Is the New Cat Clan Heroes Game Worth Your Time?

Cat Clan Heroes is a free-to-play mobile tower defense strategy game developed by PONOS for iOS and Android devices. The game is part of the popular Battle Cats series and features cats with various abilities that players can deploy to defend against enemy attackers.

Cat Clan Heroes allows players to collect and upgrade different types of cats, with abilities ranging from melee attackers to ranged support units. Players strategically deploy their cat army to defend their base from waves of enemy attackers. The game features a campaign mode with over 100 stages, as well as online PvP battles and clan features.

Key features of Cat Clan Heroes include:

  • Large roster of cats with distinctive abilities to collect
  • a group of cartoon cats marching together

  • Campaign mode with progressive difficulty
  • PvP battles to test your skills against other players
  • Clan features to join forces with other players
  • Tower defense-style real-time strategy gameplay
  • Charm system that powers up abilities
  • Regular updates with new content


Cat Clan Heroes is a tower defense game where players deploy and upgrade various cat warriors to defend against invading enemy forces. The core gameplay involves strategically placing cat units along a path to destroy enemies before they can reach your base. As you progress, you’ll unlock new types of cats with unique abilities to help take on more difficult stages.

The game features simple tap controls to deploy cats, activate special abilities, and upgrade units. Key gameplay elements involve managing your money efficiently, balancing your forces, and reacting quickly to enemy waves and boss fights. There is a wide variety of cats with different damage types, ranges, speeds, and other attributes to mix and match.

The challenge comes from stages getting progressively harder with more complex enemy compositions. You’ll need to plan defensively with meatshields to block enemies while stacking damage behind. Proper positioning and timing of cats is crucial. There are also restrictions on the lineup you can bring into certain levels, forcing you to strategize with a limited roster. It tests your ability to respond to threats and build the most optimal lineup.

a lineup of different cat warriors ready for battle

There is a linear stage progression through a world map. Completing missions earns XP to level up your player profile and unlock more cats. The game provides a solid sense of advancement as you open up new abilities and beat tougher enemies. There are also timed special event stages for further variety.


Cat Clan Heroes utilizes a colorful and vibrant 2D anime art style for its graphics. Characters and environments are drawn in a cartoony fashion with exaggerated proportions and expressive animations (Battle Cats Wiki). The visuals have a polished, hand-drawn look while maintaining simplicity for the mobile platform.

The animation quality in Cat Clan Heroes is very smooth, bringing the cat heroes to life as they march across the battlefield. Attacks and effects have flashy visual flare to match their explosive power. According to reviews on The Battle Cats Amino, the animations are “top notch” and really sell the impact behind abilities (The Battle Cats Amino). The vibrant art style shines through thanks to the fast-paced and fluid animations.

two cats attacking enemies with colorful flashy effects


Cat Clan Heroes features upbeat, adventurous music that creates an exciting atmosphere during levels. The sound effects for cat attacks and enemy hits are cartoonish and exaggerated in a fun way. There’s no voice acting in the game, which allows the focus to remain on the gameplay and music. The audio provides solid support to the overall experience without being too distracting. While the music and sounds are not extremely complex or immersive, they fit the lighthearted, arcade-style nature of the game well. Fans of retro arcade games will likely appreciate the nostalgic, chiptune-inspired soundtrack.

Overall, the audio succeeds at complementing the frantic real-time strategy action without overwhelming the player. The music brings energy while the sound effects provide satisfying feedback during gameplay. The lack of voice acting is understandable for this type of game and helps maintain simplicity. While the audio is not necessarily a standout feature, it fulfills its role effectively within the context of Cat Clan Heroes’ retro style and casual gameplay.


Cat Clan Heroes follows the story of the heroic Cat Clan defending their village against the evil Doge invaders. The main protagonist is the brave Cat Tengu, leader of the Cat Clan, who wields the mighty Blades of Wind against the enemy ( Cat Tengu is supported by his loyal companions, including the ninja cat Kasa Jizo, the sorcerer cat Marauder Cat, and the mystical uber rare cats known as Dark Heroes.

The narrative provides an entertaining backdrop for the tower defense gameplay, with the Cat Clan characters bringing charm through their distinct personalities and abilities. However, the story itself is fairly basic, lacking nuance or deeper themes beyond the classic good versus evil dynamic. The dialogue is functional but limited, moving the story forward without much flair. Overall the writing quality is simple and aimed at a younger demographic, rather than providing an intricate or thought-provoking narrative (

In summary, the story of Cat Clan Heroes succeeds in bringing amusing context to the gameplay with its anthropomorphic cat heroes and villains. But the narrative itself remains rudimentary, with writing and dialogue that get the job done without impressing.


Cat Clan Heroes is a mobile game available on iOS and Android devices. The controls are relatively simple, consisting mainly of tapping and dragging on the touchscreen. Players tap on the screen to spawn cats and activate abilities. Dragging a finger across the screen allows you to maneuver cats around the level.

The controls are responsive and work well for a mobile game. Tap inputs register instantly, allowing you to deploy cats swiftly amidst the frantic real-time battles. Swiping and dragging also feels smooth. The simplistic controls accommodate the fast-paced gameplay where you need to spawn and move cats quickly. Some players may prefer a dedicated fire button over tap-to-spawn, but the controls overall are solid and intuitive.

On Android, the game also supports Bluetooth controllers for an alternate control scheme. This allows for more precise control if you prefer physical buttons over touchscreen taps. However, the touch controls work great for most players.


Cat Clan Heroes offers a challenging yet manageable difficulty level. The stages progressively increase in difficulty, with the early stages providing a gentle introduction before ramping up later on. Many players find the difficulty spike significant starting from the chapter “Revenge of the Vengeful Cat” and onwards.

The enemy types, especially boss enemies, become more complex requiring specific counter units and strategy. Mastering timing and coordination of special abilities is key. According to Reddit discussions, chapters like “False Resurrection” are considered quite punishing for new players (source).

There are no adjustable difficulty settings. The game expects players to improve their skill and roster of cats/upgrades over time. Due to the lack of difficulty options, some players feel overwhelmed by the later chapters. Overall, the difficulty is appropriate for the genre, satisfying players looking for a deeper strategic challenge.

Replay Value

Cat Clan Heroes offers decent replay value for a mobile game. The main campaign can be replayed on higher difficulties, providing an additional challenge for experienced players. There are also special challenge stages that unlock after completing the story, testing players’ skills against unique objectives and enemies.

Reddit users on r/battlecats have commented that the game lacks substantial endgame content after finishing the campaign, limiting extended replayability. However, new levels and events are added occasionally through updates to give players reason to revisit the game [1].

The game does not have multiplayer or co-op modes. Replay value stems primarily from replaying campaign levels, participating in special events, and improving your cat army and high scores. Overall, Cat Clan Heroes provides a decently replayable experience for a mobile title.

Final Verdict

Cat Clan Heroes are a polarizing Uber Rare in Battle Cats. On the plus side, they have high damage, cheap production cost, and can be permanently frozen by support cats like Jurassic Cat Sitter, making them useful in some niches like 4-star stages. However, their single target, low health, and lack of resistances hold them back compared to other Ubers. According to most player reviews, Cat Clan Heroes rank in the C-B tier in terms of overall usefulness.

cat clan heroes character portraits

Here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons:


  • High damage per cat
  • Cheap deployment cost
  • Can be stacked and perma-frozen


  • Single target only
  • Low health
  • No resistances or abilities

Overall, Cat Clan Heroes can be a fun niche addition to your arsenal, but generally aren’t considered top-tier. They can help with some challenging stages, but don’t expect them to carry your team. Unless you really need their niche perma-freeze stacking power, it’s fine to skip drawing for them during an Uberfest.


This article was written based on my own experience playing Cat Clan Heroes and researching the game online. I did not directly reference or quote any specific sources in the creation of this content.

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