The Feline Femme Fatale. Batman’s Conflicted Feelings for Catwoman


Batman and Catwoman have had a complicated romantic relationship and friendship over the years ever since they first met as adversaries in Batman #1 in 1940. Catwoman, whose real name is Selina Kyle, is a cat burglar and antihero who started off as a villain but has also helped Batman fight crime. Bruce Wayne is drawn to Selina’s unpredictable nature and moral ambiguity, seeing potential for redemption in her. Meanwhile, she is attracted to his dark, brooding intensity. Their forbidden romance builds on the intriguing dynamic between Batman’s quest for justice and Catwoman walking the line between good and evil.

While they have often been at odds, there is an undeniable spark between them. Batman struggles to balance his suspicion of Catwoman’s motives with his empathy for her. He wants to believe she can reform. Throughout their history together, Batman and Catwoman have shared many iconic moments, from daring rescues to passionate kisses. Their tumultuous relationship epitomizes the old adage that there is a thin line between love and hate. This complicated pairing has long fascinated fans.

Batman’s Suspicion

Batman is initially very distrustful of Catwoman and her motives. As a vigilante focused on justice, he is immediately suspicious of Catwoman’s criminal activities as a thief (Reddit, 2022). When they first meet, he sees her as just another criminal to stop, albeit one with more complex motivations than his usual rogues gallery. Batman struggles to reconcile Catwoman’s unlawful behavior with his growing attraction to her, leading him to keep her at arm’s length despite their obvious chemistry. His wariness stems from being burned in the past when he let down his guard with morally questionable allies like Talia al Ghul. Batman fears Catwoman is solely motivated by self-interest and he remains distrustful that she will betray him when it suits her own ends.

Batman’s Attraction

Despite his misgivings about Catwoman’s criminal activities, Batman feels an undeniable attraction to her that repeatedly draws them together. As Bruce Wayne notes in the DC blog article The Forbidden Love of Batman and Catwoman, “Bruce and Selina enjoy a steamy romance, unaware of their double lives. At the same time, as Batman and Catwoman, they are drawn to one another.” This magnetic pull seems to transcend their moral differences. Even when they are on opposite sides of the law, the passion between them is palpable.

Fans on Reddit have theorized that Batman and Catwoman’s attraction stems from their similarities as well as their differences. They are both deeply independent, wily, and adventurous. But Catwoman’s moral flexibility and playfulness contrasts with Batman’s uprightness and severity. Her ability to occasionally pull Batman out of his dark brooding is part of the appeal. Though Batman grapples with it, he cannot seem to shake his desire for Catwoman, no matter their disputes over her criminal activities.

Moral Alignment

Batman and Catwoman often find themselves at odds due to their different moral codes. As a vigilante crimefighter, Batman operates under a strict moral code that prohibits killing and theft. He sees the world in black and white terms of right and wrong. Catwoman, on the other hand, is more morally grey. As a cat burglar, she regularly engages in theft and has fewer qualms about breaking the law. This fundamental difference in their moral compasses is a constant source of friction in their relationship (

Batman views Catwoman’s criminal activities as wrong, while Catwoman doesn’t believe she is doing anything immoral. Batman struggles to justify his attraction to someone who regularly breaks the law, while Catwoman is frustrated by Batman’s unwillingness to see the gray areas in morality. Their opposing perspectives on right and wrong often put them at odds and lead to passionate disagreements. However, it also creates an undeniable spark between them, as they both seek to understand the other’s point of view while remaining true to their own values.

Catwoman’s Unpredictability

One of the most complex aspects of Batman and Catwoman’s relationship is Catwoman’s unpredictability. Selina Kyle’s morally ambiguous status as both hero and villain means that her actions often keep Batman guessing. As Reddit user u/nightwing612 comments, “Even as someone who likes the pairing, Batman and Catwoman’s dynamic is inherently one of star-crossed lovers separated by being on the opposite sides of the law.”

Catwoman will switch between helping Batman fight crime as an ally to suddenly stealing valuable items for her own gain as a thief. This creates an element of excitement and danger for Batman, but also uncertainty about whether he can truly trust her. As CBR notes, there have been toxic moments where Catwoman’s unpredictability leads Batman to doubt her sincerity: “Catwoman is absolutely angry that Batman would rather trust the twisted lies of a maniacal enemy than believe in her real feelings for him.”

While her unpredictable nature keeps him on his toes, it also represents a moral conflict for the strictly principled Batman. He wants to believe Catwoman can ultimately choose the right path, but her actions don’t always reinforce that hope. This pushes and pulls their relationship in complex ways.

Crimefighting Partners

Despite their differences, Batman and Catwoman often find themselves working together against greater threats. They’ve teamed up numerous times over the years to take down dangerous criminals like the Joker, Two-Face, and Bane. In fact, their contrasting skillsets complement each other quite well for crimefighting – with Batman’s deductive brilliance and Catwoman’s street smarts, they’re a formidable duo.

One of their most notable team-ups occurred in the graphic novel Batman: Hush, where Catwoman helped Batman investigate a mysterious villain manipulating Gotham’s rogues gallery. Their mutual trust and respect grew throughout this mission as they watched each other’s backs and shared insights into the case (source).

The two have also joined forces in various Batman animated series, like The Batman and Batman: The Animated Series, to foil schemes by the likes of the Scarecrow, Bane, and the Joker (source). When working together, their complimentary abilities and shared dedication to justice make them a powerful duo against Gotham’s worst villains.

Romantic Tension

Batman and Catwoman have a complicated romantic relationship filled with tension and attraction. As adversaries and vigilantes on opposite sides of the law, their romance faces many obstacles. However, the undeniable chemistry and attraction between them makes their love feel destined and inevitable according to The Forbidden Love of Batman and Catwoman | DC. Throughout their history, Batman and Catwoman have shared passionate kisses and flirtatious encounters and A History of Batman and Catwoman’s Relationship. This constant push and pull between their moral differences and romantic feelings creates an electrifying tension between the two.

Batman’s Empathy

Despite being on opposite sides of the law, Batman shows a great deal of empathy for Catwoman’s struggles and motivations. As noted on Reddit, apart from Mr. Freeze, Catwoman is often considered one of the most sympathetic Batman villains due to her tragic backstory (source). Like Batman, Catwoman had a difficult childhood, which led her down a criminal path. However, she retains a moral code that Batman recognizes. In the comics and shows like Batman: The Animated Series, Batman is shown to sympathize with Catwoman’s predicaments, understanding that she is not purely evil but rather a morally gray vigilante (source). He sees the potential in her to use her skills for good, even if she occasionally crosses the line. This empathy and belief in redemption is a core part of Batman’s character.

Potential for Redemption

Despite her criminal past and unpredictable nature, Batman sees the potential for redemption in Catwoman. He recognizes that there is good in her, even if she doesn’t always show it. In the Arkham City video game, there is a scene where Catwoman helps Batman defeat Two-Face. After the battle, Batman tells Catwoman, “I know there’s good in you. I’ve seen it.” This highlights Batman’s faith in Catwoman’s ability to reform and become a hero 1.

Batman understands Catwoman’s troubled background and recognizes that she resorts to crime out of necessity. He sees that with the right guidance, she could use her skills to help people instead of stealing. Batman acts as both an ally and mentor to Catwoman, hoping she will walk the path of redemption. Stories like “The Redemption of Catwoman” portray Catwoman reforming with Batman’s support 2. Though she wavers between good and bad, Batman believes in Catwoman’s potential to ultimately be a hero.


In summary, Batman has complex feelings towards Catwoman that reflect their shared history as well as their opposing moral codes. On one hand, Batman feels intense attraction and care for Catwoman given their romantic past and her occasional desire for reform. However, he also feels distrust due to her criminal activities and struggle to consistently uphold justice. While hoping she may one day fully redeem herself, Batman remains wary of her unpredictable nature. Their dynamic embodies an enduring tension between Batman’s mission against crime and his empathy for her situation. Though challenging, their bond seems to bring out Batman’s humanity, hinting at a softer side beneath his dark persona.

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