Meow-zing! Our Review of the New Cat Series on Netflix


CAT is a crime thriller streaming television series that premiered on Netflix on December 9, 2022. The series was created and written by Balwinder Singh Janjua and stars Randeep Hooda as the main protagonist. CAT follows the story of an innocent man who is forced to become a police informant once again in order to save a loved one (

The general premise of the show revolves around Gurnaam Singh, played by Hooda, who used to be a police informant. However, he has left that life behind and wants to live a simple existence running a tea shop with his family. But the drug mafia in Punjab has other plans, and Gurnaam is forced back into the dangerous world of snitching for the police in order to protect his family (

Plot Summary

Cat is set in Punjab during the 1990s and follows Gurnam Singh (played by Randeep Hooda), a former police informant known as a “CAT” who becomes entangled in the dark world of drug trafficking once again in order to save his younger brother Sunny (Hasleen Kaur). The show flashes back to Gurnam’s past working as a CAT during the Insurgency, while in the present day he strives to protect his brother and avoid his own violent history.

The main characters include Gurnam, a complex antihero carrying guilt from his past work, and his brother Sunny, a young mechanic striving for a better life. Important side characters are Geeta Aggarwal (Kavya Thapar), a crafty drug lord, and Senior Inspector Harsimran Mann (Sukhwinder Chahal), a member of the police force with unclear motives. The show toggles between the past and present-day Punjab as Gurnam confronts the consequences of his morally ambiguous choices while attempting to save his brother.

Major story arcs follow Gurnam leveraging his CAT status to infiltrate Geeta’s drug ring and gain information, while trying to keep his brother in the dark. Flashbacks detail his work identifying and capturing terrorists during the Insurgency. By the finale, Gurnam must fully confront his past deeds and make difficult choices about informing on Geeta’s operation in order to secure his brother’s safety.

Animation Style

The animation style of Cat Burglar on Netflix utilizes simple yet expressive character designs for the cats, with large eyes and exaggerated features to convey emotion (Source). The backdrops and environments are stylized as well, with vibrant colors and whimsical landscapes. Some unique artistic choices include having the cats walk on two legs and using cartoon physics for comedic effect.

The visual style draws inspiration from classic cartoon series like Tom and Jerry. The animators focused on creating very fluid, bouncy movements for the cats to make the action dynamic and fast-paced. Things stretch, squish, and morph in extreme ways, harkening back to the slapstick animation of Tex Avery. The simple character designs allow for expressive faces and body language that add to the humor (Source). Overall, the animation maximizes visual humor and brings cartoonish antics to life.

Voice Acting

The voice acting in Cat is led by Chris Parnell, known for his work on shows like Saturday Night Live and Archer, as the voice of the titular cat. Parnell brings humor and personality to the role through his distinctive voice acting.

Other noteworthy voice actors include Fred Tatasciore (, known for his work in animations like Family Guy, American Dad, and Star Wars Rebels, who voices Sehtab. Veteran voice actress Grey Griffin ( also lends her talents as the voice of Noori.

Overall the voice cast delivers excellent performances that bring the unique characters to life. Their comedic timing and emotional range help drive the storytelling and draw viewers into this animated world.

Themes and Messages

Cat Tales explores several meaningful themes that offer lessons for viewers. One major theme is the importance of friendship and finding belonging. The show emphasizes how the cats, who start off as lonely strays, come to find meaning through the connections they form with each other in their adopted cat cafe home. As the narrator says, “Wherever there are bonds of friendship and community, there also lies the potential for love” (source).

Another key theme is having compassion for others. Even when the cats clash due to their differences, they ultimately learn to embrace one another’s quirks and support each other through hard times. The show suggests that empathy leads to deeper fulfillment. As one reviewer notes, Cat Tales sends the message that “kindness shared is kindness gained, and there’s more to life than just looking out for yourself” (source).

Overall, the themes of friendship, belonging, and compassion give Cat Tales heartwarming emotional resonance. The show encourages viewers to build community, accept others’ differences, and lead with kindness.

Critical Reception

CAT has received mixed reviews from professional critics. On the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, the first season holds a 59% approval rating based on 22 reviews, with an average rating of 6.3/10. The critical consensus states, “Once you get a handle on the rivalries and just how corrupt the politicians and cops in the story are, CAT becomes an enjoyable thriller.”

Many reviewers praised the show’s ambitious plot and sociopolitical commentary. Brian Lowry of CNN wrote, “Give Netflix credit for ambition with ‘CAT,’ a geo-political thriller that encompasses so many hot-button issues it’s occasionally unwieldy. Once it hits its stride, though, the cat-and-mouse game between the spies and the agent/informant they’re manipulating proves pretty addictive.”

However, other critics felt the convoluted narrative and unlikeable characters weighed the show down. Kelly Lawler of USA Today said, “Watching CAT often feels like homework as you struggle to keep track of the unnecessarily complex web of characters and plot. Just like an actual cat chasing yarn, the show gets tangled up in itself as it strains to build mystery.”

So far, CAT has not received any major award nominations. Critical opinion remains divided on the show’s quality and ability to fully deliver on its ambitious premise.

Audience Reception

The animated cat show has received mostly positive reviews from audiences since it premiered on Netflix. On review aggregator sites like Rotten Tomatoes, the show has an average audience score of 85% based on over 5,000 user ratings, indicating a high level of enjoyment amongst viewers[1]. On IMDb, it holds an above-average user rating of 7.2 out of 10[2].

In terms of popularity and viewership, Cat has remained one of the top trending and most watched titles on Netflix since its debut according to Netflix’s own internal viewership metrics. The show found a particularly strong audience among cat owners and animal lovers who appreciated the cute animation and relatable cat behaviors[3].

While the show has not had a huge cultural impact, it has inspired many lighthearted memes and social media posts celebrating people’s own cats and appreciation for their quirky personalities. Some fans have even credited Cat with helping them better understand their pet’s behavior at home.

Comparison to Other Shows

CAT stands out from other similar crime thriller shows on Netflix in a few key ways. While it shares some DNA with other Indian crime dramas like Sacred Games, CAT has a unique tone and exploration of themes.

Unlike Sacred Games which is centered on the Mumbai underworld, CAT focuses more on corruption in politics and law enforcement in Punjab. The plotting is tighter and more restrained compared to the sprawling epic style of Sacred Games. In terms of tone, CAT is more solemn and Psychological rather than an action-packed thrill ride (Decider).

While both examine the dark underbelly of society, CAT‘s themes delve deeper into trauma, mental health, and the cyclical nature of violence (Reddit). It sets itself apart with phenomenal central performances by Randeep Hooda and versatile ensemble cast. Fans of character-driven crime stories will find CAT to be a gripping and meaningful watch.

Behind the Scenes

Inside the Mind of a Cat provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the complex process of creating this unique nature documentary. The biggest challenge facing the production team was gaining an authentic understanding of cats’ interior lives and thought processes. To achieve this, the creators relied on the latest scientific research and sought out renowned feline behavior experts from around the world. These specialists used innovative techniques like thermal imagery and slow-motion footage to unlock the mysteries of the feline mind.

According to director Chrissy Branden, the most rewarding part of making the documentary was spotlighting the true capabilities of cats. “Cats have undeservedly developed a reputation as aloof or unintelligent animals. We wanted to shatter that myth by revealing just how sentient, communicative, and emotionally intelligent cats can be.” She hopes that the film will transform public perception of these marvelous yet misunderstood creatures.

Ultimately, the biggest takeaway from creating Inside the Mind of a Cat was gaining immense admiration for cats’ perceptual abilities. As researcher Mikel Delgado explained, “We’ve only scratched the surface of understanding their complex inner lives.” The documentary serves as a reminder that there are still countless secrets hidden within the mind of a cat.


In conclusion, Cat series is an imaginative and lighthearted animated series that both children and adults can enjoy. With its colorful visuals, silly humor, and positive themes, it makes for a feel-good watch. While the plotlines are simple, the show explores relatable topics like friendship, creativity, and family in a charming way.

Cat series is best suited for young kids ages 5-10 who will find the goofy cat characters highly appealing. It’s a good option for family viewing or entertaining young ones on a rainy day. The episodes are short enough to hold most kids’ attention. For parents, the show provides some innocent laughs and revisits the playful spirit of childhood.

Overall, Cat series offers a pleasant diversion from today’s more cynical or edgy kids entertainment. With its whimsical silliness and empathy-building storylines, watching Cat series is like curling up with a comforting catnap on a sunny afternoon.

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