From Toasty to Titanic. The Epic Evolution of Battle Cats’ Toaster Cat

Introduction to Battle Cats

Battle Cats is a popular tower defense game developed by PONOS for iOS and Android devices. First released in Japan in 2013, Battle Cats has since expanded to worldwide audiences with English translations [1]. The game features a cast of cartoon cats with various appearances and abilities that players can collect and deploy for tower defense battles.

Gameplay in Battle Cats involves sending out cats to defeat enemy forces and take over their base. As players progress, they can unlock new types of cats with unique strengths, weaknesses, and attack styles. Levels get increasingly challenging, requiring players to strategize which cats to use and when. The cartoony art style and absurd cat characters add to the fun and lighthearted appeal of Battle Cats [2].

While seemingly simple on the surface, Battle Cats offers deep strategy elements and challenges to engage experienced gamers. Players must balance power, range, attack rate, and cost when deploying cat units. Proper timing and lane distribution is key to defeating enemies and scoring high points. Gamers looking for a casual, cute, and strategic tower defense experience have propelled Battle Cats to over 50 million downloads worldwide [1].


Toaster Cat Basics

Toaster Cat is a Super Rare cat in Battle Cats that can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule. According to the Battle Cats Wiki [1], Toaster Cat’s appearance is based on a toaster with a cat’s face on it. It has low health but can inflict massive damage on metal enemies.

Some key details on Toaster Cat:

  • Very high damage to metals – can take out metal enemies like Super Metal Hippoe in just a couple hits
  • Single target attack
  • Long recharge time between attacks
  • Low health and range
  • Immune to waves, but takes extra damage from metals
  • Evolves into Delinquent Cat and further into Oven Cat

Toaster Cat is best used strategically against tough metal enemies, but requires protection due to its low health. It fills an important niche role on teams due to its strong anti-metal abilities.

Toaster Cat Evolution Stages

Toaster Cat has several evolution stages with increasing stats and abilities:

Level 10: Evolves into Level 10 Toaster Cat using 30 Catfruit and 1 million XP. Gains a small attack power boost.

Level 20: Evolves into Level 20 Toaster Cat using 30 Catfruit and 1.5 million XP. Gains a moderate health and attack power boost.

Level 30: Evolves into Level 30 Toaster Cat using 30 Epic Catfruit and 5 million XP. Gains a massive health and attack power increase and shorter recharge time.

True Form: Evolves into Thermal Cat using 1 Catfruit seed, 5 Epic Catfruit and 1 million XP. Gains the Barrier Breaker ability, higher health, attack power, and movement speed.

Each evolution requires gathering the specific Catfruit through gameplay and gradually accumulating XP through using Toaster Cat in levels.

Evolving to Level 10

At level 10, Toaster Cat evolves into Cat Projector. This first evolution grants a moderate stat boost and unlocks the ability to freeze Red enemies. The attack power increases from 1,500 at level 1 to 4,100 at level 10. Health also sees a boost from 5,000 to 13,500. Speed remains the same at 12 movement speed.

Freezing Red enemies is a useful strategic ability for Toaster Cat. With a 100% chance to freeze Red enemies for 120f (4 seconds), Cat Projector can stop heavy hitting Red enemies like Bore in their tracks. This makes Cat Projector a great complement to anti-Red cats like Jurassic Cat Sitter.

At level 10, Cat Projector is strong enough to be included in your main battle line-up against Red enemies. The freeze ability enables you to stop a Red enemy advance while your heavy damage dealers take them out. Overall, the level 10 evolution grants Cat Projector increased stats and a crucial support ability.

Evolving to Level 20

Toaster Cat evolves to level 20 after gaining enough XP from defeating enemies. At level 20, Toaster Cat is known as Cat Projector and gains the following upgrades:

  • Health increases to 18,000.
  • Attack power increases to 8,400.
  • Range increases to 385.
  • Movement speed increases to 9.
  • Attack animation becomes faster.
  • Ability to slow Angels increases to 40% chance.

At level 20, Cat Projector becomes a bit tankier and packs more of an offensive punch. The increased range allows it to outrange more enemies like enemy meatshields. The higher chance to slow Angels makes Cat Projector very useful against Angel enemies, stalllng them so your other cats can defeat them.

Overall, the level 20 evolution powers up Cat Projector into a well-rounded support unit. It can hold its own on the frontlines while slowing Angels. Cat Projector works well in teams with high DPS ubers or anti-Angels to take advantage of its crowd-controlling ability. Avoid using meatshields so Cat Projector can land more hits.

Evolving to Level 30

At level 30, Cat Toaster evolves into Catophone with the help of Catfruit. According to the Battle Cats Wiki, “Catophone has greater stats and abilities compared to Cat Toaster. It gains an increased attack power, higher health and movement speed” (Battle Cats Wiki).

Some key stats and abilities of Catophone at level 30 evolution include:

  • Health: 15,500 (+3,500)
  • Attack Power: 12,500 (+2,500)
  • Range: 350 (unchanged)
  • Movement Speed: 10 (unchanged)
  • Attack Rate: 11.33s (unchanged)
  • Attack animation: 3.66s (unchanged)
  • 40% chance to slow Angels (10% increase)
  • Knockback chance vs Angels 75% (unchanged)

Strategically, the increased stats make Catophone more viable in the late game. The extra health and damage help it stay alive longer against powerful enemies like Angel bosses. The unchanged 40% slow ability remains useful for controlling Angel enemies. Overall, Catophone is an excellent anti-Angel attacker at level 30.

True Form Evolution

Toaster Cat’s True Form, named Dancing Flasher Cat, is unlocked by using Catfruit to evolve past level 30. According to the Battle Cats Wiki, the requirements to evolve Toaster Cat to its True Form are as follows:

  • Reach Account Level 30
  • Evolve Toaster Cat to level 30 using Catseyes
  • Acquire a Blue Catfruit, a Red Catfruit, a Purple Catfruit, and 1 million XP to sacrifice

Dancing Flasher Cat receives a massive boost to stats compared to the base form Toaster Cat. Its health increases from 5,500 to 36,500, attack power goes from 3,500 to 14,000, and its movement speed remains unchanged at 8. One of the most notable additions is the Barrier Breaker ability, which allows Dancing Flasher Cat’s attacks to damage enemies with barriers that most cats cannot penetrate.

According to the Battle Cats Wiki page, the duration of Dancing Flasher Cat’s slow ability also increases from 2-6 seconds to 3-8 seconds when fully upgraded. With strong crowd-control and barrier-breaking capabilities, Dancing Flasher Cat becomes an excellent strategic choice against tough metal and alien enemies.

Strategic Uses

Toaster Cat can be very effective against specific enemy types thanks to its resistant ability. According to the Battle Cats Wiki1, Toaster Cat takes only 1 damage per hit from enemies with traits like metal, angel, alien, zombie, and relic. This makes it a great meatshield to soak up damage against these enemies while your heavy hitters attack.

Some specific situations where Toaster Cat shines:

  • Levels with Metal Doges – Toaster Cat can withstand their hits while your other cats chip away at them.
  • Angelic enemies like Angelic Sleipnir – Toaster Cat won’t get one-shotted and can distract these enemies.
  • Alien levels like Space Police Manic – The barely takes any damage from alien attacks.
  • Zombie Outbreaks – Toaster Cat can stall zombie hordes without dying instantly.
  • Relic Bun Bun variants – Their attacks do minimal damage to Toaster Cat.

The barrier breaker ability in True Form also helps make Toaster Cat valuable against shielded enemies. Just don’t rely solely on Toaster Cats, as they lack high DPS themselves. Use them to tank hits while your heavy hitters take down the enemies.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Toaster Cat and its evolutions have a number of key strengths and weaknesses to consider:


  • High damage output, especially against Red enemies
  • Decent range allows it to attack from a safer distance
  • True form gains barrier breaker ability
  • Relatively fast attack rate


  • Mediocre health and defense
  • Single target attack
  • Long recharge time between attacks
  • Expensive to upgrade to higher levels

Overall, Toaster Cat is a powerful offensive unit, especially against Red enemies. However it lacks AoE attacks and struggles defensively. Evolving to higher levels boosts damage but doesn’t address weaknesses. Strategic support is needed to utilize its strengths while compensating for shortcomings.


In summary, Toaster Cat’s evolution provides steadily increasing range and damage output as it levels up to its True Form. Its main strengths are decent DPS against Black enemies and abilities to slow and weaken enemies. However, it does suffer from a slow attack rate and mediocre health that make it situational in use.

Overall, Toaster Cat can be a helpful addition to your roster of cats when utilized properly against the right enemies, especially the True Form. But it has noticeable limitations as well. With thoughtful strategy and lineup optimization, Toaster Cat can contribute meaningful damage and support during key battles.

For players seeking a strong anti-Black specialist that can also provide crowd control, Toaster Cat is a solid investment. This evolution analysis covered the full arc of growth from the basic Super Rare Cat Toaster to the mighty True Form Catophone.

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