Does Cat Grant Know Kara Danvers’ Secret Identity?

Introducing Kara Danvers and Cat Grant

On the TV show Supergirl, Kara Danvers and Cat Grant have a complex relationship. Cat Grant is the founder and CEO of CatCo Worldwide Media, a global media company where Kara works as Cat’s assistant in her secret identity (Cat Grant | Arrowverse Wiki | Fandom). This positions Cat as Kara’s boss, though their dynamic grows into more of a mentorship over time.

As Kara’s boss, Cat often treats her harshly and makes demanding requests. However, she also pushes Kara to reach her full potential and gives her opportunities to advance her career as a reporter at CatCo. Their day-to-day interactions in the workplace play a key role in the evolution of their unique bond.

Hints that Cat Suspects Kara’s Secret

Early on, Cat Grant becomes suspicious of her meek assistant Kara Danvers, sensing there is more to her than meets the eye. Cat sees through many of Kara’s excuses and flimsy explanations about her sudden disappearances, realizing that Kara is not who she claims to be.

In one notable incident, Cat witnesses Supergirl and Kara together in suspicious circumstances that seem to confirm her suspicions. As described in an online forum post, “In episode 3 when [Kara and Supergirl] are in Cat’s office together, I think Cat figured it out right then and there” (Source). Though Kara tries to dismiss it, Cat becomes convinced that meek Kara Danvers and the heroic Supergirl are one and the same.

noting early hints that cat suspects kara's secret

Cat Directly Confronts Kara

In season 1 of Supergirl, there is a pivotal moment when Cat Grant directly confronts Kara Danvers about her secret identity. Having grown suspicious of the uncanny similarities between her meek assistant and the heroic Supergirl, Cat decides to directly call out Kara in her office.

“Kara, I know your little secret,” Cat says bluntly, catching Kara completely off guard. Kara nervously tries to deflect, adjusting her glasses and pretending not to know what Cat means. But Cat continues pushing, outright telling Kara that she knows she is Supergirl.

Despite being cornered, Kara denies Cat’s accusation and sticks to her secret identity story. She makes excuses about why she couldn’t possibly be Supergirl, saying things like she’s just a normal girl from Midvale. Kara refuses to jeopardize her privacy and safety by confirming anything, no matter how much evidence Cat presents.

detailing cat's confrontation of kara about her identity

This tense confrontation highlights the budding dynamic between Kara and Cat. It shows Cat’s perceptiveness and refusal to be fooled, contrasted by Kara’s commitment to keeping her heroic alter ego separate from her civilian life. Their back and forth over Kara’s biggest secret solidifies their complicated, almost maternal relationship.

Why Kara Keeps Her Identity Secret

Kara Danvers, known to the world as Supergirl, keeps her superhero identity a closely guarded secret for several important reasons. According to discussions on Reddit (, Kara originally kept her powers hidden because she was insecure and uncertain of her role on Earth. However, over time she realized the importance of protecting her secret identity both to keep her loved ones safe and to attempt living a normal life.

As explained on Quora (, Supergirl’s identity is closely guarded by the DEO to prevent her enemies from targeting her friends and family in order to get to her. Supergirl has experienced many threats due to her superhero status, so maintaining a secret identity provides a layer of protection. According to CBR (, Kara vowed to keep her powers hidden when she first arrived on Earth, though she would use them in secret to help people while outwardly living as Kara Danvers.

Keeping her Supergirl identity separate from Kara Danvers also allows her to experience life on Earth as normally as possible. As a refugee from Krypton, she strives to fit into human society. Her secret identity gives her that chance while still letting her use her powers for good.

examining why kara keeps her supergirl identity hidden

Cat Agrees to Keep Kara’s Secret

After repeatedly probing Kara about her possible secret identity as Supergirl, Cat eventually agrees to stop prying out of respect for Kara’s wish to keep her identity concealed (1). Though curious, Cat comes to understand the danger that knowledge of Supergirl’s true identity could pose, both to Kara herself and those close to her.

As a media mogul, Cat is tempted to break the story and reveal Kara’s secret. However, she develops a maternal affection for Kara and decides that protecting her employee is more important. Cat promises that she will no longer dig into uncovering the truth and will allow Kara to share her identity when she is ready (2).

This act of restraint represents enormous growth for the notoriously tenacious Cat. She puts Kara’s safety and autonomy above her own reporting ambitions, showcasing Cat’s evolving wisdom and compassion.




Cat Protects Kara’s Identity

Though Cat can be a demanding boss, she shows loyalty and protects Kara’s secret identity. She notices Kara’s frequent disappearances anytime there’s trouble, but provides covers for her even when she disapproves of Kara rushing off (1-2). Cat is perceptive enough to piece together the clues that Kara is Supergirl, but distracts employees’ suspicions and throws them off the trail to keep Kara’s identity safe. She berates those who speculate about Kara’s connection to Supergirl, shutting down gossip in order to shield her (2-3).

Despite her stern demeanor, it’s clear Cat cares about Kara’s wellbeing and understands the importance of preserving her anonymity. She recognizes Kara’s desire to live a normal life and doesn’t exploit the knowledge for ratings or exposure. Though frustrated by Kara’s divided responsibilities, Cat respects her wish to keep Supergirl separate and acts as a protector when needed.





Their Bond Strengthens

Though initially boss and assistant, Cat and Kara’s relationship evolved into a mentorship over time. As Cat came to realize Kara’s potential, she pushed her to grow and supported her career advancement at CatCo (

Cat also served as an advisor to Supergirl, helping her understand how to be an effective superhero and public figure. She provided guidance to balance Kara’s personal life with her superhero duties (

In turn, Kara helped humanize the seeming imperious Cat Grant. Kara saw Cat’s dedication to her career and learned from her drive. As their bond strengthened, Kara helped bring out Cat’s compassion and empathy for others.

Kara Eventually Tells Cat Her Secret

After season 2 ended, there was a time jump before the events of season 3 began. During this gap, Kara finally confessed to Cat that she was Supergirl (source). Even though Cat had already figured it out long before, she waited until Kara was ready to fully trust her with the truth.

describing when kara finally reveals the truth to cat

Their relationship and mutual respect had strengthened over time, allowing Kara to open up completely. Cat honored Kara’s journey and didn’t force the issue, knowing Kara would tell her when she was ready. This highlights Cat’s wisdom, patience, and care for Kara beyond just her role as an employee.

By season 3, Kara felt secure enough in their bond to officially reveal her biggest secret. This marked an important milestone in their friendship. Cat had known all along but let Kara take the lead, while Kara worked through her hesitations before ultimately embracing Cat as a confidant.

Cat Leaves CatCo

In the second season premiere of Supergirl, Cat Grant decides to take a leave of absence from CatCo Worldwide Media, the company she founded (Source). She wants Kara Danvers to grow and develop independent of her mentoring, so promotes Kara to a reporter position before departing National City (Source).

Cat explains to Kara that she needs time away from CatCo to explore new challenges and reinspire herself creatively (Source). Though no longer a regular presence, Cat’s relationship with Kara has strengthened to the point she trusts and cares for her former assistant. Their bond is evident when Cat protects Kara’s secret identity as Supergirl.


Even though it took some time for Kara to reveal her secret identity, Cat had pieced together that Kara was Supergirl long before she admitted it. Despite coming across as demanding and intimidating at times, Cat developed a true fondness and respect for Kara. She recognized Kara’s kind heart and good intentions behind the superpowers. Their relationship evolved into one of mutual trust and understanding.

Cat demonstrated loyalty and discretion by keeping Kara’s confidence, never exposing her alter ego or forcing her to reveal it before she was ready. She understood the importance of letting Kara disclose her identity on her own terms. Their special bond was built on patience and faith. Though no longer working together at CatCo, it’s clear Cat will forever be one of the few who knows Kara’s secret and can be counted on to protect it.

In the end, Cat proved herself to be a caring mentor who puts people before profits or scoops. She chose to shelter Kara’s secret not for personal gain, but out of genuine concern for her wellbeing. Their relationship exemplifies how mutual understanding and trust can develop between even the most unlikely of connections.

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