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Cat Quest II is the sequel to the popular 2017 indie action RPG Cat Quest by developer The Gentlebros. The game was first released on September 24, 2019 for iOS, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One, followed by a Nintendo Switch version on October 24, 2019. Like its predecessor, Cat Quest II is an open world fantasy action RPG featuring cats and dogs, with a focus on real-time combat and exploration.


Cat Quest II is an open world action RPG featuring real-time combat, upgradable gear and spells, quests, dungeons, and a colorful fantasy setting. Players take on the role of two playable cat characters, exploring the world either solo or cooperatively with a friend in 2 player local wireless co-op mode (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDthPhtyPrY).

The core gameplay loop involves accepting quests, venturing out into the open world and its various dungeons to battle enemies, collecting loot and gaining experience to level up your characters. There is a large skill tree to unlock new abilities. Combat is fast-paced and fluid, with a variety of weapons, magic spells, and skills at your disposal. Boss battles feature large-scale foes that require skill and strategy to defeat.

Overall, Cat Quest II delivers a fun, accessible RPG experience for all ages focused on non-stop action, exploration and questing with a lighthearted, adorable cat-themed aesthetic.


Cat Quest II follows the story of two unlikely heroes – a cat king and a dog king – who must join forces to save their kingdoms. The cats of Felingard and the dogs of the Lupus Empire have long been at war. When both kings are dethroned in a surprise attack, they realize they must work together to defeat their common enemy and reclaim their thrones (Wikipedia).

The cat king’s sister is kidnapped, providing extra motivation to take down the mysterious invaders. As the adventure unfolds, the unlikely duo explores new lands filled with magic, mystery and dangerous foes. They gain new weapons, powers and abilities to help in the epic battles ahead.

While the premise follows standard fantasy tropes, the lighthearted cat and dog dynamic gives the story unique charm. The kings’ banter and bickering underscores the theme that sworn enemies can become the closest of friends (Nintendo). Players experience a fun, feel-good adventure as the two kings learn to work together to save their kingdoms.

New Features

Cat Quest II builds upon the original Cat Quest with a number of new features and enhancements. Some of the notable new additions include:

An expanded world – Cat Quest II features a much larger world map with new regions to explore compared to the original game. There are multiple kingdoms connected by sea travel.

Local co-op mode – Cat Quest II introduces a 2-player local co-op mode allowing two players to adventure together on the same screen. This is a first for the series.

new local co-op mode for 2 players

Customizable player homes – Players can now customize and decorate their own in-game home. Furnishings and decorations can be obtained through gameplay and quests.

Rideable mounts – Players can now tame and ride mounts for faster overworld travel. Mounts have different speeds, abilities, and can aid in combat.

More NPCs and quests – Cat Quest II contains many more NPC characters and side quests than the original. There are diverse regions to explore and NPC stories to uncover.

Overall, Cat Quest II takes the fundamental gameplay of the first title and expands upon it in almost every way. The world is bigger, there are more customization options, and the addition of co-op allows for a new style of play.

Graphics and Sound

Cat Quest II features charming retro-inspired graphics with a cartoony art style. The vibrant colors and cute character designs evoke a lighthearted, adventurous tone. Environments are richly detailed with mountains, forests, villages, dungeons and more brought to life in a two-dimensional perspective.

According to Steam, the minimum graphics requirement is Intel(R) HD Graphics 620 or equivalent, so the visuals are not too demanding. The graphics run smoothly in gameplay and complement the fast-paced real-time combat.

The soundtrack features upbeat orchestral music befitting an epic adventure. Sweeping melodies and driving percussion amp up the action during battles. Softer acoustic themes lend a mystical ambiance to quests through the countryside. The catchy main theme song will have you humming along.

Overall, the retro pixel art style and orchestral soundtrack work together to create an engrossing fantasy world that feels both nostalgic and fresh.

Critical Reception

Cat Quest II received very positive reviews from critics, earning a Metacritic score of 81 based on 9 reviews. Reviewers praised the charming gameplay, simple but addictive combat mechanics, and improvements over the first Cat Quest game.

IGN scored it an 8/10, calling it a “charming little action RPG” whose “simple mechanics result in a game which is hugely enjoyable for literally anybody to pick up and play.” They appreciated the variety of builds and customization options that “scratch that RPG itch.”

ign scored cat quest ii an 8/10

GameSpot gave it a 7/10, writing “Cat Quest II improves upon the original with a new dual character dynamic that freshens up the combat, and its cheerful kingdoms are a pleasure to explore.” They liked the added magical abilities and felt the game provided “meaningful reasons to come back after the credits roll.”

Overall, reviewers found Cat Quest II to be a polished sequel that expanded on the strengths of the original while keeping the core gameplay simple and addictive. Fans of the first game or those looking for a casual, lighthearted action RPG were pleased with the charm and improvements in Cat Quest II.

Sales Performance

Cat Quest II did very well commercially upon release, selling over 100,000 copies in its first week according to Cat Quest II Price history. This was a sizable improvement over the original Cat Quest, which sold around 30,000 copies in its first week. Reviews indicate the sequel capitalized on the success of the original by expanding the gameplay and world while keeping the same lighthearted appeal. The Steam reviews have been “Very Positive” as fans welcomed the follow up. As of December 2019, Cat Quest II has sold over 500,000 copies across all platforms including Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android according to the developers The Gentlebros.

Impact and Legacy

Cat Quest II solidified The Gentlebros as a leading indie RPG developer. The original Cat Quest was positively received when it launched in 2017, but the sequel took the franchise to new heights with even better reviews and sales. As noted in a Nintendo World Report review, Cat Quest II expanded and improved on the original in almost every way.

The Gentlebros had previously focused on mobile games, but Cat Quest proved they could make the jump to consoles and PC seamlessly. As one Reddit user asked after finishing Cat Quest II, “Is ‘Cat Quest’ worth buying after finishing ‘Cat Quest II’?”, showing the sequel drove interest back to the original as well. Overall, the series established The Gentlebros as major players in the 2D action RPG genre dominated by big names like Zelda.

With a Metacritic score of 84, Cat Quest II was praised for its charming world, simple but deep combat, and well-crafted progression system. The Gentlebros took the solid foundation of the first game and elevated it to new heights. As an indie developer, having a successful sequel like Cat Quest II is a huge accomplishment and cemented Cat Quest as a franchise fans want to see more of in the future.

Platforms and Availability

Cat Quest II is available on multiple platforms including PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android and iOS. The game can be purchased digitally through several online stores:

The game is available both digitally and physically for consoles. Gamers can purchase physical copies for Switch, PS4 and Xbox One at major retailers.


Cat Quest II is a delightful action RPG that builds upon the fantastic foundation of the original game. This sequel brings a host of exciting new features, including a two-player co-op mode, expanded skill trees, customizable armor, and the ability to play as dogs or cats. At its core, Cat Quest II delivers the same captivating gameplay loop of exploring a vibrant fantasy world and engaging in hack-and-slash combat. With its charming graphics, epic boss battles, and lighthearted humor, this is an RPG filled with magical fun for all ages.

For fans of the original or newcomers to the series, Cat Quest II is easy to recommend. It retains the accessibility and pick-up-and-play appeal that made the first game so enjoyable. The added co-op mode also makes this a great option for playing with a friend or family member. Anyone looking for a cheerful, family-friendly action RPG should absolutely embark on this feline-filled quest.

great family-friendly action rpg

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