From Zero to Millionaire. How to Get the Rarest Cat in Battle Cats

Introduce Battle Cats and Million Dollar Cats

Battle Cats is a popular tower defense game developed by PONOS for iOS and Android devices. In Battle Cats, the player collects and upgrades different types of cartoon cats to defend against enemy attackers. Gameplay revolves around strategically placing cats on the battlefield to destroy incoming enemies. As the player progresses, they can unlock new types of cats with unique abilities and evolve cats to make them more powerful.

One of the most coveted cats in Battle Cats are the Million Dollar Cats, which are extremely rare and powerful uber rare cats. Million Dollar Cats have high stats and abilities that make them very effective in late game and competitive play. They can be challenging to obtain, requiring substantial gameplay and luck to acquire one. Having a Million Dollar Cat on your team provides a huge advantage in Battle Cats.

This guide will walk through the various methods and strategies to obtain Million Dollar Cats in Battle Cats. We’ll cover leveling up basic cats, getting uber rares from the gacha, evolving them to their maximum forms, and how to utilize Million Dollar Cats effectively.

Earning XP to Upgrade Cats

In Battle Cats, you earn XP (experience points) by clearing stages. The amount of XP earned increases as the stages get more difficult. Some of the best ways to farm XP include:

Playing the XP Stages that are available on Weekends. These stages give much more XP than regular story mode stages. As you progress through the weekend stages from XP Stage 1 to XP Stage 4, the XP earned increases significantly (Battle Cats Wiki).

Completing Cat Jobs on Wednesdays. The Cat Jobs provide good XP rewards when completed. Aim to play Cat Jobs every Wednesday (Reddit).

Repeating XP Hard +++ stages. These stages give a fixed amount of XP each time you complete them, making them great for grinding XP (Reddit).

Using XP Up (S) or XP Up (M) bonuses to increase the amount of XP gained from clearing stages. These can be obtained occasionally from events.

Earning XP allows you to upgrade your Basic Cats, Rare Cats, and Uber Rare Cats. Upgrading Cats increases their stats and abilities.

Leveling Up Basic Cats

The basic Normal Cats you start with in Battle Cats are some of the most important to max out first. Getting them to level 30 unlocks their true potential and boosts their stats significantly. According to the Battle Cats Wiki article on Level-up, each upgrade increases a cat’s level by 1, which raises their health and attack. Higher level Normal Cats will be able to withstand more damage and deal more damage to enemies.

It’s recommended to focus first on upgrading the Normal Cat, Tank Cat, Axe Cat, Gross Cat, Cow Cat, and Bird Cat to level 30 before working on other cats. These basic cats form the foundation of many strategies due to their low cost and well-rounded abilities. Having them at max level makes a huge difference when tackling difficult stages.

On the Battle Cats subreddit, users discuss how reaching certain XP thresholds unlocks higher level caps for cats. According to one post, you need to reach user rank 1200 to upgrade Normal Cats to level 30. So playing stages regularly to earn XP will allow raising the level cap.

Overall, max leveled basic cats are essential for progressing in Battle Cats, so make sure to use your XP to hit level milestones and power up your Normal Cat squad first.

Rolling the Rare Cat Capsule

One of the key ways to obtain rare and powerful cats in Battle Cats is through rolling the Rare Cat Capsule. This capsule allows you to spend cat food, a premium currency, to randomly obtain cats of different rarities. While it costs 150 cat food to do a single roll, it’s recommended to save up enough cat food to do a 10+1 or 11 roll, which guarantees an Uber Rare cat according to redditors on r/battlecats.

The Rare Cat Capsule will rotate between different sets of cats on a schedule. It’s best to save cat food and roll during a rotation that features top tier or limited Uber Rares that will be helpful for progression. Popular capsules to target include Ultra Souls, Dark Heroes, and seasonal/collab events. With strategic rolling and luck, you can obtain mighty Ubers to boost your battle stats.

Getting Uber Rare Cats

One of the most exciting parts of Battle Cats is getting new Uber Rare cats from the Rare Cat Capsule. Uber Rare cats have the best stats and abilities, making them incredibly helpful for progression. According to the Battle Cats Wiki, the base chance of rolling an Uber Rare from the Rare Cat Capsule is only around 5% (Category:Uber Rare Cats | Battle Cats Wiki – Fandom).

There are a few ways to increase your odds of getting an Uber Rare:

  • Wait for special events like “Triple Chance” that boost the Uber chance to 15% (Uber probabilities : r/battlecats).
  • Roll during a “Guaranteed Uber” event to get at least one Uber from a 11-roll.
  • Track which Uber is up next in the rotation to target the one you want.

While getting an Uber Rare relies partly on luck, being strategic with when you roll can greatly increase your chances. With persistence and planning, you’ll eventually amass an army of powerful Uber Rares!

Upgrading Uber Rares

Upgrading Uber Rare cats in Battle Cats takes XP (experience points), which can be earned from clearing stages. The XP cost to upgrade an Uber Rare increases with each level. According to the Battle Cats Wiki, it takes 9,800 XP to upgrade an Uber Rare cat from level 1 to level 10, and 14,800 XP to reach level 20.

Upgrading Uber Rares increases their stats like health, damage, and speed. While their abilities do not change, having higher stats allows Uber Rare cats to survive longer and deal more damage against enemies. Upgrading them to their maximum level of 30 is ideal to make them as strong as possible.

However, some players argue upgrading past level 10 is not efficient, since the XP costs get very high but stat gains are minor. As one Reddit user commented, Upgrading cats doesn’t effect their abilities (Except evolving in some cases) so Balaluga isn’t really worth upgrading past level 10 as enemies outscale them later on. [source] There are over 100 Uber Rare cats, so players need to prioritize which ones are worth investing XP into upgrading.

In summary, upgrading Uber Rares boosts their stats to make them more viable in later levels, but the high XP costs mean players should focus on upgrading their most important Uber Rares first.

Earning Cat Fruits

Cat fruits are special evolution items that can be earned by playing certain stages and events in Battle Cats. There are several types of cat fruits including basic catfruit, epic catfruit, and elder catfruit. Each type of fruit is used to evolve specific cats to their true forms.

Basic catfruits can be earned by playing the Catfruit Buffet and Catfruit Festival stages on the weekends. These rotating stages allow you to collect basic catfruits like Orange, Apple, and Blue catfruits. According to the Battle Cats Wiki, the Catfruit Buffet has a chance to drop basic catfruits, while the Catfruit Festival has a 100% chance to drop one. Farming these stages regularly is key to stockpiling basic catfruits.

Epic and elder catfruits are harder to obtain. Epic catfruits can sometimes appear in the Catfruit Buffet, but they also have their own dedicated Awakened stage available on certain weekdays. The most reliable way to earn epic fruits is by playing the Growing Strange stage when it appears and collecting epic catfruit seeds, which can then be combined to create the fruits. Elder catfruits require epic catfruits plus elder catfruit seeds from Merciless Advent bosses to craft.

It’s important to regularly play catfruit chance stages, look for fruit-themed events, and farm advents for seeds. With enough persistence, you can collect the fruits necessary to evolve top-tier Uber Rares into their ultimate forms.

Evolving Uber Rares

Once you have unlocked Uber Rare cats in Battle Cats, you can further evolve them into more powerful True Forms using special evolution materials called Catfruits. Catfruits can be acquired by playing the Catfruit stages and defeating the Catfruit enemies that appear.

There are different types of Catfruits corresponding to each element – Red, Floating, Angel, Alien, Metal, and Legend – that are needed to evolve Uber Rares of those types. For example, evolving Thundia, an Uber Rare Red type cat, requires Red Catfruits.

The amount of Catfruits needed depends on the specific Uber. Lower rarity Ubers like Thundia or Windy require 1-2 fruits of their element. Higher rarity Ubers need more fruits, with top-tier Ubers like Ganesha or Mitama needing as many as 5 Catfruits to evolve.

Evolving Ubers to True Form unlocks new abilities and vastly improves their stats. For example, True Form Thundia gains more range, faster attack speed, and increased damage. True Forms can gain advantages like longer freeze or slow durations, extra knockbacks, higher critical hit chance, and more.

Given the significant grind required for Catfruits, it’s best to focus on evolving your top Ubers first. Check tier lists to determine priority. Evolving key Ubers makes a big difference in late game and end game content.

Maxing Out Million Dollar Cats

To upgrade Uber Rare cats to their maximum level of 50 and turn them into Million Dollar Cats, you’ll need to increase your User Rank, collect Catseyes, and defeat certain levels.

The maximum level a cat can reach is initially capped at level 10. As you increase your User Rank, obtained by acquiring more cats, the level cap raises incrementally up to level 30 at User Rank 1400 [1]. Leveling up Uber Rares to 30 requires XP gained from clearing stages.

To go beyond level 30, you’ll need to collect Catseyes, special items obtained rarely from clearing levels. With enough Catseyes, you can upgrade cats up to level 40. After completing the An Ancient Curse level, the cap raises to level 50 with more Catseyes [2].

At max level 50, Uber Rare cats become Million Dollar Cats. With their enhanced stats and abilities, these powerhouse cats can tremendously help you progress and defeat tough enemies.

Strategies Using Million Dollar Cats

Once you have fully upgraded Million Dollar Cats to level 50, they become extremely powerful ubers that can help you progress in Battle Cats. Here are some effective strategies for utilizing maxed Million Dollar Cats:

Million Dollar Cats have high HP and attack power, making them excellent tanks. Deploy them first in front of your other cats to soak up damage from enemies. Their high HP allows them to withstand hits while dishing out damage.

Pair Million Dollar Cats with ranged attackers like Dragon Cats or long-distance ubers. The Million Dollar Cat will tank hits up front while your ranged cats attack safely from behind.

Use Million Dollar Cat’s strengthen ability to buff other ubers before sending them into battle. This amplifies the attack power of cats deployed immediately after.

Million Dollar Cat is strong against red enemies, making it effective for levels with lots of red enemies like crazed bird cat. Deploy Million Dollar Cat to counter problematic red enemies.

On levels with burrowing enemies like mole cats, deploy Million Dollar Cat. Its multi-hit attack can expose and defeat burrowing cats quickly.

Million Dollar Cat has a reasonably fast recharge time for an uber. You can deploy it frequently to keep constant pressure on enemies.

With sufficient wallet upgrades, you can deploy multiple maxed Million Dollar Cats for devastating damage. Their combined HP and attack can annihilate even powerful enemies.

Million Dollar Cat’s high stats make it a flexible attacker and tank for many lineups. It can fill gaps in your roster until you unlock more specialized ubers.(

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