How To Get Freshman Cat Jobs True Form?


Freshman Cat Jobs is a Super Rare Cat in The Battle Cats that can be obtained from the Rare Cat Capsule when the Reinforcements set is available. This cat has the ability to weaken enemies with a 100% chance, reducing their attack power by 99%. This can be incredibly useful for getting through tough stages where enemy attack power is high.

Unlocking the True Form of Freshman Cat Jobs enhances this weakening ability even further. The true form increases stats and reduces the time between attacks, allowing more frequent weakening. This makes Freshman Cat Jobs one of the most valuable cats for controlling enemy strength.

Overall, Freshman Cat Jobs is a highly sought after cat for its game-changing weaken ability. Transforming it into its True Form amplifies its power, making it a key part of any Battle Cats player’s lineup. This guide will provide tips on obtaining this cat and strategies for unlocking its full potential.

Understanding True Forms

True Forms are advanced versions of cats in The Battle Cats that have increased stats and new abilities compared to their original forms ( Players can unlock a cat’s True Form by gathering catfruit, XP, and beating specific levels. True Forms represent the final upgrade for a cat unit.

Players want to obtain True Forms for several reasons. The improved stats like higher health, damage, and speed can make True Form units much more viable for difficult levels. The new abilities gained can provide advantages such as increased range, faster attack rates, or critical hit chances. Having powerful True Forms allows players to take on more challenging content like late Stories of Legend levels or high-level Advent stages. Unlocking a special cat’s True Form is also rewarding and represents maxing out that unit. Overall, True Forms expand strategic options and give players a long-term goal to work towards.

Requirements for Unlocking

To unlock Freshman Cat Jobs’ true form, you first need to meet these prerequisites:

  • Obtain Freshman Cat Jobs from the Rare Cat Capsule.
  • Clear the Cats of the Cosmos chapter 2 sub-chapter Clash of Steel by completing the stage Sea of Tuna at least once. This unlocks the upgrade menu for Freshman Cat Jobs.
  • Gather Catfruit, specifically Epic Catfruit, from the various growing and challenge stages. Freshman Cat Jobs requires 4 Epic Catfruit for its final true form evolution.
  • Earn sufficient XP to reach level 20 on Freshman Cat Jobs. You can check the upgrade requirements in the upgrade menu.

As mentioned, Freshman Cat Jobs can only be obtained via the Rare Cat Capsule while the Reinforcements set is active. You’ll need to acquire the base form first before being able to unlock its true form upgrades. Completing Sea of Tuna is key for granting access to the upgrade screens. From there, gathering enough Catfruit and XP will allow you to evolve to the higher forms.[1]

Stages and Missions

To unlock Freshman Cat Jobs’ true form, you need to complete the following stages and missions:

First, complete the stage Headmaster’s Back – Hard++. This unlocks the ability to upgrade Freshman Cat Jobs to level 30.

Next, complete the mission Defeat the Headmasters on Hard difficulty. This unlocks the ability to evolve Freshman Cat Jobs into Headmaster Cat Jobs.

Finally, complete the stage Headmaster’s Trial – Deadly. This unlocks the ability to upgrade Headmaster Cat Jobs to level 40 and obtain its true form.

So in summary, clearing Headmaster’s Back – Hard++, Defeat the Headmasters on Hard, and Headmaster’s Trial – Deadly allows you to unlock the full true form of Freshman Cat Jobs.[1]

Gathering Catfruit

Catfruit are a special evolution material required to unlock the true forms of cats. To get catfruit, you need to complete specific levels and stages. There are several types of catfruit:

  • Epic Catfruit – Obtained by clearing Sea of Tuna in Cats of the Cosmos
  • Rare Catfruit – Obtained by clearing Forest Beasts in Cats of the Cosmos
  • Red Catfruit – Obtained by clearing Red Sky at Night in Cats of the Cosmos
  • Blue Catfruit – Obtained by clearing Darkweb in Cats of the Cosmos
  • Epic Catfruit Seed – Obtained by clearing Cat Ticket Chance! and Catfruit Buffet
  • Rare Catfruit Seed – Obtained by clearing Catfruit Jubilee

To upgrade Freshman Cat Jobs to its true form, you’ll need to collect 1 Epic Catfruit, 5 Rare Catfruits, 10 Epic Catfruit Seeds, and 50 Rare Catfruit Seeds. The Catfruit Buffet and Catfruit Jubilee stages are the best places to farm these items. Make sure to play on the days when these stages are available.

It can take quite a bit of time and effort to gather enough catfruit for a true form, but it’s worth it in the end. Keep playing Catfruit stages regularly as they come up, and eventually you’ll collect everything you need.


Upgrading Basics

To unlock Freshman Cat Jobs’ True Form, you’ll need to upgrade him through his Normal and Evolved forms first. This requires certain upgrade materials:

To go from Normal to Evolved, you’ll need:

  • 30 Catfruit of the matching type (Red for Freshman Cat Jobs)
  • 1 Million XP

To go from Evolved to True Form, you’ll need:

  • 3 Epic Catfruit of the matching type (Epic Red Catfruit for Freshman Cat Jobs)
  • 5 Million XP

The specific Catfruit types needed match the color of the cat. You can obtain Catfruit by playing the recurring Catfruit stages and collecting it as a drop reward after beating the stage. Epic Catfruit comes from harder rotating Epic Catfruit stages. The XP can be gained by deploying and using the cats in levels.

So in summary, upgrading requires having enough XP and the proper Catfruit types. Save up the materials needed before attempting each evolution stage.

Strategies for Stages

Unlocking Freshman Cat Jobs’ True Form requires completing a series of difficult stages. Here are some strategies and lineups to help beat these challenging levels:

For Stage 1, bring long-ranged attackers like Paris Cat to take down the buffed Master A’s. Stack Bahamut Cats as meatshields. Use CPU for timing. Refer to this guide for a full walkthrough.

On Stage 2, stall the initial Otta-smack-us with meatshields. Build up cash and spawn A. Bahamuts and Dragons when ready. Use CPU for timing. Check this site for tips.

For the final stage, stall with meatshields. Fill your lineup with long-distance attackers, critical hitters, and anti-aliens like Slayer Cat. Target the boss Brollows while chipping away at the base. See this guide for a detailed approach.

With the right cats and strategy, these tough levels can be conquered. Be patient, time your attacks, and utilize any anti-alien abilities you have.

True Form Abilities

Freshman Cat Jobs gains significantly enhanced abilities in its True Form.

The main improvements are:

  • Movement speed increases from 5 to 8, making it much faster.
  • Gains the ability to survive a lethal strike, allowing it to withstand a killing blow once.
  • Gains the ability to create Surge attacks, increasing its attack power tremendously when health is low. At 1/4 health or less, damage increases from 1,500 to 225,000 against non-metals.

Overall, the True Form becomes much more viable for long-range single target control and damage. The speed boost allows it to get in range faster, while the survival ability gives it more longevity. The surge attacks give it the potential to deal massive damage when weakened. These enhancements make True Form a more well-rounded CC unit.[1]

Is it Worth it?

Unlocking Freshman Cat Jobs’ true form requires gathering catfruit, clearing stages, and spending XP – so is the effort worth it? According to most players, the answer is a resounding yes.

The main reason is the strengthened abilities gained in true form. As per the Battle Cats Wiki, Freshman Cat Jobs gains a 100% chance to weaken enemies and gains increased health and damage in true form1. This makes him much more viable in late game and against stronger enemies.

Reddit users also highlight the value of the weaken ability, with one stating “100% chance to weaken for 99% is overpowered” 2. The ability to consistently weaken enemies is highly beneficial.

In summary, the strengthened abilities gained in true form, especially the consistent weaken chance, make the upgrade very worthwhile according to most Battle Cats players.


In summary, unlocking your cats’ true forms in Battle Cats takes some time and effort, but can be very rewarding. The upgraded abilities gained from true forms can make a big difference in being able to progress further in the game and take on more difficult stages and enemies.

The key steps are gathering enough catfruit through farming and completing the required awakening stages for each cat. This involves strategic planning and having high enough leveled cats and upgrades to clear the stages. Be patient, as it may take many attempts to clear some of the more challenging missions.

Focus on upgrading your normal cats first, as these will provide the most bang for your buck early on. Make sure to take advantage of events and log-in bonuses for extra catfruit. Equip cat combos that boost worker cat production. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun along the way!

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