Is Cat Clan Heroes Worth Your Cat Food? An In-Depth Analysis

Introducing Cat Clan Heroes

Cat Clan Heroes are a set of Uber Rare cats that were added to The Battle Cats in update 8.5. They consist of warrior cats based on ancient Japanese folklore, with each cat representing a different Japanese prefecture. The Cat Clan Heroes provide a mix of abilities including high health, damage, and support effects. They were designed to counter specific enemy types and fill certain niches that were lacking in the game at the time.

Some key things to know about Cat Clan Heroes:

  • They have very high health and damage compared to other cats at the time they were introduced.
  • Each one targets a different enemy type like metal, angel, alien, etc.
  • Their abilities provide crowd control and support like weaken, slow, knockback, etc.
  • They help fill gaps in The Battle Cats roster and counter enemies.
  • They have 100% chance to freeze enemies on critical hit.

In summary, Cat Clan Heroes excel in health, damage, and abilities to control enemies and fill strategic roles. They counter specific threats and make up for weaknesses in other cats. Their high stats and support effects make them valuable additions to any player’s roster.

Strengths of Cat Clan Heroes

Cat Clan Heroes have high health and attack power compared to many other Uber Rare cats. Their health ranges from 94,500 to 139,500 at level 30, which is quite durable. Their attack power is also strong, ranging from 10,600 to 15,000 at level 30. This allows them to deal significant damage to enemies.

In addition to stats, Cat Clan Heroes have useful abilities. For example, Thundia has a 100% chance to freeze aliens for 3 seconds with her attack. This can immobilize dangerous alien enemies, buying time for your other cats. Other heroes like Togeluga have abilities like massive damage to a single target, while Windy can knock back floating enemies.

When combined together in a lineup, Cat Clan Heroes gain additional strengths. The Power in Numbers Cat Combo provides increased health, attack power and defense when you use 2 or more Cat Clan Heroes together.

Weaknesses of Cat Clan Heroes

Cat Clan Heroes have some notable weaknesses that can limit their effectiveness in Battle Cats. Their biggest weakness is their very slow movement speed. As the Battle Cats wiki notes, they only have a movement speed of 4, which is extremely slow compared to most units in the game ( This makes it difficult for them to reach the frontlines quickly and can expose your base and backline units.

Another major weakness is their high cost. Cat Clan Heroes are very expensive to deploy, with costs ranging from $2700 to $4500 depending on the unit ( This limits how many you can have on the field at once and how quickly you can spawn replacements if they die. Especially in the early and mid game, their high costs can make it challenging to effectively utilize Cat Clan Heroes.

Overall, the slow speed and high deployment cost of Cat Clan Heroes can make them less flexible and require more strategic support than other units. However, their high stats and abilities may still make them worthwhile investments if utilized properly.

Best Uses for Cat Clan Heroes

Cat Clan Heroes shine when used as tanks and damage dealers against strong enemies. Their high health allows them to absorb hits, while their Area Attack can help wipe out groups (source:

Some of the best situations to deploy Cat Clan Heroes include:

Overall, Cat Clan Heroes perform well as damage sponges and crowd control units when used properly. Their spammable nature and well-rounded abilities make them versatile in many situations.

Effective Strategies with Cat Clan Heroes

Cat Clan Heroes can be very effective when used strategically in battle. Here are some tips to utilize them to their full potential:

Pair Cat Clan Heroes with faster, spammable cats like Crazed Cat or Li’l Macho Leg Cat for support. The Cat Clan Heroes are relatively slow attackers, so having faster meatshield cats to cover them is crucial.

Time the abilities of Cat Clan Heroes carefully. Units like Cat Machine and Lesser Demon Cat have surge attacks or critical hit chances that can be timed for maximum damage on key enemies.

Stack multiple Cat Clan Heroes together so their attacks sync up. Having 3-4 of them attacking in rapid succession can overwhelm enemies.

Use cats with freeze, slow, or knockback to control the battlefield so your Cat Clan Heroes have time to attack undisturbed. Pairing them with crowd control cats maximizes their damage potential.

With some strategy and support, the Cat Clan Heroes can be very effective in many Battle Cats scenarios.

Top Cat Clan Heroes

Some of the most notable and powerful Cat Clan Heroes include:

Ururun Wolf

Ururun Wolf is considered one of the best Cat Clan Heroes, known for its high health, damage, and ability to freeze enemies. It has the highest health of any Cat Clan Hero at 1.8 million HP at level 30 and can deal around 89,000 damage per hit. Ururun Wolf can freeze enemies for 120f with its attacks. With proper support, Ururun Wolf can solo many tough enemies. Its long cooldown can be a drawback, but its freezing and high stats make it a top pick (Source).

Musashi Miyamoto

Musashi Miyamoto is one of the highest DPS Cat Clan Heroes, with around 114,500 damage per hit at level 30. It has decent range and can land multiple hits. Musashi also has the ability to weaken enemies with its attacks, making it easier for other cats to defeat them. Its main downside is the high cost at 4500, but its high damage output makes it a go-to Clan Hero for many players (Source).

Divine Kuu

Divine Kuu is valued for its ability to push back enemies with its attacks. This can disrupt enemy pushes and buy some extra time. It has around 75,500 damage per hit at level 30. While its stats and damage are just decent, the pushback ability gives Divine Kuu strong utility against tough enemies. It also has a more spammable low cost of 3300 compared to other heroes (Source).

Are Cat Clan Heroes Worth It?

Cat Clan Heroes are considered expensive and niche Uber Rare units in Battle Cats. Though they seem underwhelming at first glance, they can fill specific roles when utilized properly.

A key downside is their high cost – they are among the most expensive Ubers to deploy per unit. This limits their spammability compared to cheaper options [1]. However, their stats are solid for their cost, with high health and damage.

Their abilities make them best suited for niche situations. For example, their wave immune trait allows them to counter tricky enemies like Bore and Calamary [2]. Their multi-hit attacks also help defeat high health enemies. Overall, while expensive, they can excel in select scenarios where their abilities give them an edge.

For casual players or early game, Cat Clan Heroes are often skippable. But for late game players struggling with specific enemies, they can provide a powerful option worth considering. Proper timing and strategy allows them to shine in the right circumstances.

F2P Alternative Units

Many players don’t have the Cat Food or the luck to roll rare Cat Clan Heroes. Fortunately, there are some great free-to-play alternatives that can fill similar roles. According to a Reddit discussion [1], top F2P alternatives include:

Rares like Salon Cat, Jurassic Cat, and Thief Cat provide cheap, stackable backline damage like Cat Clan Heroes. Salon in particular can be very spammable. Super Rares like Surfer Cat, Hacker Cat, and Sadako Cat are also great alternatives with more well-rounded stats.

Ultimately, stacking low cost cats is an effective F2P strategy that doesn’t require exclusive ubers. With the right meatshielding and timing, spammable cats like Salon, Jurassic, and Surfer can overwhelm enemies through sheer numbers while staying cost-efficient.

Players should focus on leveling up Rare and Super Rare cats with high DPS, low cost, and good range. Even without ubers, you can beat many late game levels by deploying hordes of leveled up stallers and spammable attackers.

Cat Clan Heroes in Late Game

Cat Clan Heroes remain quite useful even in the late game stages of The Battle Cats. Their high stats, abilities, and team synergy allow them to perform well against the powerful enemies encountered in late Stories of Legend, Uncanny Legends, and various event stages.

For example, Cat Clan Heroes like Balrog Cat and Kid Tappa continue to be staples in lineups due to their massive HP pools and high DPS. They can soak hits from deadly bosses and dish out damage. Even into the late game, few other units can match their tankiness.

Other Cat Clan Heroes like Thermae and Dictator Cat still provide great support and crowd control. Thermae can freeze enemies solid to halt their advance while Dictator weakens them. This utility remains invaluable against the diverse and stacked enemy lines of late SoL and UL.

During tough monthly events like Heavenly Tower and Deadly Advent, Cat Clan Heroes often feature prominently in winning strategies. Their abilities enable players to counter the gimmicks and push through the high-powered enemies these events throw at cats.

So in summary, Cat Clan Heroes stand the test of time and do not fall off even in the late game due to their excellent stats, synergies, and abilities.

Verdict on Cat Clan Heroes

Based on their strengths and weaknesses, Cat Clan Heroes can be considered strong but situational units in Battle Cats. They excel at rushing and controlling specific enemy types like zombies, but struggle against high damage enemies like Boss enemies. This makes them great additions if utilized properly, but not necessarily must-have units.

As rush attackers with high speed, range, and abilities to freeze or weaken enemies, Cat Clan Heroes perform very well in their niche roles (according to
source). However, their lower HP and lack of resistance to traits like waves or barriers limits their versatility compared to more well-rounded Uber Rares (according to

Overall, Cat Clan Heroes are strong situational picks that can greatly complement a lineup when used strategically. Players should weigh if their specialty aligns with current needs, but they can be invaluable investments when utilized properly.

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