Catwoman’s Secret Affair – Did Gotham’s Femme Fatale Stray From The Bat?


Batman and Catwoman have one of the most iconic romances in comic book history. The cat burglar Selina Kyle and Gotham’s Dark Knight have circled each other for decades, falling in and out of love as allies and enemies. Their undeniable chemistry and forbidden attraction have thrilled fans since Batman #1 in 1940. But did this torrid romance lead to infidelity? The claws are out as we examine whether Catwoman cheated on Batman.

Background on Catwoman

Catwoman’s real name is Selina Kyle. She first appeared in Batman #1 in 1940 as a jewel thief called “The Cat.” She was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane (Wikipedia). Her origins story has been rewritten and revised over the years, but she is consistently portrayed as an orphan who learned to survive on the streets of Gotham City through theft and gymnastics training. She has no real superpowers, but is an expert burglar, skilled fighter, and gymnast. Her main motivations tend to be thrill-seeking, independence, and complicated romantic feelings for Batman.

As Catwoman, Selina wears a tight-fitting leather catsuit and uses a whip, claws, and bolas as weapons. She is sometimes portrayed as a villain and sometimes as an antihero who straddles the line between good and evil. While her moral alignment varies, she always exudes independence, cunning, and sexuality.

Background on Batman

Batman’s real name is Bruce Wayne. He is a wealthy businessman and inheritor of the Wayne fortune who dedicates himself to fighting crime in Gotham City. Bruce Wayne first took on the mantle of Batman after his parents were murdered by a mugger when he was a child (1). Batman has no inherent superhuman powers but has trained extensively in martial arts, detective techniques, and criminal psychology to aid in his crusade against crime (1, 2).

Batman’s motivation for fighting crime comes from the trauma of losing his parents and wanting to prevent other innocents from suffering similar fates. He has a strong moral code and sense of justice that drives him to try to rid Gotham City of corruption, organized crime, and psychopathic supervillains (2). However, he struggles between his desire for vengeance and the ideals of his parents to be compassionate and just (1).




History of Romantic Relationship

Batman and Catwoman have had an ongoing romantic relationship and attraction spanning over 80 years in DC Comics canon. According to CBR, their romance first began in 1940 when Catwoman made her debut in Batman #1. In the same issue, Catwoman and Batman shared their first kiss, establishing romantic tension between the two characters early on.

Over the decades, their flirtations continued through many incarnations of the characters across comic books, TV shows and movies. Key moments in their relationship history include getting engaged in the Earth-2 continuity in the 1950s, having a brief marriage in the 1999 Earth-2 comic series, and officially starting a romantic relationship in the main DC continuity in 2018’s Batman #50 (

Most recently, in Tom King’s 2016-2020 Batman comic run, Batman proposed to Catwoman leading to their wedding in Batman #50, though the wedding was interrupted leaving their relationship uncertain again. Nevertheless, the two continue to be drawn together against the odds as both rivals and star-crossed lovers.

Evidence of Infidelity

In Catwoman #45, there is a controversial scene where Selina Kyle lets her stalker and love interest Eiko Hasigawa into her apartment, and they are both in their underwear (Source: Reddit). Some readers interpreted this as evidence that Selina cheated on Batman with Eiko, although others argue she did not actually cheat and was just allowing Eiko to bandage her injured leg. The scene sparked much debate among fans over whether it implied infidelity or not.

In the 2022 animated film Catwoman: Hunted, Selina kisses Batwoman while she is still in a relationship with Batman (Source: CBR). This more clearly depicts Catwoman being unfaithful to Batman and cheating on him with a fellow Gotham vigilante. However, as this occurred in an alternate continuity and not regular DC canon, it does not prove definitively that Catwoman has strayed from Batman in the comics.

Counter-Evidence of Loyalty

Despite the suspicions of infidelity, there is significant evidence that Catwoman remained loyal and committed to Batman throughout their relationship. According to a discussion on Reddit, many fans argue that Catwoman’s moral growth has led her to genuinly care for Batman, despite her criminal past (cite url). Their bond has developed over decades of comics to the point that Catwoman makes deliberate choices to protect and support Batman, even when it goes against her own self-interest.

Their romance is portrayed as one of the great love stories in DC Comics, with an enduring affection that persists across various storylines (cite Wikipedia). While the pair come into conflict at times, Catwoman is frequently depicted as fighting side-by-side with Batman and serving as one of his most trusted allies when he needs her. Their loyalty to each other ultimately overrides their differences in ethics or lifestyle.

While Catwoman maintains her independence, she has turned down opportunities for personal gain in order to come to Batman’s aid (cite Reddit). Her willingness to repeatedly risk her safety for Batman demonstrates her commitment and fidelity within their complicated relationship. Their bond appears unbreakable despite the trials it has endured.

Motivations for Infidelity

Due to the complex nature of Catwoman’s tragic past and general distrust of others, she may have an internal struggle with intimacy and commitment in relationships. According to users on Reddit, her dysfunctional tendencies can lead to troubled dynamics with Batman.

Catwoman has also sometimes been called an “anti-hero” due to her chaotic traits and tendency toward criminal behavior. As one analysis states, “CATWOMAN’s fundamental flaw stems from the fact that she is has experienced a tremendous amount of grief and turmoil, witnessed her closest ally and only true friend, her sister murdered before her very eyes. This singular act set Selina on the path to becoming the legendary CATWOMAN.”

Her internal struggles and troubled past could provide motivations for straying from even the closest of bonds. With Batman representing order and justice, and Catwoman affiliated more with chaos and independence, their opposing worldviews may also have created challenges.

Motivations Against Infidelity

While Catwoman is often portrayed as a femme fatale, she has shown loyalty and commitment to Batman when they are in a romantic relationship. Catwoman’s moral compass has evolved over time, with more recent comic portrayals showing her desire for redemption (Quora). Though she struggles between her life as a thief and an antihero, Catwoman values honesty in her romantic relationships.

Catwoman has demonstrated redeeming qualities that could motivate loyalty to Batman. She has occasionally helped Batman and shown concern for his well-being, despite their adversarial past. As Batman appeals to the good in her, Catwoman tries to walk the line between criminal and crusader (AnnexCloud). Her moral ambiguity makes Catwoman fascinating, but she seems to show genuine feelings for Batman when they are together.

Though Catwoman enjoys using her sexuality and femininity to her advantage, she has moved beyond shallow relationships. With Batman, she connects on a deeper level. Catwoman may stray from the straight path but remains loyal to those she truly cares for. Her love for Batman could override any fleeting temptations.

Expert Analysis

The complex romantic relationship between Batman and Catwoman has long fascinated fans and experts alike. Many have weighed in with analysis and commentary on the storylines involving potential infidelity.

comics scholar Jeff Yang wrote in his book ‘Secret Identities’ that “The attraction between Batman and Catwoman speaks to a classic trope – the temptation of the dark side that love represents.” He argues that for Batman, “Catwoman encapsulates that danger, a threat not just to his mission but to his very identity.”

Novelist Brad Meltzer, author of the ‘Identity Crisis’ series, said in an interview, “Batman and Catwoman’s relationship has always walked a fine line between romance and betrayal. Even when they seem committed, there’s always a shadow of doubt about Selina’s motives and loyalty.”

Psychologist Travis Langley posited that romantic duplicity offers escape and excitement that Batman secretly craves, contrasting the rigid moral code he imposes on himself as a hero. “In ways, his attraction to Catwoman’s unpredictability fuels his own inner turmoil,” Langley wrote.

Overall, experts highlight the inherent tensions of this relationship – dark and light, order and chaos, restraint and abandon. Their analyses underscore the depth and complexity of Batman and Catwoman’s bond.


In summary, the evidence suggests that while Catwoman and Batman have had a turbulent romantic history filled with passion and betrayal, Catwoman has remained loyal in recent years. Their forbidden love has endured despite their dual lives on opposite sides of the law. While some point to Catwoman’s past misdeeds as proof that she may still be untrustworthy, more recent evidence indicates that her love for Batman has led her to become a better person who no longer cheats or betrays him. Their relationship has evolved over the decades from antagonistic to romantic, showing Catwoman’s deeper loyalty and affection for Batman. While questions will likely always remain about her complex motivations, the preponderance of evidence suggests Catwoman has reformed and would not cheat on Batman given their strong romantic bond.

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