Is The Cat in the Hat on Roku? Searching for Your Favorite Dr. Seuss Films


Roku is a popular streaming device that allows users to watch content from various streaming services on their TV. The Cat in the Hat is a classic children’s book by Dr. Seuss that was adapted into an animated film in 2003. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of Roku and The Cat in the Hat, and look at whether the original animated movie is available to watch on Roku streaming devices and the Roku Channel.

Overview of Roku

Roku is a popular streaming platform that allows users to access thousands of entertainment channels and streaming services through Roku devices and Roku TVs. The company was founded in 2002 by Anthony Wood, who is credited with inventing the digital video recorder (DVR).

Roku has grown significantly over the years. According to Statista, Roku had around 75.8 million active user accounts worldwide as of Q3 2023. This is up from just 5 million active accounts in 2013.

One of the appeals of Roku is its wide accessibility and affordability. Roku streaming players start at around $30, making them an inexpensive way to stream content on TVs. The platform is also built into many smart TV models through Roku TV. As of 2022, Roku OS was America’s #1 TV streaming platform, powering over 1 in 3 smart TVs sold.

Roku’s large user base spans multiple demographics. However, data shows that Roku over-indexes on younger viewers compared to traditional TV. Approximately 43% of Roku’s audience is made up of Gen Z adults aged 18-34. The platform appeals to cord-cutters looking for lower cost streaming options.

Overview of The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat is a children’s book written by Dr. Seuss and published in 1957. It tells the story of two children, Sally and her brother, who are visited by the anthropomorphic cat while their mother is away. The cat brings chaos and mischief into the house, while the fish acts as the voice of reason (

The book begins on a cold and rainy day when the two children are stuck inside with nothing to do. Then the cat arrives, uninvited, comically balancing many household items on his body. He introduces himself as the Cat in the Hat and entertains the children with his antics. But the cat also unleashes trouble in the house, leaving it in a huge mess. In the end, the cat tidies everything up before the children’s mother gets home.

The book was met with immediate critical acclaim and commercial success. It helped launch the career of Dr. Seuss as a premier children’s author. The book’s simple vocabulary, rhythmic rhymes, and imaginative plot have become iconic classics of children’s literature (

Roku Channel Offerings

Roku offers a wide variety of streaming content through its platform, including movies, TV shows, live TV, news, sports, music, and more. Some of the key types of content available include:

Movies: Roku provides access to major movie streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Disney+, and many others. There are thousands of hit movies and classics available across these services.

TV Shows: In addition to the major streaming services, Roku also offers TV channels dedicated to specific shows or networks like HGTV, Food Network, and more. Popular shows are available on demand or through live streaming.

Live TV: With a Roku device you can access live TV streaming services like YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV, Sling TV and others. These services provide live streams of major broadcast and cable TV channels.

News: Get live streams of national and local news channels like ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, etc. There are also streaming apps dedicated specifically to news coverage.

Sports: Streaming services like ESPN+, Peacock TV, and others on Roku provide access to live and on demand sports programming spanning NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, soccer, and more.

Music: Apps like Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon Music allow you to stream music through your Roku device and listen to music playlists, stations, and more.

Kids Content: Services like Disney+ offer a robust selection of kids shows and movies. There are also dedicated kids channels on Roku like PBS Kids that provide educational programming.

Where to Find The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat is available through several streaming, rental, and purchase options:

The movie can be streamed on Peacock. Peacock offers various subscription plans, with The Cat in the Hat included on their premium tier.

For rental options, The Cat in the Hat is available on platforms like Amazon Prime Video (starting at $3.99), iTunes, Google Play Movies, YouTube, and more. Rental periods are typically 24-48 hours.

If you want to purchase and permanently own the film, it can be bought digitally on Amazon Prime Video (starting at $9.99), iTunes, Vudu, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Microsoft Store, and other platforms.

Physical copies of the DVD and Blu-Ray can also be purchased online or from many retail stores.

Is The Cat in the Hat on Roku?

The full-length animated The Cat in the Hat movie from 2003 starring Mike Myers is not currently available on Roku’s own free ad-supported Roku Channel. A search of the Roku Channel store does not bring up this title. However, there are some other Dr. Seuss options on Roku.

Roku’s search function across its thousands of channels does not show the 2003 Cat in the Hat film as available on the platform. So at this time, the classic book adaptation with Mike Myers cannot be directly streamed through Roku.

While the main movie is not on Roku, the service does offer some related Cat in the Hat content. This includes the PBS KIDS animated series The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! from 2010. Full episodes can be watched on the Roku Channel.

Other Dr. Seuss Content on Roku

While The Cat in the Hat movie is not currently available on Roku, there are some other Dr. Seuss shows and movies you can find:

  • The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss – This 1996 TV series featuring puppets brings many of Dr. Seuss’ most beloved characters to life in new adventures. Full episodes are available on The Roku Channel (

  • Horton Hears a Who! – The classic 1970 animated TV special based on the book is available on some Roku channels like Hoopla.

  • The Lorax – The 2012 animated film adaptation can be rented or purchased on Roku devices through services like Amazon Prime Video and Vudu.

  • The Grinch (2018) – The recent animated Grinch movie with Benedict Cumberbatch is available on some premium Roku channels.

While not as extensive as other franchises, there are still some Dr. Seuss classics that can be streamed on Roku for families to enjoy.

Alternatives to Watch The Cat in the Hat

Since The Cat in the Hat is not currently available on Roku, here are some alternative ways to watch the classic Dr. Seuss story:

Stream it on Peacock. You can watch The Cat in the Hat on demand with a Peacock subscription.

Rent or buy it through Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play or other digital retailers. You can rent The Cat in the Hat for around $3-4 or purchase it for around $10-15 on these platforms.

Get the DVD or Blu-Ray. Physical copies of The Cat in the Hat are available to purchase on DVD and Blu-ray from retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

Check your local library. See if you can borrow The Cat in the Hat on DVD from your local library.

While The Cat in the Hat may not be on Roku specifically, there are still several convenient options to watch this classic Dr. Seuss story through streaming, digital rental/purchase or physical media.


To summarize, The Cat in the Hat movie starring Mike Myers is unfortunately not available on Roku at this time. Roku does offer some other Dr. Seuss content through channels like Hoopla and PBS Kids, but the classic live-action film adaptation is not included. If you’re hoping to stream The Cat in the Hat, your best alternatives would be renting or purchasing it through platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, YouTube, or Apple TV.

While Roku has a wide selection of movies and shows, the omission of The Cat in the Hat does limit options for family entertainment. Given the popularity of Dr. Seuss titles, it would likely be a welcome addition if Roku could acquire the rights to provide this fun Mike Myers film in the future. But for now, fans of the mischievous cat will need to look elsewhere if they want to watch him cause chaos in the home of Conrad and Sally.

In summary, The Cat in the Hat is not currently available to stream on Roku. Check other streaming providers or digital rental services if you want to watch this classic story come to life. Roku does have some other Dr. Seuss options, but this specific title is a noticeable gap for those seeking wholesome comedic content to enjoy with kids.


The Cat in the Hat is a beloved children’s story that continues to entertain and educate young readers today. While the full-length animated adaptation is not currently available on Roku, fans of Dr. Seuss can still find some shorter animated stories and clips featuring the iconic character on The Roku Channel. For those hoping to stream the classic film, renting or purchasing it through Amazon, Vudu, or other services accessible on Roku devices remain the best options.

Though The Cat in the Hat may not have an official home on Roku yet, the platform offers a wealth of other children’s movies, shows, and educational programming to choose from. With a vast library and new content added regularly, families can find plenty to watch together on Roku. The Dr. Seuss brand and many other iconic stories are alive and well on Roku. Exploring the platform’s kid-friendly offerings allows parents to make informed choices about appropriate, enriching entertainment for children.

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