Granny Gets the Cat Scratch Fever. Elderly Woman’s Wild Ride with a Feisty Feline

The Fateful Encounter

It was a sunny Tuesday morning when Maggie, an elderly widow, began her usual daily routine. After waking up at 6AM, Maggie slowly got out of bed and put on her slippers. She headed to the kitchen to make her morning cup of coffee just like she did every day. Coffee in hand, Maggie went out to the front porch to take in the morning air.

As Maggie rocked gently in her rocking chair, she noticed a neighborhood stray cat wandering into her front yard. This orange tabby had become a familiar sight, often prowling around looking for food or attention from passersby. On this particular morning, the curious cat approached Maggie’s porch and stared up at her with its bright green eyes.

“Well, good morning to you,” Maggie said softly to the cat. The tabby meowed back as if in response. Maggie smiled and continued rocking, keeping an eye on her new furry visitor.

A Mischievous Stray

There was a stray cat that roamed the neighborhood and was known for causing trouble. He would get into people’s trash, harass pets through windows and fences, and make a mess of gardens. The old lady had seen him around before but never had a direct encounter with him until one fateful day.

The stray was a master at sneaking through yards and jumping fences. He treated the neighborhood as his own personal playground with no regard for property lines or being a polite houseguest. Though the residents tried various methods to deter him, he always found his way back to make more mischief. The old lady hoped she could avoid ever dealing with this rapscallion feline face to face.

The Scratch

I was sitting in my favorite armchair knitting a scarf when I heard a noise at the backdoor. Before I could react, a stray cat burst into the kitchen hissing and spitting. Its claws were extended and eyes wild – I had never seen such a terrifying creature! The cat darted towards me, and without warning, leapt onto my lap, sinking its claws deep into my legs. I cried out in shock and pain as it scratched me violently, shredding my skin. I tried desperately to push the cat away, but it was relentless, clawing and scratching as I pleaded for mercy. After what felt like an eternity, the demonic cat relented and scurried back out the door, leaving me shaken and bleeding on the floor. I examined the deep, bloody gashes on my legs in disbelief – how could a sweet cat inflict such brutal wounds unprovoked? I knew the bite of infection would set in quickly, so I called my doctor right away. This vicious stray had attacked me in my own home, and I prayed I would not develop the serious complications that cat scratches can cause in the elderly. According to the CDC, cat scratches can lead to dangerous infections, especially for seniors. I could only hope I would recover smoothly from the traumatizing scratching ambush.

Seeking Help

After being scratched by the stray cat, the old lady knew she needed medical attention right away to prevent infection. Though the scratch did not seem deep, the cat’s nails could have penetrated the skin and introduced bacteria. As an elderly person, the woman was also more susceptible to complications from animal bites and scratches.

At first, the old lady considered calling her neighbor who was a nurse and might be able to provide first aid. However, upon further thought, she realized the scratch needed proper disinfection and evaluation by a medical professional. She was also concerned about the possibility of rabies, since the stray cat appeared potentially feral.

Ultimately, the old lady decided to call her doctor’s office right away. The receptionist recommended she come in immediately to allow the doctor to clean and examine the wound, administer a tetanus shot or antibiotics if needed, and advise her on signs of infection to monitor in the coming days. Though inconvenient, the old lady knew seeking prompt medical care was the wisest course of action after being injured by an animal with unknown health status.

The Aftermath

The scratch seemed relatively minor at first, just a couple small cuts on the old lady’s hand. However, over the next few days, she began to feel the effects of the encounter both physically and emotionally. The cuts became red and inflamed despite her efforts to keep them clean. She had trouble sleeping, often waking from nightmares of the stray cat attacking her again. Feelings of fear and anxiety overwhelmed her whenever she went outside, worried she might encounter the cat once more.

According to research, animal attacks like this can have significant psychological impacts on victims ( The old lady became withdrawn, spending most of her time inside her home to avoid any chance of seeing the cat. She felt depressed and was unable to focus on her usual hobbies and activities. The emotional trauma weighed heavily on her in the days after the fateful scratch.

A Change of Heart

As the old lady nursed the painful scratch on her hand, she had time to reflect on the encounter with the stray cat. Though at first she had lashed out in anger, blaming the cat for viciously scratching her, she began to have doubts. Maybe she had startled the poor creature, who was just trying to protect itself. Or perhaps it had been intent on playing, not realizing its claws would hurt the old woman’s delicate skin. As her pain subsided, the old lady started to feel regretful for having blamed the cat so harshly. She wondered if she had misjudged the situation due to her own prejudice against strays.

“That poor thing is just trying to survive out there on the streets,” the old lady thought. “It must be so hungry and scared. I shouldn’t have reacted with such cruelty.” She felt sorry for yelling at the stray cat, when it had likely meant no real harm. The old lady decided that if she saw the cat again, she would respond with more empathy and understanding (Source). She regretted blaming the stray when it was probably just looking for affection. The cat didn’t deserve her harsh reaction.

Making Amends

The old lady was overcome with remorse for what she had done to the poor cat. She knew that scratching the defenseless animal was wrong, and she wanted to make things right. She started leaving out saucers of milk each morning and evening near her front step, hoping the stray would return. She even went to the pet store and bought premium canned cat food to try to entice the cat back with tastier treats.

One night, as the old lady set out a bowl of food, she saw the scraggly orange cat cautiously approaching from across the yard. “I’m so sorry for hurting you,” the old lady softly cried out. The cat nervously edged closer to the bowl while keeping a watchful eye on the old lady. After gobbling up the food, the cat scurried away into the darkness.

The next night, the same scene replayed, only this time the cat lingered a bit longer after finishing the meal. The old lady remained very still on her porch so as not to startle the cat away. “I promise I’ll never hurt you again,” she whispered as the cat’s eyes reflected the porch light. Over the next few weeks, the cat gradually became less skittish during his nightly visits.[1]

Though the old lady knew the cat might never forgive her, she vowed to spend the rest of her days proving that she was truly remorseful through small acts of kindness and care. Leaving food out each night was one simple way she hoped to make amends for her thoughtless actions.

[1] “Asking forgiveness from our animals – Sacred Grove.”

A New Friend

At first, the old lady kept her distance from the cat, still wary after being scratched. But over time, as the cat continued to visit her porch, she softened. One day, she left out a small bowl of milk, and was delighted to see the cat happily lap it up. From then on, she made a habit of putting food out for her new feline friend.

The cat, who the lady nicknamed “Mittens” for her white paws, became a regular visitor. Every morning, the lady would wake up to Mittens meowing at her door. She’d let Mittens in and pet her while she had her morning tea. Mittens would even hop up on the lady’s lap while she read or knitted, purring contentedly.

Though the relationship began with hostility, over time, the cat and the old lady formed an unlikely but heartwarming friendship. Despite their differences, they found common ground in companionship. The lady was comforted by Mittens’ presence, reminding her that friendship can come from unexpected places [1]. Mittens, too, seemed happy to have a warm place to call home.

A Happy Home

After much thought, the old lady decided to adopt the stray cat that had scratched her. She realized that the cat was just frightened and looking for a home. The lady visited the local animal shelter, where the cat had been brought after scratching her, and officially adopted him as her new companion.

The cat, who she named Oliver, was overjoyed to have a permanent home. Although still skittish at first, Oliver warmed up to the lady over time. He loved curling up in her lap while she read or watching birds outside the window. The old lady lavished attention on Oliver, brushing him, playing with string, and giving him tasty treats. She took him to the vet for a check-up to make sure he was healthy.

Having a devoted pet brought great joy to the elderly woman’s life. Oliver brought energy and laughter to her quiet home. He waited eagerly for her to return home each day. At night, his purring lulled her to sleep. Oliver made sure to greet the lady with nuzzles and head-butts to show his affection. The two became inseparable companions.

Though their first encounter was frightening, the old lady was glad she gave Oliver a second chance. Adopting him enriched her golden years with friendship and unconditional love. Their story shows that even the unlikeliest connections can turn into the most heartwarming bonds.

Lessons Learned

This story teaches us an important lesson about being too quick to judge others. When the old lady first encountered the stray cat, she assumed it was a vicious animal because of the scratch and acted harshly in response. But as she later came to realize, the scratch was just an accident – the cat never meant any harm. With some love and understanding, they were able to move past it and form a close bond. As the old lady discovered, animals often have good hearts and mean well if given the chance. We should avoid making snap judgments and instead approach new situations with an open mind. After all, an accidental scratch does not define someone’s true nature. Both people and animals deserve a chance to prove their kindness.

As one source notes, “Forgiveness is essential” when relating to animals and humans alike (Source). With some compassion and willingness to learn, people can form rewarding connections across species instead of rejection. This story is a heartwarming reminder not to judge others too quickly – what may seem scary at first could become a cherished friendship if given the opportunity. The moral is to lead with openness rather than fear when encountering someone new.

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