Is The Cat in the Hat Still Causing Trouble at Universal Studios?


Universal Studios theme parks have a rich history of bringing movie magic to life. The first Universal Studios theme park opened in 1964 in California, offering studio tours and attractions based on popular films and TV shows. In 1990, Universal Studios Florida opened in Orlando, featuring cutting-edge rides and entertainment. This was followed by Islands of Adventure in 1999, which focused on immersive themed lands. Today, Universal Studios operates theme parks in California, Florida, Japan, and Singapore, providing thrilling rides and shows for millions of guests each year.

Original Cat in the Hat Ride

The original Cat in the Hat ride first opened in May 1999 when Islands of Adventure theme park opened at Universal Orlando Resort. Based on the famous Dr. Seuss book, the dark ride was an immediate hit with families. According to The Cat in the Hat (ride) | Universal Parks and Resorts Wiki, the ride used a unique motion base system that allowed the ride vehicles to spin and move in all directions as they followed the story through 26 scenes.

Key features of the original Cat in the Hat ride included audio-animatronic figures of characters from the book,Seussian architecture throughout the ride building, and the chaotic journey through the Cat’s house. With its family-friendly theming and charming representations of the classic story, the Cat in the Hat ride quickly became a guest favorite at the park.

Replacing the Ride

The original Cat in the Hat ride at Universal Studios Florida closed permanently in mid 2017 after running for over 17 years. The ride first opened in 1999 in the Seuss Landing section of the park, but it eventually faced declining popularity among guests.

According to this article, the main reasons for closing the ride were its outdated ride system and the fact that Seuss Landing needed fresh attractions. The basic spinning tea cup style ride had become less appealing compared to newer simulator and 3D rides. Universal decided it was time to replace it with something more immersive and advanced.

The Super Nintendo World area that opened in 2023 took over some of the space formerly occupied by Seuss Landing rides. The KidZone area was also demolished to make way for a new attraction. So the removal of the Cat in the Hat ride was part of a broader reimagining of sections of the Universal Studios park.

The Cat in the Hat Returns

In 2017, Universal Studios Florida announced that the original Cat in the Hat ride would be closing down. While many guests were initially disappointed that a classic attraction was leaving, excitement grew when Universal revealed that a new and improved Cat in the Hat ride would be taking its place.

The new Cat in the Hat ride opened in the same spot in 2018, featuring an updated experience while still paying homage to the original. According to an article on the Universal Orlando website, the new ride features “state-of-the-art 4K projectors and animation” to bring the storybook pages to life (1).

The ride vehicles were upgraded to larger, more family-friendly couches that can accommodate more riders than before. And the storyline of the ride follows the original book even closer, taking guests through 20 of the most iconic scenes and characters. Along the way, riders can enjoy interacting with animatronic figures of the mischievous Cat in the Hat and his helpers.

While the technology and couches are new, the spirit of the original Cat in the Hat ride lives on. Fans will still recognize beloved elements like the giant spinning tunnel of bright colors. The new ride has all the wonder and whimsy that made the old one a hit with Dr. Seuss fans.

Overall, the new Cat in the Hat ride offers enhanced visuals, updated figures, and a closer storyline while retaining the heartwarming charm of riding through the pages of a childhood favorite. It’s the perfect refresh to keep the Cat entertaining new generations of theme park guests.


Ride Features and Experience

After the Cat in the Hat ride returned in 2021, the redesigned ride takes guests through a reimagined experience full of familiar scenes and characters from the beloved Dr. Seuss book.

The ride begins by entering the giant storybook facade and boarding the couch ride vehicles. The ride takes you through scenes like the house with Thing 1 and Thing 2 releasing havoc, the rainy countryside as the vehicle tips back and forth, and traveling inside the gigantic hat.

Key scenes featured in the ride include the pink polka-dotted box revealing Thing 1 and Thing 2, the chaotic house party full of Seussian creatures gone wild, the living room flooded with pink goo, and the finale with the Cat balancing objects as he tries to clean up.

Throughout the ride, guests see animatronic characters and colorful 3D set pieces that immerse riders in the story. The updated ride includes new audio and animated figures to enhance the experience. According to Universal’s website, it features “state-of-the-art lighting, sound and music to make each moment as fun and whimsical as the last.”

Guest Reception

The new Cat in the Hat ride has received generally positive reviews and reactions from guests since reopening in 2017. According to reviews on, many guests praised the updated ride for being fun and family-friendly. The whimsical Dr. Seuss theming and appearance of characters like the Cat, Thing 1, and Thing 2 delighted both kids and adults.

The ride scored an average rating of 8 out of 10 based on guest reviews. Many called it a “cute ride” and “adorable for kids.” Some said it was an enjoyable break between more intense rides in the park. The animatronic characters and scenes recreating the book were highlights for riders.

However, some felt it was still just an average children’s ride and preferred more thrilling options at Universal Studios. A few were disappointed the ride vehicles did not move as much as expected. But overall most reviews after the update were positive, indicating guests welcomed the return of the classic storybook ride.

The Cat Lives On

Although the original Cat in the Hat ride is gone, the iconic Cat and other beloved Dr. Seuss characters still have a strong presence at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Guests can still see the Cat and Thing 1 and Thing 2 during character meet and greets around Seuss Landing ( The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride provides an aerial tour of attractions like If I Ran the Zoo and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

There are also plenty of other experiences based on Dr. Seuss books, like The Lorax 4D show and interactive play areas like Oh! The Stories You’ll Hear ( where kids can interact with characters from The Cat in the Hat and other stories. While the original dark ride may be gone, Dr. Seuss’ whimsical world and unforgettable characters like the mischievous Cat still delight guests of all ages at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Future of the Ride

The Cat in the Hat ride has become a beloved staple at Universal Studios since it first opened in 1999. However, there has been some speculation about potential changes or updates to the ride in the coming years.

According to a recent article on Theme Park Tourist (, Universal’s license with Dr. Seuss Enterprises is set to expire in 2023. This has led to questions about the future of Seuss Landing and its attractions long-term.

While Universal has not made any official announcements, it’s possible the contract may not be renewed or could involve some major changes. This leaves the fate of The Cat in the Hat ride uncertain past 2023.

Potential options could include a reskin or retheme of the ride around a different intellectual property. Or the ride technology and track layout could remain mostly the same but with an entirely new theme and characters. Major track or ride alterations seem unlikely in the near future.

It’s also possible Universal opts to renew the contract with limited changes. Given the popularity of the Seuss Landing area, they may choose to keep the classic Cat in the Hat experience largely intact. But some visual updates, scene changes or additions are plausible.

While the exact long-term plans remain to be seen, the iconic Cat in the Hat ride will likely continue entertaining guests at Universal Studios. But some changes could be in store to keep it fresh and relevant well into the future.

Visiting Universal Studios

Universal Studios offers a thrilling theme park experience for visitors of all ages. Here are some tips for making the most of your Universal Studios visit:

Plan your visit for a weekday if possible, as weekends tend to be more crowded. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays tend to have lighter attendance. Visit early in the day to beat the crowds on any day. Popular rides like The Cat in the Hat have shorter wait times first thing in the morning.

Purchase tickets online in advance, which can save money compared to buying at the gate. Look into combo deals that include admission to both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure for multiple days. Multi-day tickets allow re-entry to the parks on different days.

Arrive early and get a Universal Studios map to plan out your day. Head straight for the most popular rides first before lines get long. Make dining reservations in advance since table seating can book up.

Beyond The Cat in the Hat, top highlights include The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, thrilling rollercoasters like Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, and fun 3D and 4D experiences like Despicable Me Minion Mayhem and The Simpsons Ride. See the Universal Studios shows like Universal’s Horror Make-Up Show and Universal’s Superstar Parade.

Stay into the evening for the Cinematic Spectacular nighttime lagoon show, featuring iconic movie scenes projected onto waterfall screens with lighting and special effects. It’s a magical starlit way to end your day exploring Universal Studios!Source


The Cat in the Hat ride has provided memorable experiences and joy to countless families over the years at Universal Studios theme parks. Though the original version closed in 2003, Universal brought back a new and improved Cat in the Hat ride in 2010 due to popular demand. With vibrant colors, catchy music, spinning vehicles and appearances by Thing 1, Thing 2, and the Cat in the Hat himself, the ride brings the beloved Dr. Seuss book to life in a fun, exciting way. Visitors of all ages are sure to be delighted by the zany antics and rhyming narration of the Cat in the Hat ride. It’s clear this classic attraction will continue entertaining future generations, allowing Dr. Seuss fans to step right into his imaginative world.

In summary, the Cat in the Hat has been an iconic ride at Universal Studios for over 20 years. Though the original version closed, Universal Studios brought back an improved version in 2010 that families continue to enjoy. With its colorful sets, energetic atmosphere, and connection to a classic children’s book, the Cat in the Hat ride allows visitors to experience the world of Dr. Seuss in a memorable way.

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