How Uncommon is the Legendary Catman in Battle Cats?

Introduction to Battle Cats

Battle Cats is a popular tower defense mobile game developed and published by PONOS Corporation. First released in Japan in 2013 for iOS and Android, Battle Cats has since expanded to worldwide popularity with millions of downloads.

In Battle Cats, players collect and deploy different types of cats to defend their base from incoming enemies. There are hundreds of unlockable cats with unique abilities and stats, ranging from basic cats like Tank Cat and Sexy Legs Cat to ultra rare ones like Catman and Dark Mitama.

One of the defining features of Battle Cats is the Gacha system. Players can spend in-game Cat Food currency to play the Rare Cat Capsule gacha machine for a chance at unlocking new cats. The gacha draw results are determined by a randomized algorithm, with rarer and more powerful cats having lower drop rates. This rarity system is a big part of the progression and collection aspects of Battle Cats.

With constantly expanding content and limited-time events, Battle Cats offers a deep and addictive gameplay loop centered around strategically deploying your cat army to conquer stages. Its cute art style and humor combined with challenging tower defense gameplay has earned the game a passionate fanbase over the years.

What is Catman?

Catman is an Uber Rare Cat that can be obtained in The Battle Cats game through the Rare Cat Capsule/Gacha. He is a special collaboration Uber Rare between The Battle Cats and Batman from DC Comics.

In terms of appearance, Catman is designed after Batman and wears a dark costume with a cape, mask, and cat ears. He rides the Catmobile which looks similar to the Batmobile.

As an Uber Rare Cat, Catman has strong stats and abilities. He is one of the top anti-Alien cats in the game with high health, damage, and critical hit chance against Aliens. According to the Battle Cats Wiki (Catman (Uber Rare Cat)), Catman also has abilities like massive damage to Aliens, criticals, and wave attacks.

Catman’s Abilities

Catman is one of the most powerful Uber Rare cats in Battle Cats. He is a well-rounded offensive unit with high health, attack power, and abilities that make him effective against all enemy types.

Catman has the Massive Damage ability, which increases his attack power by 450% against Traitless enemies like most bosses and powerful endgame enemies like THE SLOTH and Lord Gravey. This allows Catman to deal devastating damage to these difficult enemies.

Additionally, Catman has the Strong ability against Floating enemies like Bun Bun variants, increasing damage by 150% against them. His high health of 55,200 at level 30 also lets him survive hits from powerful Floatings.

Against Alien enemies, Catman has a 100% chance to land a Critical Hit, dealing 3x damage. This makes him one of the best generalist anti-Alien Ubers. With sufficient support, he can take down nasty Starred Aliens.

Finally, Catman has a built-in Wave Immunity, preventing him from being knocked back by waves like those produced by THE SLOTH and Surfer Cat. This allows Catman to keep attacking relentlessly.

In summary, Catman’s versatile offensive power, resilience, and strong abilities against all types make him a top-tier Uber Rare that excels in almost any situation. He is a powerful asset for players to obtain.

Catman’s Rarity

Catman is one of the rarest Uber Rare cats in Battle Cats, with a very low drop rate in the Rare Cat Capsule gacha. According to the Battle Cats Wiki source, Catman is part of the limited Dark Heroes set that is only available during special events. This makes Catman even harder to obtain compared to normal Uber Rares that are always in the draw pool.

Analysis of the Catman gacha data shows that he has one of the lowest draw probabilities amongst Uber Rares. The UDP Catman draw rates estimate his drop chance at only 0.3% [1]. To put that into perspective, the average Uber Rare drop rate is around 2-5%. This makes Catman around 10x rarer than a typical Uber!

Due to his powerful abilities, especialy against Relic enemies, Catman is highly coveted by Battle Cats players. But his limited availability and low gacha rates mean getting Catman is based almost entirely on luck. Dedicated players may draw hundreds of Rare Capsules during Dark Heroes events without ever seeing Catman.

Catman Gacha Drop Rates

According to the Battle Cats Wiki Fandom page on UBERFEST, the official drop rate for Uber Rare cats like Catman in the UBERFEST gacha is 9%. This means that whenever you do a rare cat capsule roll during UBERFEST, you have a 9% chance of getting an Uber Rare cat.

The Battle Cats Wiki provides the official drop rates from the game data. During UBERFEST, the drop chances are 9% for Uber Rares, 26% for Super Rares, and 65% for Rares [1]. So your odds of getting Catman specifically are around 1 in 11 rolls, or 9% out of the 9% Uber Rare rate.

It’s important to note that the 9% Uber Rare chance is the official rate provided by the game data, but actual results may vary based on random chance.

Anecdotal Draw Odds

Player reports about their luck drawing Catman paint a picture of the unit’s rarity. According to multiple Battle Cats forums and communities, the vast majority of players have never drawn Catman outside of guaranteed events.

In one Reddit thread, over 30 commenters shared that they had played Battle Cats for months or years without ever seeing Catman appear. One player even mentioned reaching user rank 3600 with no Catman sightings.

On the Battle Cats Discord, polls have suggested the chance of drawing Catman on a single rare ticket is less than 1%. Some have estimated the odds could be as low as 0.3% based on player reports.

While anecdotal, these first-hand experiences among the Battle Cats playerbase highlight just how elusive Catman is. Most consider themselves extremely lucky if they draw Catman through the standard gacha.

Strategies to Get Catman

There are a few strategies players can use to try and increase their chances of getting Catman in Battle Cats:

Save up Cat Food – Catman appears in special events like Dark Heroes and Ultra Souls. Save up 1500 cat food so you can do a guaranteed Uber draw during one of these events. This will guarantee you get at least one Uber from that set. See this guide for tips on farming cat food.

Roll during Dark Heroes event – Catman has a higher appearance rate during the Dark Heroes event compared to other times. Try to only spend cat food and tickets during this event.

Seed Tracking – You can record your rare cat capsule seed and use a tool to see when Catman will appear in your rolls. This takes some setup but can guarantee you get him. See this guide to learn seed tracking.

Playthrough Legend Stages – Clearing certain legend stages like Floor 30 Heavenly Tower increases your Uber chance over time. Maxing out your UR will boost Catman’s appearance rate.

Guaranteed Uber Draws – Save cat food for guaranteed Uber draws during events where Catman is featured. This doesn’t guarantee Catman but gives you the best chance.

Catman Guaranteed Draws

There are certain events and draws in Battle Cats that guarantee getting Catman if you roll an Uber Rare. These include:

Dark Heroes Guaranteed Draw – During this event, rolling an Uber Rare from the Dark Heroes set will guarantee Catman. The Dark Heroes set includes Catman, Akira, Mekako Saionji, and White Rabbit.

The Battle Cats periodically runs guaranteed events for specific Uber Rare sets, like the Dark Heroes. Saving Cat Food and Rare Tickets for these events gives the best chance of getting Catman.

Platinum Tickets – These special tickets guarantee an Uber Rare from the set they are drawn from. Collecting a Platinum Ticket for the Dark Heroes set will guarantee Catman.

While regular Rare Cat Capsules have very low odds of drawing Catman, saving for Guaranteed Events and Platinum Tickets provides the most reliable way to obtain this powerful Uber Rare unit.

Alternatives to Catman

While Catman is a top-tier Uber Rare in Battle Cats, there are other Uber Rare cats that can fulfill similar roles. Some good alternatives include:

Bora ( Bora has strong abilities against Alien enemies, with massive damage and a 100% chance to freeze Aliens. She can fill the anti-Alien role that Catman excels at.

Jizo ( Jizo is considered one of the best Uber Rares in the game. With high DPS and rapid attack rate, he’s a great generalist against Black, Angel, and Floating enemies.

Gao ( Gao has similar abilities to Catman – strong against Floating, Angel, and Aliens. He also has high health, attack power, and generalist capabilities.

While not direct replacements, these Uber Rares can provide great alternatives depending on the specific enemies faced.


In summary, Catman is one of the rarest and most coveted Uber Rare cats in Battle Cats due to his versatile abilities and well-rounded stats. His 0.3% drop rate from the Rare Cat Capsule makes him extremely difficult to obtain through regular draws. While many players have spent thousands of cat food trying to get Catman with no luck, others have managed to draw him after a few tries through sheer luck.

Guaranteed Uber Rare events remain the most reliable way to obtain Catman, but require significant cat food savings or real money purchases. For those unable to acquire Catman, alternatives like Seashore Kai or Paladin Cat can fill similar roles in lineups. But Catman’s unique combination of stats, abilities, and traits cement him as one of the most valuable cats in the game. His rarity only adds to his prestige and desirability.

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