How to Tell Which Human Your Cat Loves the Most


A cat’s favorite person is the human that a cat feels most bonded and attached to. This is typically the person that the cat spends the most time with and receives the most care and affection from. Knowing your cat’s favorite person can provide insight into your relationship and bond with your pet. It also helps identify the person that the cat feels safest and most comfortable with. For cat owners, being your cat’s favorite person can be a rewarding feeling and confirmation of a strong friendship.

Body Language

Cats will demonstrate their affection through their body language. When a cat is around its favorite person, you’ll notice their tail pointed straight up and their body relaxed. Their eyes will also appear soft and content when looking at this person (Unionlake Veterinary Hospital, 2022). Cats that feel comfortable and happy around someone will exude calm, approachable body language.

Some key body language signs to look for include:

  • Tail up and loosely curled
  • Ears forward and alert
  • Eyes slowly blinking
  • Purring
  • Rubbing on the person

A cat’s body language speaks volumes about how they feel. When they look peaceful and content around a particular person, it’s a giveaway that they feel safe and fond towards that individual.

Seeks Attention

One of the most telltale signs that a cat favors someone is that it seeks out that person’s attention. This is exhibited through actions like rubbing up against the person’s legs, giving head butts, or purring loudly when the person is around. The cat is communicating that it enjoys and craves affection from that individual.

Cats naturally head butt and nuzzle against people as a way to mark them with their scent and show affection. If your cat frequently comes up to rub its head against you or push its head against your hand to be petted, it is demonstrating that you are special to it. The cat feels safe and bonded with you.

Purring is another attention-seeking behavior that indicates you are the cat’s preferred human. While cats may purr for multiple reasons, they tend to reserve their loudest and most frequent purrs for their favorite person. The rumbling sound signals contentment and affection.

Overall, a cat that rubs, head butts, and purrs around a particular person is essentially saying “You’re my human, pay attention to me!” The cat is invested in that relationship and wants to maintain close contact.

Sleeps Nearby

One way to tell if you’re a cat’s favorite person is if they choose to sleep near you or on your lap. Cats will often nap close to or on the lap of the person they feel most bonded with and comfortable around. As social creatures, cats enjoy the closeness and companionship. According to this article, if your cat sleeps cuddled up next to you at night or joins you on the couch for naptime, it’s a sign they have chosen you as their preferred human.

Cats also sleep near their favorite person because they want to feel protected and safe in the presence of someone they trust. While cats sleep near their favorite for comfort, it’s not a definitive sign – some cats will still sleep in odd spots around the house regardless of their preferred human. But more often than not, a cat curling up on your lap for their catnap is a good indicator you are the favorite.


One way cats show affection and bond with their favorite person is through grooming behaviors like licking and gentle nibbling. Cats often try to groom their favorite people by licking their hands, face, and even gently nibbling on hair. This mimics how cats groom each other, and is a sign of bonding and affection. Cats only allow this type of close interaction with people they trust and feel safe with. According to Rover, “when your cat tries to lick or ‘groom’ your hair, it’s your cat’s way of showing they consider you part of their family.”

Cats also enjoy being petted and groomed by their favorite people. They will purr, rub against hands, and lean into pets from their chosen person. But they may become overstimulated or upset if an unfamiliar person tries to pet them. As WebMD notes, “By soliciting petting from you, your cat is creating a reciprocal social bond.” Cats reserve this bonding ritual for their closest human companions.


Cats often prefer to eat meals when their favorite person is nearby. This is because they feel more secure and relaxed when their chosen human is present. According to Rover, cats that have bonded closely with a particular person will frequently wait to eat until that person is available to keep them company. They tend to see mealtimes as an opportunity for quality time and interaction. If you notice your cat meowing or hovering around their food bowl when you are home, but not eating unless you are in the room, it’s a good sign they have chosen you as their favorite. Cats also know that their special person will give them tasty treats and an optimal dining experience. So they opt to share mealtimes as a way to strengthen the bond. Pay attention to when and where your cat prefers to eat as this can reveal their favorite person.


Cats often get the most excited and playful with the person they feel most comfortable and bonded with. If your cat brings you their favorite toys, leads you to their play area, or performs activities like playful pouncing when you enter the room, it’s a strong sign you’re the favorite. According to research, cats engage in more frequent and longer play sessions with their chosen person compared to other members of the household. This is because play requires vulnerability and cats reserve this type of high-energy interaction for the person they trust most. Your cat batting toys around your feet, rolling on their back exposing their belly, or play-biting you shows they view you as their special playmate.

For many cat owners, intense playtime interactions like wrestling, chasing, and pouncing are treasured signs of their kitty’s affection. If your cat saves their most energetic and silly play for you, take it as confirmation you’re their top choice for fun and games. This playful attention, combined with other preferential treatment is a clear indicator you have a special bond.

Separation Anxiety

Cats often form bonds with a favorite person in the household. When that person leaves the home, even for just a short period of time, the cat may exhibit signs of separation anxiety. This is one clear way to identify the cat’s preferred human. Distressed behaviors when the favorite person leaves include excessive vocalization such as meowing or crying, restlessness, loss of appetite, and destructive behavior like scratching furniture.

Severe separation anxiety can manifest in a cat urinating outside the litter box, vomiting, or trying desperately to escape and reunite with the missing human. These anxious reactions make it evident who the cat is most bonded with. The cat wants to be near their person all the time and becomes very unsettled when separated.

Bringing Gifts

One sign that a cat considers you their favorite person is if they proudly bring you “presents” like toys or even prey they’ve caught. This instinct comes from cats’ natural hunting behaviors, where they present their captures to their owners as a form of contribution and sharing. Some experts believe cats see owners as incapable hunters, so gifts are their way of generously trying to teach hunting skills. Even though humans obviously don’t need these lessons, it’s important not to scold or punish a cat for these gifts – it will only confuse them. Instead, calmly remove the gift, and maybe offer an alternative toy as a diversion. This gift-giving proves your special status in their social group.

Cats often bring favorite toys or fetch items specifically to their chosen person during times of feline-human social interaction – like wanting to play or curl up together. This gift exchange helps strengthen social bonds. And cats who show this gift-giving behavior tend to be more secure in their attachment to their owners, seeing them as part of their group or “colony”. So while the presents may not always be welcome, it’s a sign you’re the top cat in your cat’s world.


In conclusion, there are several clear signs that indicate you are likely a cat’s favorite person. A cat seeking out your attention through actions like jumping in your lap, bringing you gifts, or rubbing against you shows they feel a special bond with you. Sleeping on or near you is another sign of affection. If your cat is relaxed and comfortable grooming in your presence, that’s a good indicator they trust you. Cats often exhibit separation anxiety from their favorite people by meowing at the door when you leave. At mealtimes, a cat favoring you to feed them over others reinforces your status. Favoritism extends to playtime as well, with a cat singling you out to initiate play. Overall, the strength of your relationship and the care you provide helps form the close human-feline bond. Recognizing you are the chosen favorite can make that connection even more meaningful.

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