The Best Games To Keep Your Cat Entertained On Your Phone


Phone games designed specifically for cats have exploded in popularity over the past few years. As smartphone use has become ubiquitous, app developers have capitalized on cat owners’ desire to enrich their pets’ lives and keep them entertained.

Cat phone games are apps filled with animated images, sounds, and interactive elements to capture feline curiosity and trigger their prey drive. Games range from mice for cats to chase on screen, to puzzles with treats or toys as rewards. Some games allow owners to interact with their cat by controlling toys or mice remotely.

According to users on Reddit, cat phone games first started emerging around 2015 and have steadily risen in popularity since. Some users report letting their cats play with games on phones to provide mental stimulation and distraction.

Types of Games

There are several types of games designed specifically for cats on phones. Some of the most popular categories include:

Light-chasing games

These games involve cats batting at moving laser pointers or following dots and animations across the screen. The prey “runs away” when touched, triggering the cat’s natural hunting instincts. Some examples are Friskies Games for Cats and Kitty Play Time. Studies show that light-chasing games provide cats with exercise and mental stimulation (

Puzzle treat games

These games require cats to solve puzzles or perform certain actions to earn virtual treats. For instance, the app Foof might prompt a cat to spin an image or tap particulates floating on the screen. Puzzle treat games encourage play, problem-solving, and positive reinforcement (Cat Games – Games For Cats – Apps on Google Play).

Interactive toy games

These real-life games pair phone apps with electronic toys. The toys might light up, make sounds, or move around in response to on-screen animations. This allows for remote play and owner-pet interaction. Examples include MojiPawa and Petcube Play. Interactive toys provide exercise and let cats “catch” on-screen prey (Games for Cats! on the App Store).

Cognitive/memory games

These games challenge a cat’s brain, memory, and problem-solving skills. The app Cat Fishing prompts cats to remember which lily pads make a splash sound versus silent decoys. Other cognitive games have cats navigate mazes, match cards, and solve puzzles. Mental stimulation keeps cats engaged and may stave off senior cognitive decline.

Benefits of Games for Cats

There are numerous benefits to providing games for cats on phones and other devices. Some of the key advantages include:

Mental Stimulation

Games give cats’ minds a workout. Puzzles, hunting simulations, and other games force cats to think and problem solve. This mental challenge keeps them engaged and provides vital cognitive stimulation. An intellectually stimulated cat is less prone to boredom and associated behavioral issues. As hunters, games allow cats to exercise their natural prey drive in a healthy, indoor way.

Physical Activity

Interactive games get cats moving and jumping. The physical play and exercise helps them stay fit and burn energy. This is especially beneficial for indoor cats who lack outdoor exploration time. Games provide important activity to keep their bodies healthy. The physical exertion also tires them out so they get the deep, restorative sleep all cats need.


Playing games together is a great bonding opportunity for cats and owners. The shared playtime and positive interaction strengthens their relationship. Owners get to better understand their cat’s personality through play. Cats learn to associate their human with fun activities and treats. This bonding makes for happier pets and owners.

Reducing Boredom and Stress

Games give cats an outlet for their energy and predatory instincts. This prevents boredom and anxiety from building up. The enrichment makes cats generally calmer and more relaxed. Games also provide important distraction and entertainment for times when owners are away or busy. The mental and physical exertion followed by napping leaves cats content.


While games on phones can provide stimulation and entertainment for cats, there are some considerations owners should keep in mind:

Get vet approval: Consult with your veterinarian before introducing phone games to ensure the activity is appropriate and safe for your cat’s health and abilities.

Limit play time: As with any activity, moderation is key. Limit game play to 10-15 minutes per session and monitor for signs of obsessive behavior.

Supervise use: Don’t just hand your phone over and walk away. Stay nearby to monitor your cat’s interaction with the device and make sure they don’t get carried away.

Adjust for cat’s abilities: Opt for simpler games with slower movements if your cat has limited vision or mobility. Stick to paw-friendly touch screens.

Top Games

Some of the most popular and highest rated games for cats on phones and tablets include:

MeowTalk Cat Translator – This game uses AI to translate your cat’s meows and sounds into human words. It’s very well-reviewed and lets you better understand your cat’s needs and personality. According to reviews, the translations are often accurate and the app works surprisingly well.

Cat Fishing 2 – This realistic fishing game lets cats “catch” fish on the screen by tapping them. It has great reviews for keeping cats engaged and entertained through the responsive, fast-moving fish. The app includes different fish types, pond backgrounds, and unlockable cat avatars.

Cat Games – Games For Cats – With simple games like catching mice or batting bees, this app provides interactive fun for cats. Owners rave that it captures their cats’ attention, with some cats even getting addicted to playing. The free version includes ads but is still a great option.

DIY Games

One fun way to engage your cat is by creating your own simple DIY games using your phone. This allows you to customize games to your cat’s particular interests and energy level. Some ideas for DIY cat phone games include:

Laser pointer games, where you shine a laser pointer attached to your phone across the floor or wall for your cat to chase. Be sure to use the laser in moderation and allow your cat to “catch” the light at times to prevent frustration.

Feather or string games, where you dangle or swing a feather toy or piece of string from your phone to mimic prey for your cat to pounce on and catch. Vary the movement to keep it interesting.

Treat puzzles, where you hide treats under cups on your phone screen and let your cat paw at them and uncover the treats. Start simple and increase the difficulty.

Coloring book games, where you display simple coloring book style images on your phone for your cat to scratch and color in with their paws. Make sure to use cat-safe, nontoxic coloring materials.

Sound games, where you play sounds of birds, mice squeaking, crinkling treats bags, etc. from your phone and allow your cat to stalk and pounce where the sound is coming from.

The key is creating interactive games that appeal to your cat’s senses and instincts for hunting, pouncing, catching, and problem solving. Adjust games based on your cat’s interest level and be sure to monitor playtime.


Cats love playing games, especially when they can play with other cats or their owners. Multiplayer games are a great way to engage multiple cats at once and strengthen the bond between cats and their owners.

One popular multiplayer game app is Online Cats, which allows 2-8 players to cooperate in action puzzle challenges. Cats and owners take turns guiding cat characters through obstacle courses and mazes. This promotes bonding through play.

The app Cat Multiplayer lets owners play with their cats in a 3D world. Owners control prey animals that cats can chase down. This taps into cats’ natural hunting instincts. The expansive world also enables exercise.

Multiplayer phone games are a fun way for multiple cats and owners to interact. Apps that facilitate cooperative play and simulated hunting provide enriching mental and physical stimulation for cats.


There is a good mix of free and paid cat game apps available. Many of the free apps contain in-app purchases or ads to generate revenue, while paid apps typically provide an ad-free experience and full access to features upfront. Some popular free options include Games for Cats!, which has in-app purchases to unlock all modes and remove ads, and Cat Fishing 2 from Friskies, which is free but contains ads. On the paid side, Cat Toys I: Games for Cats costs $0.99 upfront for iOS/Android but has no additional purchases needed within the app. Petcube recommends this as one of the top paid cat game apps. In general, pet owners should look carefully at the pricing model for each app to determine if the free download is really free or if additional charges apply to unlock full functionality and remove ads. This will help avoid any surprises from unintended in-app purchases.

Other Devices

Cats can play games on a variety of devices beyond just phones. Many interactive cat games are available online or as downloadable apps for tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Here are some top options:

The website Cat Bounce allows cats to bat around virtual balls and other objects on a tablet or computer screen. It’s a simple but engaging game cats seem to love. The balls bounce around and react to the cat’s paw movements.

The free program Games for Cats! has different levels where cats can chase laser pointers, mice, fish, and birds on iPhone, iPad or Mac screens. Owners can adjust the speed and number of prey animals.

On a Windows laptop or desktop, Cat Fishing 2 immerses cats in an animated underwater world. They can tap fish swimming by and earn points. It works with touchscreen monitors.

These types of games stimulate cats’ natural hunting instincts in a safe, indoor environment. With multiple platforms available, owners can provide interactive playtime no matter what device they have handy.

The Future

As technology advances, we can expect to see new and innovative games developed specifically for cats to play on phones and tablets. Some predictions for the future of cat phone games include:

Virtual reality games that allow cats to immerse themselves in simulated environments and interact with virtual objects. This technology is still emerging but holds exciting potential for cat entertainment.[1]

Games utilizing augmented reality to overlay digital elements into the cat’s real environment. Cats could chase virtual mice or butterflies around the room.[2]

Multiplayer games that allow cats in different locations to interact and play together through the phone. This could enable remote playdates between feline friends.[1]

Games with more advanced interactivity and artificial intelligence to respond uniquely to each cat’s actions and behaviors.

Integration with smart home technology to create experiences that bridge digital and physical play.

As screens become more tactile, we may see the emergence of games that incorporate textures, motions, and vibrations for a more immersive cat gaming experience.

The possibilities are exciting as technology enables us to create ever more enriching phone-based stimulation for our feline friends!



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