Pouncing Into New Territory. Is Cat Quest 2 Cross Platform?

Cat Quest II is a 2020 action role-playing game developed by The Gentlebros and published by PQube. It is the sequel to the popular 2017 game Cat Quest. Cat Quest II builds on the open world fantasy setting of the original and introduces four-player local and online co-op multiplayer. Players take on the role of cats and dogs in a lighthearted adventure featuring real-time combat and exploration.

Like its predecessor, Cat Quest II was well-received for its adorable graphics, accessible gameplay, and fun co-op functionality. With multiplayer support being a highly anticipated new feature, many players wondered if Cat Quest II would allow cross-platform multiplayer between different gaming systems.

What Platforms Support Cat Quest 2?

Cat Quest II is available on a wide range of platforms, making it accessible to players across PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch systems. According to the game’s official website (https://thegentlebros.com/catquest2/), Cat Quest II is supported on:

  • PC via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One, including Xbox Game Pass
  • Nintendo Switch

By releasing on all major console platforms as well as PC, the developers have enabled gamers to play Cat Quest II regardless of their preferred gaming system. No single platform has exclusive access to the game.

Cross-Platform Multiplayer

Cat Quest 2 supports online and local wireless co-op multiplayer, however the multiplayer is not cross-platform. Players on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch can play together in multiplayer if they are on the same platform, but cannot play cross-platform between different systems.

cat quest 2 does not support cross platform

The developers have stated that Cat Quest 2 does not support any form of cross-platform multiplayer between platforms due to technical limitations.

While the game does not natively support cross-platform multiplayer, there are some third party services like Parsec that can enable a form of online cross-platform multiplayer by streaming the game between different devices. This requires running additional software and may introduce lag, but can allow players on PC, console, and mobile to play Cat Quest 2 online together.

Overall the multiplayer is limited to same-platform co-op only. Players looking for native cross-platform multiplayer will be disappointed, but services like Parsec provide a workaround for those who want to play with friends on other systems.

Cross-Platform Progression and Saves

Cat Quest 2 supports cross-platform progression and save transfers across multiple platforms. Players’ saves and progression in the game will carry over seamlessly when switching between platforms.

According to The Gentlebros’ official support page, players can transfer their saves from one platform to another by loading the save on the original device, catnapping at a save point, and then loading that same save file on the new device. The save data is stored in the cloud rather than locally, enabling progression to pick up right where players left off when changing platforms.

This cross-platform save ability allows players to start Cat Quest 2 on one platform, like mobile or Nintendo Switch, and then continue their adventure on another, such as PlayStation or Xbox. As noted on the Steam Community forums, the feature provides flexibility and convenience for players to play on the go and then on their home consoles.

Differences Between Platforms

While Cat Quest II is available on multiple platforms, there are some differences in performance, graphics, and controls between versions.

In terms of performance, the PC and console versions of Cat Quest II run very smoothly, maintaining a consistent 60fps frame rate according to tests (Source). The Nintendo Switch version runs at 30fps docked and handheld, which is lower but still playable.

Visually, Cat Quest II looks crisp and colorful across all platforms, but the PC version offers higher resolution graphics if your system can support it. The console versions look nearly identical to each other, while the Switch has slightly lower resolution textures and assets.

graphics and resolution differ between platforms

The control schemes differ depending on platform, with PC offering keyboard/mouse controls, PlayStation and Xbox utilizing their respective controllers, and the Switch version using Joy-Cons or the Pro controller. Overall the control schemes are intuitive on all platforms.

Developer Support for Cross-Platform

The developer of Cat Quest 2, The Gentlebros, has shown a strong commitment to enabling cross-platform play across multiple devices. In a postmortem blog post, The Gentlebros discussed the importance of releasing Cat Quest 2 on as many platforms as possible to maximize exposure and profitability (https://thegentlebros.com/blog/uncategorized/designing-game-multiple-platforms-cat-quest-postmortem/). They implemented cross-save functionality so players can switch between platforms and pick up where they left off.

The Gentlebros also provides customer support for getting the cross-platform features to work properly. Their support site has tips for fixing issues with cloud saving across platforms (https://thegentlebros.com/support/). Overall, The Gentlebros’ actions demonstrate a strong commitment to unified cross-platform experiences in their games.

User Reception

Overall, player feedback on the cross-platform experience for Cat Quest 2 has been very positive. Many players on platforms like the Nintendo Switch and PC highlighted the seamless cross-platform multiplayer as a major plus.

For example, one Reddit user on r/NintendoSwitch said “Cat Quest 2 is a great co-op experience” and specifically praised the cross-platform multiplayer, saying their friend with the Steam version was able to join in co-op gameplay through the Switch version with no issues [1].

Reviewers on Metacritic also noted solid cross-platform support as a positive for Cat Quest 2, with the Nintendo Switch version sitting at a 79 metascore based on 11 critics [2]. The seamless cross-play between Switch and PC was called out as a major plus.

Overall, players seem satisfied with how well Cat Quest 2 supports cross-platform multiplayer and progression across platforms like Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Sales Impact

Going cross-platform can significantly increase a game’s sales and exposure. By releasing on multiple platforms like PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch, developers open their games up to a much wider audience. According to Star Loop Studios, “A cross-platform game means no competition between platforms for sales. Therefore, video game advertising efforts …can be focused on the title itself rather than split between platforms.”

With a larger combined player base across platforms, cross-platform games see increased visibility and discoverability. Players on one platform can hear about and get excited for a cross-platform release, even if they personally play on a different platform. This word-of-mouth marketing effect boosts overall awareness and sales. As reported by Deloitte, “Crossplay enables game publishers to access a larger audience for top titles, driving new sources of revenue.”

For Cat Quest 2 specifically, releasing on multiple platforms like PC, consoles and mobile exposed the game to a broad audience and increased its commercial success. According to reviews, the cross-platform multiplayer was a major selling point that set Cat Quest 2 apart. Its availability across different systems allowed players to enjoy the co-op questing together, leading to higher engagement and purchases.
cross platform increased sales and exposure

Future Cross-Platform Potential

Though Cat Quest II does not currently support full cross-platform multiplayer, the developers have expressed interest in expanding platform support in the future. In an official Steam forum post, the developers stated that while online co-op is not available at launch, “we’ll look into this for the future.” This indicates the developers are open to adding cross-platform multiplayer in future updates or DLC.

There is also a strong possibility that any Cat Quest sequels or spin-offs could launch with cross-platform support built-in from the start. As gaming platforms begin converging and cross-play becomes an expected feature, the developers are likely to ensure the next Cat Quest game has full cross-platform multiplayer on all major platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC. This would allow them to maximize the player base and appeal to fans across multiple platforms.

In addition, if Cat Quest II is ported to additional platforms like Xbox or mobile devices, cross-platform support would make the most sense to implement during these new ports. Enabling players on new platforms to play with existing players would boost engagement and sales. So cross-platform multiplayer seems very plausible for Cat Quest II in the future, whether through updates, sequels, ports, or DLC.


Cat Quest II offers robust cross-platform support across major consoles and PC platforms. Players can engage in crossplay with friends regardless of their platform, and enjoy cross-progression and cloud save synchronization as well. While there may be minor graphical differences between platforms, the core gameplay experience remains consistent. Developer support and user reception for the cross-platform features have been overwhelmingly positive. Cross-platform capabilities have likely bolstered sales by increasing accessibility and opening up the multiplayer player base. Given the success of Cat Quest II’s crossplay implementation, we can expect the developer’s future games to continue this trend of platform agnostic multiplayer.

In summary, Cat Quest II serves as an excellent example of how developers can leverage cross-platform features to provide a seamless, connected experience for all players while expanding their potential audience and sales reach. Players are no longer limited by their platform of choice and can enjoy the same adventure together in a boundary-free gaming world.
cat quest 2 provides seamless cross platform experience

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