How to Unlock the Rarest Cats in Battle Cats (and Why You Want Them)


Battle Cats is a popular tower defense game developed by PONOS for iOS and Android devices. In the game, players collect and deploy different types of cats to defend their base from invading enemies. Super rare cats are a special tier of cats that are more powerful and difficult to obtain than basic cats.

Super rare cats have enhanced abilities and stats compared to basic cats. They come in many different forms such as ranged attackers, tanks, supports, and more. While basic cats are easy to acquire, super rare cats require more luck and effort to unlock. Players have a small chance of getting one through the Rare Cat Capsule or special events and stages.

Having powerful super rare cats can help players progress further in Battle Cats. This guide will cover some of the main methods and strategies for collecting these elite felines.

Earning Cat Food

There are several methods for earning cat food in Battle Cats to use for the Rare Cat Capsule:

Completing stages and missions in the main Story of Battle Cats, as well as timed events, will reward some amount of cat food. For example, clearing chapter 1 in Empire of Cats rewards 30 cat food. Harder event stages may provide up to 100 cat food [1].

Watching certain ads and media offers through the Cat Base menu can provide small amounts of cat food over time. There are options like watching video ads, downloading promoted games/apps, and completing survey offers [2].

Logging in daily and completing certain missions will also earn cat food. For example, logging in consecutively for 7 days grants a reward of 30 cat food.

Lastly, making in-app purchases with real money allows obtaining large amounts of cat food instantly. However, cat food can be earned for free through gameplay as well.

Rare Cat Capsule

The Rare Cat Capsule is one of the main ways to obtain rare, super rare, and uber rare cats in Battle Cats. When you roll the Rare Cat Capsule, you have a chance to get cats from different rarity tiers. According to Reddit user analyses, the chances of each rarity are (source):

  • Rare Cats – 75% chance
  • Super Rare Cats – 14% chance
  • Uber Rare Cats – 1% chance

So while it’s likely you’ll get a basic Rare Cat, your odds of scoring one of the powerful Uber Rare cats are very low. Certain events can increase your chances though, which we’ll cover later.

Overall, the Rare Cat Capsule is an exciting way to expand your cat army, with the small hope of hitting the jackpot with a top-tier Uber Rare!

Guaranteed Uber Event

Guaranteed Uber Events are special events in Battle Cats that guarantee an Uber Rare cat on each 11-draw from the Rare Cat Capsule during the event period. These events occur periodically and allow players to obtain rare and powerful Uber cats more reliably.

During a Guaranteed Uber event, the game’s gacha mechanic is rigged so that an Uber Rare is guaranteed with each 11-draw from the Rare Cat Capsule, instead of the normal 5% chance. This makes it the best time to use Rare Cat Tickets or Cat Food on the capsule to get new Ubers and build your collection.

According to the Battle Cats Wiki, these events usually run for 3 days at a time and occur every 2-3 weeks. There are also Superfest events which feature a higher chance for Super Rare cats. The schedule can be unpredictable but players can check the Battle Cats subreddit or other fan sites to stay updated.

The strategy for Guaranteed Uber events is to save up Cat Food and Rare Tickets specifically for these events. Only draw from the capsule during the event window to maximize your chances of getting new powerful Ubers. Use single draw tickets first, then do 11-draws with Cat Food. With smart planning, you can build an elite team of Uber Rare cats over time!

Step-Up Gacha

The Step-Up Gacha is a special promotion that replaces the 11-capsule Rare Cat Capsule draw during certain events. As explained on the Battle Cats Wiki Increasing Capsules Campaign, the Step-Up Gacha is divided into three steps, each with increasing chances of getting an Uber Rare cat.

On the first step, there is a 5% chance of getting an Uber Rare. On the second step, the chance increases to 10%. Finally, on the third and final step, there is a 100% chance of getting an Uber Rare cat. This makes the Step-Up Gacha one of the best ways to get those elusive super rare cats. Just be prepared to spend some Cat Food, as each step costs 1500.

Tracking Seed

Seed tracking in Battle Cats allows players to predict the order of cats that will appear when using Cat Capsules. By tracking seed numbers, you can determine when rare, super rare, and uber rare cats will show up. This lets players optimize their Cat Capsule openings to get the cats they want.

To track your seed, you need to record the results of your Cat Capsule rolls at a site like Godfat’s Battle Cats Seed Tracker. Each roll is assigned a unique seed number that determines what cats appear. By entering your past Cat Capsule results, the tracker can calculate your current seed and show upcoming rolls. This lets you plan what capsules to open or skip to get your desired ubers.

A key seed tracking strategy is “save scumming.” This involves backing up your save data before doing Cat Capsule rolls. If you don’t get the cats you want, you can restore your save and try again with different capsules to change the seed order. This lets you reroll your seed until you get your target ubers. Just be patient and stick to the seed tracker results.

Save Scumming

Save scumming is a technique that involves manipulating the save data in Battle Cats to retry Rare Cat Capsule rolls and events until you get the desired rare cats. It allows players to avoid bad Uber rolls and retry for better ones. Here’s how it works:

You need access to two devices that have Battle Cats installed – for example, your phone and an emulator on your computer. On one device, roll the Rare Cat Capsule or play the event stage. If you don’t get the rare cat you want, force close the app on that device before the roll saves. Then load up Battle Cats on the other device and sync the save data, which will revert the previous roll or event. Now you can retry the Rare Cat Capsule or event stage again on the first device, and keep repeating the process until you get the rare cat you want.[1]

While controversial, save scumming allows dedicated Battle Cats players to guarantee getting the rarest and most powerful cats in the game without spending a fortune on Cat Food. It takes patience and effort, but is one of the only ways to get specific Uber rare cats from the hundreds available.

Event Stages

Event stages in Battle Cats offer limited-time opportunities to unlock super rare cats. These special stages usually coincide with holidays or collaborations and have a defined duration, such as a week or month. Some noteworthy super rare cats obtainable through event stages include:

Pumpcat – Available during the Halloween seasonal event. Pumpcat is a ranged area attacker with decent stats and can be useful against alien enemies.1

Frosty Kai – Unlocked by completing the Deadly Carnival seasonal event stages. Frosty Kai freezes enemies with every attack, helping control the battlefield.2

Seashore Kai – Acquired through the Summer Diary Collaboration event. Has strong stats against floating enemies and can knock back and slow enemies.3

Overall, regularly participating in events allows collecting super rare cats with unique abilities. Players should check the event calendar frequently and take advantage of these limited opportunities.


Getting super rare cats in Battle Cats requires patience, strategy, and a bit of luck. The main ways to increase your chances are: Participating in events and guaranteed Uber promotions, using cat food for Rare Cat Capsules, tracking seed numbers to predict rolls, utilizing step-up gacha, and save scumming. With enough persistence and the right timing, players can eventually collect all the super rare cats. But ultimately, Battle Cats comes down to skill – even the rarest cats need to be deployed wisely. Focus on upgrading your player level and base upgrades first. With the right strategy, even normal cats can defeat enemies.

Other Tips

Here are some other useful tips for getting super rare cats in Battle Cats:

Focus on events and stages that offer super rare cats as rewards. Many event stages will have super rares available as stage rewards if you can meet certain conditions like clearing the stage under a time limit. Be sure to take advantage of these opportunities when they come around.

Check the Rare Cat Capsule regularly. The Rare Cat Capsule can give super rare cats, though the odds are low. Checking it frequently gives you more chances to get lucky.

Play through Empire of Cats chapters and collect all superior treasures. Superior treasures give percentage boosts to things like unit attack power, health, and drop rates which will help you clear more difficult event stages.

Join the official Battle Cats Discord server. The Discord community is very helpful for getting tips and strategy advice. Veterans can provide guidance on the best ways to get super rares.

Spend cat food wisely. It’s best to spend cat food on guaranteed Uber/Epicfest events or on increasing storage. Avoid spending it on continues or single rare cat capsule draws.

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