Cat Cora’s Marriage to Nicole. How Long Did It Last?


Cat Cora, an Iron Chef and popular celebrity chef, married Nicole Ehrlich, a record producer and executive, in 2015. The two had been in a relationship for over a decade prior to tying the knot. Cat Cora, best known as the first female Iron Chef on Food Network’s Iron Chef America, had come out as gay in 2012 and announced her relationship with Nicole. The wedding marked an important milestone for Cat’s public coming out. However, after six years of marriage and over 15 years as a couple, Nicole filed for divorce from Cat in 2021, bringing an end to their high-profile relationship.

How Cat and Nicole Met

Cat Cora first met Nicole Ehrlich in early 2015 after a mutual friend connected them through the exclusive dating app Raya [1]. Ehrlich, who worked as a
film producer, was living in New York City at the time. Cora lived in California but traveled frequently for her work on TV cooking competitions. Ehrlich says it was “literally love at first sight” when they first met in person in New York City shortly after connecting through the app. The pair felt an instant connection and began a long-distance relationship,
frequently traveling between coasts to spend time together.

Early Relationship

Cat Cora and Nicole Ehrlich first met in 2009 when Nicole worked as a co-executive producer on the show Around the World in 80 Plates, which Cat was hosting. They started dating shortly after meeting on set. In an interview with People magazine, Cat shared that “it was love at first sight” when she met Nicole. Their early relationship years involved traveling together for Cat’s work, with Nicole joining as a producer. They enjoyed exploring new destinations and trying local cuisines together. In the first few years of dating, Cat and Nicole split their time between homes in Los Angeles and New York.

Wedding and Marriage

Cat Cora and Nicole Ehrlich tied the knot on April 21, 2018 in Santa Barbara, California. According to Us Weekly, the ceremony took place at the historic Villa Verano Estate and was attended by around 120 close friends and family members.

The wedding decor featured an abundance of greenery and floral arrangements in shades of purple, pink, and white. The couple wore matching white suits and arrived in a vintage Rolls Royce. After the ceremony, guests enjoyed a cocktail hour on the villa’s ocean-view terrace followed by dinner and dancing under hanging Edison lights.


Married Life

Cat Cora and Nicole Ehrlich got married in April 2012 in Santa Barbara, California (People). By all accounts, the early years of their marriage were filled with happiness. The couple frequently posted loving photos together on social media, and spoke openly about their family life.

In 2015, Cora and Ehrlich welcomed their first children together – sons Zoran and Nash. Becoming parents deepened their commitment to each other and brought them tremendous joy. They embraced the challenges of raising a young family as a team.

Cora often praised her wife for being a wonderful, hands-on mom. She said Ehrlich embraced her “with love, integrity and compassion from the moment they met” (Mashed). By all accounts, their early years of marriage and parenthood were filled with happiness and love.


Cat and Nicole faced challenges in their marriage like any couple. Early in their relationship, Cat’s demanding work schedule as an Iron Chef put a strain on their time together. Balancing career and family is difficult for anyone, but proved especially tough with Cat’s frequent travel and long hours (Source 1).

Later on, raising four sons introduced new complications. Though they seemed like a picture-perfect family from the outside, behind closed doors Cat and Nicole dealt with the everyday struggles of parenting. Financial stress also emerged after Cat’s restaurants closed during the Covid-19 pandemic, adding more tension at home. Despite counseling and effort, the challenges ultimately became too much for the couple to overcome (Source 2).


After marrying in April 2012, Cat and Nicole welcomed four sons together over the next few years. According to People Magazine, Cat gave birth to their first son Thatcher in April 2015. Later that year in December, Nicole gave birth to their second son Nash. The couple then welcomed twin boys Cody and Carter in May 2017.

Cat and Nicole raised their four sons together in California. As mothers, they embraced the chaos and adventures of parenthood. In an interview with Parents Magazine, Cat shared about the family’s travel adventures and how the boys enjoyed exploring different countries and cultures. She also opened up about the challenges of raising high-energy twin toddlers while maintaining a sense of humor about the experience.

Divorce Filing

In April 2021, Nicole Ehrlich filed for divorce from Cat Cora in Los Angeles Superior Court, according to The filing cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce. After nearly 6 years of marriage, their relationship had come to an end. The divorce paperwork was formally submitted in Los Angeles, where the couple lived together.

Divorce Finalized

Cat Cora and Nicole Ehrlich’s divorce was finalized in April 2021 after almost 4 years of marriage. According to reports, the divorce settlement granted Ehrlich ownership of three vehicles the couple had shared during their marriage. Cora also agreed not to seek spousal support. The details of custody arrangements for the couple’s four sons were kept confidential. While the end of their marriage was undoubtedly difficult, Cora and Ehrlich have focused on coparenting their children. They continue working together to provide a loving family environment.


Looking back, Cat Cora and Nicole Ehrlich had a whirlwind romance leading up to their wedding in April 2018. After meeting in early 2017, they fell in love quickly and were engaged just months later in September. Their wedding at the beautiful Villa Verano Estate in Santa Barbara, captured in an episode of Say Yes to the Dress, marked the start of their marriage.

However, just two years later in 2020, their marriage would come to an end. Cat Cora filed for divorce in November 2020, citing irreconcilable differences. While the details of what led to the dissolution of their marriage remain private, it’s clear that ultimately the challenges they faced proved too difficult to overcome.

Though their marriage was short-lived, Cat spoke positively about what she gained from it, saying: “While I’m saddened to announce the end of our marriage, I feel blessed for the years we had together and remain hopeful that we will find peace in our new normal, particularly when it comes to co-parenting our beautiful children.”

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