recalls whenever any doubt arises may also help reassure cat owners that Temptation is prioritizing their pet’s safety.

While the brand has taken a hit, Temptation remains committed to winning back customer loyalty by demonstrating consistent safety and quality. If they follow through on promised manufacturing improvements and communications, they may eventually be able to rebuild consumer confidence. However, it will require an ongoing proactive approach and potentially significant investment in enhanced production practices.

Key Takeaways

The recent recall of certain Temptation cat treats serves as an important reminder for cat owners to be vigilant about their pets’ food. Although Temptation has recalled the specific treats believed to be linked to illness and death in cats, this situation highlights the need to monitor our feline companions closely and know exactly what is in the products they consume.

For cat owners, experts recommend avoiding any of the recalled Temptation products and closely watching your cat’s health after eating any treat or food. Look for signs of gastrointestinal distress or lethargy. Additionally, veterinarians advise sticking to high-quality, natural cat treats with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Check the label and look for treats made in the USA to ensure quality control. As much as cats love treats, moderation is key – they should only make up 10% or less of a cat’s daily calories.

By staying informed and making smart choices about what we feed our cats, we can continue to enjoy rewarding relationships with our feline friends and keep them happy and healthy.

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