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Introducing Cat Quest

Cat Quest is an open world action RPG game series developed by the Singapore-based gaming studio The Gentlebros. The first game in the series, simply titled Cat Quest, was released in 2017 for iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Cat Quest II followed in 2019 as a sequel to the original game, and was similarly released for multiple gaming platforms (Steam, 2021; Nintendo, 2021; The Gentlebros, 2021).

The Cat Quest games blend RPG gameplay mechanics with cat-themed story and settings. Players take on the role of a cat adventurer, completing quests and battling enemies in a lighthearted fantasy world inhabited by cats and other animals. The series draws inspiration from classic RPGs but modernizes the genre with real-time combat, colorful graphics, and approachable gameplay suitable for all ages (The Gentlebros, 2021).

Cat Quest was developed by The Gentlebros, an indie game studio based in Singapore. The small team successfully funded their idea for Cat Quest on Kickstarter before releasing the original game in 2017. The popularity of the first title led to Cat Quest II in 2019, cementing Cat Quest as an original RPG franchise from an up-and-coming studio (Steam, 2021).

Gameplay and Mechanics

Both Cat Quest games feature action RPG gameplay with a focus on real-time combat and exploration. You play as a customizable cat hero on a quest to save your homeland. The core gameplay loop involves battling monsters, leveling up your skills, equipping new weapons and armor, and completing story quests.

Combat is real-time and fast-paced, requiring quick reflexes to dodge enemy attacks while using melee and magic skills. You can slash away with swords or blast foes from a distance with fireballs and lightning. Combos, critical hits, and well-timed blocks reward skillful play. Defeated enemies drop loot to craft into better gear.

Progression comes from leveling up your hero, allocating points into strength, intellect, agility, luck, and vitality. New skills unlock as you grow in power. Exploration is encouraged through side quests, hidden chests, and expansive environments full of secrets. While the gameplay maintains an accessible hack-and-slash feel, there’s enough RPG depth to satisfy genre fans.

Overall, Cat Quest nails the satisfying and addictive loop of battling monsters, grabbing loot, growing stronger, and taking on bigger challenges. The snappy combat and likable feline hero provide an engaging experience whether you play for a few hours or a few dozen.

Story and Setting

Cat Quest is set in the medieval fantasy world of Felingard, which is populated by anthropomorphic cats and dogs. The cats rule the Kingdom of Felingard, while the dogs inhabit the lands of the Lupus Empire. The protagonist is a cat hero whose sibling is kidnapped by the Lupus King. The hero sets out on a quest to rescue their sibling and defeat the Lupus Empire.

The overall tone of Cat Quest is lighthearted and comedic, with plenty of cat and dog puns. Despite the conflict between cats and dogs, the game doesn’t take itself too seriously. There are no major heavy or dark themes, making this a family-friendly adventure. According to one Redditor, “It’s your standard save the world from evil, but with cats and dogs” [1].

As the protagonist completes quests and explores Felingard, they uncover that the Lupus Empire is searching for an ancient power that could make them unstoppable. This provides the main impetus for the hero’s journey across varied locales like pirate ships, forests, and snowy mountains. Overall, the light story provides context for the action-packed gameplay without getting too complex.

Graphics and Visuals

Both Cat Quest games feature a colorful, vibrant art style with smoothly animated cat characters and fantastical environments. The graphics are cartoonish and stylized, giving the games a playful, lighthearted feel. Cat Quest 1 has a simpler look compared to Cat Quest 2, with flatter textures on characters and environments. Cat Quest 2 enhances the graphics with more detailed character models, better lighting effects, and richer environments.

The lush grasslands, sandy deserts, and mystical ruins you explore in Cat Quest provide beautiful backdrops as you journey through the kingdoms. The animations for actions like running, slashing swords, and casting spells are fluid and polished. Enemies each have unique designs and move with natural, lifelike motion. Though not cutting edge, the graphics and visuals are charming and help immerse you in the magical cat world.

Overall, Cat Quest 2 represents a noticeable graphical upgrade over the first game. Environments are more intricate with extra details, textures are sharper, and there are more visual effects like particles and shadows. Both games look great, but Cat Quest 2 offers a bigger visual leap over its predecessor. As noted on Steam, some players have experienced graphical glitches in Cat Quest 2, though not enough to detract significantly from the experience.

some players experienced graphics glitches

Sound and Music

Both Cat Quest games feature upbeat, adventurous soundtracks that complement the lighthearted tone and fantasy setting. The music was composed by zminusone, who described the soundtrack as “a blast to write” and hoped it would be “fun to listen to” (Cat Quest OST – zminusone – Bandcamp).

The music often has a medieval bard-like quality, with prominent lute melodies and driving drum beats. Different locations have their own musical themes that evoke the personality of each environment. Dungeons have suspenseful tracks with lower bass tones, while villages have cheery folksy tunes. The music works alongside the vivid graphics to fully immerse players in the fantasy realm.

Sound effects like swords clashing, spells sizzling, and cats meowing punctuate the audio landscape. These layered sounds make battles come alive with audible excitement. Overall, the polished music and sound design provides an immersive sonic backdrop for the games.

Replay Value

Cat Quest provides substantial replay value in the form of post-game content, collectibles, side quests, and New Game Plus mode. Even after completing the 10+ hour main campaign, players can spend many more hours exploring the vast open world, taking on challenging side quests, discovering hidden treasures, and maxing out their character. Cat Quest 1 offers multiple difficulty settings and a New Game Plus mode that lets players replay the story while keeping their levels, weapons, armor and spells. This adds tremendous replayability compared to Cat Quest 2, which currently lacks New Game Plus according to Steam community discussions. For fans of open world action RPGs who enjoy replaying games to find new secrets, Cat Quest 1 provides an unparalleled amount of content and replayability.

Cat Quest 1 Review

Cat Quest 1 was released in August 2017 for PC and mobile platforms. According to The Cambridge Geek, the game received positive reviews, with an average critic score of 81/100 on Metacritic. Within its first week, Cat Quest reached over 100,000 downloads on mobile. The game was praised for its fun cat-themed adventure gameplay and combat, colorful retro graphics, accessible mechanics, and reasonable price point. However, some criticisms included repetitive quests and environments as well as a short main storyline that could be completed in under 10 hours.

Cat Quest 2 Review

Cat Quest II: The Lupus Empire is the sequel to 2015’s Cat Quest and was developed by the Gentlebros. It was released on August 8, 2019 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. The game received generally positive reviews, earning a 78/100 on Metacritic.

Compared to the original, Cat Quest II introduces 4-player local and online co-op multiplayer. This added a fun new dynamic for playing with friends. The world is larger with more environments to explore. Combat has additional complexity with new weapons and magic. Overall the game offers improvements and builds nicely on the foundation of the first title.

Reviewers praised the charming art style, simple but satisfying combat, and fun co-op mode. The lighthearted tone and cute cat characters appeal to a wide audience. Some weaknesses were the repetitive missions and enemies. The basic gameplay can get repetitive after a while. Still, the modest scope and pick-up-and-play mechanics make it enjoyable in short bursts.

reviewers praise charming art style of sequel

Comparing the Two Games

While both Cat Quest games share the same whimsical art style and RPG mechanics, there are some key differences between the two titles.

In terms of gameplay, Cat Quest 2 expands on the original with the addition of 2-player local co-op. Players can now adventure with a friend, with each person controlling their own customizable cat character. Combat and gear progression remain largely the same between both games.

The story and setting of Cat Quest 2 takes place in a new realm compared to the first game. While the kingdom of Felingard is fully explored in Cat Quest 1, Cat Quest 2 introduces the new regions of Lupus Empire and Purritea. This makes for fresh environments to discover.

Visually, Cat Quest 2 refines the vibrant cartoon graphics of the original. Environments and characters models appear more detailed and polished. The sequel also adds new weather effects and a day/night cycle.

In terms of replay value, Cat Quest 2 offers slightly more incentive to replay thanks to the inclusion of co-op, multiple difficulty modes, and expanded endgame challenges. However, both games feature a robust amount of side quests and secrets to uncover.

Overall, Cat Quest 2 iterates on the original with quality of life improvements and additional features like co-op. It expands the Cat Quest universe in fun new directions while maintaining the core gameplay loop and charm of the first game.

Source: https://belongplay.ru/cat-quest-1-2/

Which is Better?

When comparing Cat Quest 1 and Cat Quest 2, most reviewers and players agree that Cat Quest 2 is the superior game overall. Here’s a quick summary of the main reasons why:

  • Improved graphics and visuals. Cat Quest 2 features brighter, more vibrant colors and improved character designs.
  • Bigger world to explore. Cat Quest 2’s map is around 50% larger with more environments to discover.
  • Multiplayer capabilities. Cat Quest 2 introduces 2-player local and online co-op modes.
  • cat quest 2 introduces multiplayer co-op mode

  • Deeper customization. There are more weapon types and gear sets to collect and equip in the sequel.
  • Expanded story. Cat Quest 2 has a brand new story arc with more cutscenes and dialogue.
  • Quality of life updates. Small tweaks like autoloot and UI improvements create a smoother gameplay experience.

While both games are fun lighthearted RPGs with cats, Cat Quest 2 builds on the strengths of the original and adds meaningful improvements across the board. The consensus among most players is that Cat Quest 2 is bigger, better, and more polished. If you have to choose just one, Cat Quest 2 is widely considered the definitive Cat Quest experience.

most players agree cat quest 2 is superior

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