How Can I Make Money From My Cat?

Many pet owners wonder if they can make money from their cats or other pets. With over 70 million U.S. households owning a pet, it’s understandable that some owners seek creative ways to profit from their love of animals. Although making a living solely from a pet is unlikely, there are opportunities to earn some extra income through pet-related activities. With careful planning and effort, savvy pet owners can find ways to monetize their pets while ensuring their animals’ safety and well-being.


Responsible breeding can generate income from pet quality or show quality kittens. However, breeding cats is not simply putting two cats together. It requires significant investments in time, mentorship, proper breeding stock, and health testing. According to Cat Breeder Salary on Comparably, the average salary for a cat breeder in the US is $42,714 per year.

Before breeding, it is important to find experienced mentors in the cat breeding community who can provide guidance on best practices. You will also need to invest in high quality breeding cats that meet breed standards and pass all recommended health tests. Some tests commonly performed on potential parent cats include:

  • DNA tests
  • Eye exams
  • Heart scans
  • Bloodwork

With preparation and dedication, breeding healthy, well-socialized kittens can generate income through sales of show quality or pet quality kittens. However, the costs and effort required mean breeding is better suited as a lifestyle choice rather than a get-rich-quick scheme.


Cat Breeder Salary

Stud Service

One way to generate income from a male cat is through stud service fees. Reputable cat breeders are often looking for healthy, pedigreed male cats to breed with their female cats. As a stud owner, you can charge a stud fee for allowing your cat to mate with the breeder’s female cat.

Stud fees can range from $100 to over $1,000 depending on the breed and pedigree of the male cat, according to cat breeding forums ( To establish a higher stud fee, it’s important that your cat is a purebred, registered cat from a reputable breeder. The cat should also be tested free of genetic diseases.

Finding reputable local breeders to partner with is key. Breeders will want to see vet records, genetic testing results, and pedigrees before agreeing to use your cat for breeding. Both cats should undergo veterinary health checks and testing for infectious diseases beforehand. Responsible breeding practices are important for the health of the kittens.

While stud service can generate income, keeping an intact male cat comes with responsibilities. Proper housing, nutrition, veterinary care and grooming will be required. And you’ll need to find trustworthy breeders interested in utilizing your cat for stud service.

Pet sitting

Pet sitting refers to caring for a neighbor’s pet while they are away, such as on vacation or a business trip. This can be a great way to earn money from your cat. Some services to offer as a pet sitter include:

  • Feeding the pet on a set schedule
  • Providing fresh water at all times
  • Playing with the pet and providing exercise/enrichment
  • Cleaning litter boxes and accidents
  • Providing any medications or supplements
  • Sending photo or video updates to the owner

According to, the average salary for a pet sitter is $15.45 per hour in the United States ( Most professional pet sitters charge between $15-25 per 30 minute visit, with higher rates for multiple pets or special needs. Overnight pet sitting rates are around $50-125 per night. Providing services for neighbors is a great way to get started as a pet sitter and earn income from your cat.

Pet boarding

One way to make money from your cat is to offer pet boarding services at your home. You can charge cat owners a daily fee to look after their cats while they are away. According to HomeGuide, the average daily rate for cat boarding is $25-40.

To offer cat boarding, you’ll likely need to obtain proper licensing and credentials. Many states and cities require pet boarders to acquire a kennel license. You may also need to pass inspections of your home facilities. Additionally, it’s wise to carry pet boarding insurance in case any incidents occur. With the right credentials, you can market your cat boarding services online or via local advertisements.

When boarding cats, it’s essential to have proper cat housing facilities, like condos or dedicated rooms, to keep each cat comfortable and separate. You’ll also need to provide daily feedings, litter box cleaning, medication administration if needed, and play time/exercise. Pet owners will appreciate knowing their cats are getting individualized care and attention.

Cat Walking

One way to make money from your cat is by offering cat walking services for working pet owners. As of Dec 30, 2023, the average hourly pay for a Cat Walker in the United States is $20.57 an hour (1). With more and more pet owners needing to be away from home for work and travel, there is growing demand for pet care services like cat walking.

Offering professional cat walking requires learning how to properly handle and train cats for walks. Cats need to be leash trained and acclimated to the outdoors gradually. It’s important to use harnesses designed for cats to keep them safe and prevent escape. Cat walkers need to be patient and work at the cat’s pace when training. Walks should be kept short, around 15-20 minutes, until the cat is comfortable. Cat walking can help provide cats exercise and mental stimulation.

When starting a cat walking business, focus on bonding with clients and their cats to build trust. Visit client homes to meet the cats in their environment early on. Learn each cat’s personality and what motivates them. Ensure cats are up to date on vaccines and flea/tick prevention. Bring treats on walks and give cats affection. Send owners updates after walks to put their minds at ease. With time and care, cat walking can be a rewarding way to profit from your love of cats.


Cat grooming

If you enjoy caring for cats and have a knack for grooming, you can turn your skills into income by providing grooming services for client cats. This involves learning to properly bathe, brush, clip nails, clean ears, trim fur, and provide other grooming services for cats.1 With some training and supplies, you can start offering cat grooming as a small business or side gig.

On average, professional cat grooming costs $30-$70 per session depending on the services provided and where you live. 2 By developing your skills and building up a client base, cat grooming can become a steady source of income. Key services to learn include bathing, brushing, trimming nails, cleaning ears, trimming fur, and safely handling cats during grooming. With patience and care, you can keep client cats calm and make grooming a pleasant experience.

To get started, take classes or get mentorship from an experienced cat groomer. Invest in proper grooming supplies like clippers, brushes, nail trimmers, ear cleaners, shampoo, towels, and a grooming table. Make sure you understand cat anatomy and any special needs of breeds like Persians which require daily grooming. With training, supplies, a business license, and insurance, you’ll be set up for success as a professional cat groomer.

Sell cat products

One way to make money from your cat is to get creative and start selling handmade cat products either online or locally. According to research, the average income for handmade pet product businesses in the USA can vary significantly, but many are able to earn a respectable side income this way.

Consider opening your own Etsy shop to sell handmade cat toys, treats, beds, scratching posts, clothing, jewelry, and other accessories. Etsy makes it easy to set up your own online store and reach customers all over the world who are looking for unique pet items. You can get creative with materials like high-quality yarn for toys or use your cat as a “model” to market customized beds and outfits in your Etsy listings.

Another option is to see if any local pet supply stores in your area allow consignment. This allows you to display and sell your handmade cat products in-store and receive a percentage of each sale. Having your products at physical retail locations can help you reach local customers. Make sure to showcase your products professionally with tags and signage.

According to research from Shopify, the average income for a pet store owner in the US is around $49,174 per year. While your income may start smaller, handmaking and selling cat products provides a creative way to tap into the lucrative pet industry. With some business savvy and amazing cat-themed creations, you can turn your passion into profit.

Cat photography

Offering professional pet photography services can be a lucrative way to profit from your cat. With the rise of social media, high quality photos and videos of cute pets are in high demand. Pet owners love to share photos of their cats online and hire photographers to capture the perfect shot. As a cat owner, you already have access to an adorable feline model. Learning pet photography skills and marketing your services can tap into the booming pet influencer industry.

Professional pet photographers typically charge $50-100 per hour or session. Prices range from $250-500 for a complete shoot with edited photos, according to ZipRecruiter. The income potential varies based on your photography expertise, reputation, and marketing. But pet photos offer creative fulfillment and flexible earning opportunities. Focus on taking crisp, well-composed shots that capture your cat’s endearing personality. Use props, backgrounds, and poses to create visually appealing photos. Then edit images to enhance lighting, color, and clarity. Once you build a portfolio, market your pet photography services through social media, small business advertising, and word of mouth. Satisfied clients will help grow your clientele and establish an ongoing photography business centered around your beloved cat.


As we have explored, there are many creative ways to potentially profit from cats, such as breeding, pet sitting, walking, grooming, photography, and more. However, it’s important to remember that cats require a lot of care, attention and responsible ownership. Any business ventures should always put the cat’s wellbeing first. Cats can be a source of great joy and companionship. While exploring ways to profit is reasonable, the reward of quality time and relationships with our feline friends remains priceless.

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