Pounce Into The Purrfect Fantasy. Exploring the Cat-Tastic World of Cat Quest

Cat Quest is an action role-playing video game developed and published by the Singapore based indie game studio The Gentlebros. It was first released in August 2017 for iOS and Android mobile devices, before later being ported to Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One in 2018.

Cat Quest is set in the lighthearted fantasy world of Felingard, where the playable characters are anthropomorphic cats. The game features real-time combat and open world exploration across various environments and dungeons. Players take on the role of a cat knight who must go on a quest to rescue his abducted sister and defeat an evil draconian cult.

Cat Quest received positive reviews upon its initial mobile release, with praise for its accessible gameplay, adorable art style and cat pun-filled humor. It was considered a standout title in the mobile action RPG genre. The console and PC ports likewise found success, allowing the game to find a wider audience seeking a family-friendly adventure game.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Cat Quest is an open world action RPG with real-time combat, exploration, and questing. Players take control of a customizable cat character and explore a fantasy kingdom while battling monsters and completing quests. The gameplay centers around hack-and-slash combat with simple, intuitive controls. As an RPG, Cat Quest includes character levels, gear and equipment, magic spells, skill trees, and other traditional RPG elements that allow players to customize and grow their character (Cat Quest III Game Review).

The open world design allows for nonlinear exploration and finding hidden treasures and loot. There are towns to visit, NPCs to interact with, stores to shop at, and dungeons filled with enemies and bosses. The real-time combat relies on dodging, blocking, and executing various combos and skills. Defeating enemies and completing quests awards experience points to level up, gold to purchase items, and loot to equip better gear. There is also cooperative multiplayer which allows playing through the entire game with a friend (A review of Cat Quest 2 on PC).
gameplay has real-time combat and exploration

Overall, the core gameplay loop focuses on battling monsters, gaining loot and XP, upgrading gear/skills, taking on quests, and exploring the world. With its simple controls, colorful graphics, and blend of exploration and combat, Cat Quest provides an accessible RPG experience suitable for casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Story and Setting

Cat Quest takes place in a fantasy world inhabited by cats and dogs. The protagonist is a silent cat knight on a quest to rescue his sister, who has been kidnapped by the main antagonist, a wolf named Drakoth. The story begins when the protagonist’s sister is taken and he sets out on an adventure to get her back. Along the way, he meets colorful characters like a sassy cat sorceress named Kit and teams up with them to take down Drakoth’s forces across the lands of Felingard.

According to Cat Quest Review, “Cat Quest is a fast-paced action RPG set in a fantasy world rife with anthropomorphic felines and cat puns.” The whimsical setting pairs swords and sorcery with plenty of cat-themed jokes and references. Everything from towns, characters and equipment use cat-inspired naming conventions. As the protagonist journeys across the world, they visit areas like the Mewsketeer Fort and the Catzi Outpost on their quest.

With its lighthearted premise of a feline hero rescuing his sister, Cat Quest creates a colorful fantasy adventure perfect for fans of animal characters and humorously adorable worlds. The setting provides an energetic backdrop for the fast-paced combat and exploration gameplay.

Graphics and Art Style

Cat Quest has a charming and vibrant pixel art style that sets it apart from many other RPGs. The graphics use a retro pixel aesthetic, with the gameplay environment and characters rendered in a 16-bit style reminiscent of classic Super Nintendo games. Despite the lower pixel resolution, the art has a surprising amount of detail and expression. The color palette is bright and saturated, with lush green forests, sandy deserts, and glittering blue waters bringing the fantasy cat kingdom to life.

As the name implies, the game contains cat puns and feline themes throughout. The player character is a customizable cat knight or sorcerer, while NPCs include cats of all types like Siamese cats and tabby cats. Enemies include menacing living skeletons and undead cats. The dialogue frequently references cat culture with phrases like “hang in there” and “cat-astrophe.” Even the treasure chests look like cats curled up and sleeping. This consistent cat theme adds to the humor and immersion.

According to one Reddit user, “I really like the art style” [1]. The vibrant pixel art graphics and cat-centric aesthetic create a lighthearted tone that appeals to a wide audience.

Critical Reception

Cat Quest received generally positive reviews upon its release, with critics praising the simple but fun gameplay, pun-filled writing, and cute art style. On Metacritic, Cat Quest has an average critic score of 78/100 on PC and 80/100 on Nintendo Switch based on over 20 critic reviews.

In their review, RPGSite gave Cat Quest a score of 8/10 and said “With a compelling loop of exploration, combat, and gear upgrades, Cat Quest is an absolute delight from start to finish.” GameSpew scored it 9/10, calling it “one of the most purely enjoyable games I’ve played all year.”

Reviewers especially highlighted the punny dialogue, simple but strategic real-time combat, expansive world to explore, and cute cat-themed graphics. As IGN put it in their 7.5/10 review, “Cat Quest’s excellent pacing constantly nudges you into fights, gear upgrades, and new places at just the right times.”

Some criticisms of Cat Quest focused on its repetitive quest structure and lack of innovation. However, most reviewers found the execution made up for the simplicity. As one Steam user review sums up, “Cat Quest is a great game. Gameplay-wise it is simple, yet coherent in its rules. Story-wise it mostly cares about being fun and funny, with lots of puns.”

reviews praise simple but fun gameplay

Player Community

Cat Quest has developed an enthusiastic and dedicated fan community since the original game’s release in 2017. On Reddit, the r/CatQuest subreddit has over 15,000 members who discuss the games, share fan art and memes, and help each other with gameplay tips. There is also a thriving modding community, taking advantage of the game’s robust mod support. Players have created many creative mods that add new quests, items, skins and more.

Reviews of Cat Quest II on Steam praise the vibrant modding community. Players note the “mods aplenty” and creativity of fan-made content [1]. The positive Steam reviews also highlight the humor and light-hearted nature of the games that lend themselves well to fan memes and in-jokes.

Overall, the Cat Quest community shows a passion for the games’ whimsical cat-filled world and RPG gameplay. The developers actively engage with fans, fostering a collaborative atmosphere where players can shape and expand the experience through user-generated content.

Impact and Legacy

Cat Quest was a major success upon its original release in 2017, selling over 700,000 copies across multiple platforms in its first year (https://www.reddit.com/r/Steam/comments/14ze6jr/now_that_the_steam_summer_sales_are_truly_over/). The game received generally positive reviews from critics and gamers alike, praised for its fun gameplay, cute graphics, and lighthearted tone. Many fans compared it favorably to classic RPGs like The Legend of Zelda.

The popularity of Cat Quest established developer The Gentlebros as a rising indie studio and paved the way for the similarly successful sequel Cat Quest II in 2019. Both games have since sold over 2 million copies combined across all platforms (https://game8.co/games/Genshin-Impact/archives/342036). Cat Quest brought greater attention to the action RPG genre on mobile and Nintendo Switch, inspiring other developers to port their games to those platforms. Its success showed there was a hungry audience for premium mobile games with console-quality production values.

Though not considered revolutionary, Cat Quest demonstrated that classic RPG concepts still appealed to modern audiences. Its enthusiastic reception proved that with strong execution and charm, even a lightweight RPG could find an audience. Cat Quest’s outsized impact established it as far more than just another mobile game. Instead, it became emblematic of how indie developers could thrive across multiple platforms, including mobile, with the right game. For many players, Cat Quest was their introduction to premium RPG experiences on mobile, opening their eyes to the possibilities of the platform.

Expansions and Sequels

Cat Quest II is the sequel to the original Cat Quest game. It was developed by The Gentlebros and published by PQube. Cat Quest II was released in 2019 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

Cat Quest II builds on the open world action RPG gameplay of the first game. The player controls a cat adventurer through a lighthearted fantasy realm filled with quests, exploration, and real-time combat. Cat Quest II introduces the ability to switch between playing as a cat or dog character. It also expands the world with new locations, adds a local 2-player co-op mode, and provides even more customization options.

According to reviews on Reddit, Cat Quest II was considered an improvement over the original in almost every way. Fans praised the charming graphics, accessible gameplay, expanded world, and fun co-op mode. Some noted the combat could feel repetitive at times. Overall reception was very positive, with many calling it one of the best couch co-op games on the Switch.

fans call cat quest 2 an improvement

Cat Quest II was seen as a successful follow-up that built on everything that made the original charming and fun. It garnered an 85% positive rating on Steam and brought in new fans to the series. As of now, no further main sequels have been announced, but the developers continue to express interest in revisiting the Cat Quest universe.

Why Play Cat Quest

Cat Quest is worth playing for several reasons. The combat is fast-paced and fun, with a simple yet satisfying magic system. Exploring the charming, feline-filled world is a joy, with quests to discover and dungeons to delve. It provides a casual RPG experience perfect for playing in short bursts on the go. The writing and humor give the game personality, with plenty of cat puns and pop culture references to discover. As one Steam review put it, “Cat Quest does an amazing job of condensing the expansive gameplay of an RPG into a tightly packed mobile-friendly experience.” Fans cite the likable characters, comfortable pace, and family-friendly adventure as major highlights. For those looking for a lighthearted, humorous action RPG that doesn’t take itself too seriously, Cat Quest hits the mark.


Cat Quest is a delightful action RPG that offers an accessible and rewarding gaming experience for players of all levels. With its adorable feline characters, expansive open world, and engaging quest-based progression, it’s easy to see why this indie title has developed such a passionate cult following.

At its core, Cat Quest succeeds by keeping things simple. The intuitive dual-stick combat prioritizes fun over complexity, while the streamlined leveling system and casual difficulty encourage exploration and experimentation. Yet there’s still plenty of depth for hardcore RPG fans, with loot to collect, skills to unlock, and secrets to uncover across its varied regions.

However, the game’s greatest strength lies in its sheer charm and personality. The pun-filled dialogue, over-the-top animations, and heartwarming relationships between characters create a joyous adventure that’s hard not to love. It’s a feel-good romp brought to life through masterful audio-visual presentation and world-building.

In the end, Cat Quest’s mix of accessibility, customization, and cat-tastic humor make it a modern classic that delivers endless hours of lighthearted entertainment. Its winning formula provides a template for how to create an RPG that appeals to all audiences. So if you’re looking for a purr-fectly fun quest filled with feline hijinks, Cat Quest should be at the top of your wish list.

charm and personality make it a joyous adventure

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