Cat Quest 2 – Can You Embark on This Feline Fantasy With Friends?

Cat Quest II is an action role-playing video game developed by The Gentlebros and published by PQube. It was released in September 2019 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. The game is a sequel to Cat Quest, which was released in 2017.

Cat Quest II features both single player and multiplayer modes. Multiplayer gaming has become increasingly popular in recent years. According to research by Unity, around 77% of gamers play multiplayer games. The social aspects and competitiveness of multiplayer gaming are major drivers behind its popularity.


Cat Quest II is an open world action RPG that builds upon the popular Cat Quest game. The sequel features refined gameplay, expanded customization options, new weapons, and most notably, a brand new 2-4 player online multiplayer mode.

The addition of multiplayer in Cat Quest II allows players to adventure with friends for the first time in the series. You can now explore the world of Felingard and go on quests cooperatively or competitively with others. This brings a whole new social dynamic to the Cat Quest universe.

So in summary, yes Cat Quest II does have multiplayer functionality, allowing for cooperative and player vs player adventures with friends or random players online.

Game Overview

Cat Quest II is an action RPG developed by Singaporean indie studio The Gentlebros and published by PQube. It is the sequel to the popular 2017 game Cat Quest and was initially released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam in September 2019.

Like the original Cat Quest, Cat Quest II features cats as the main characters and protagonists. The player controls a cat adventurer on a quest to save their kingdom. The game features an open world with dungeons to explore, quests to complete, and enemies to battle. Players customize their cat with various outfits and weapons as they gain experience and levels.

Cat Quest II builds on the foundation of the original with new features like local co-op multiplayer, larger areas to explore, additional character customization options, and a brand new story campaign. Reviews praised the sequel for keeping the charm and humor of the first game while expanding and improving on it in meaningful ways.

cat quest 2 expands on original with new features

Overall, Cat Quest II offers more of the same lighthearted, accessible cat RPG adventure that made the first game so delightful for fans of the genre.

Multiplayer Mode

Cat Quest II includes a multiplayer mode that supports 2-4 players in co-op adventures. Each player gets to control their own cat hero as they explore the world together. The multiplayer is designed as a drop-in/drop-out experience, allowing friends to join or leave the game seamlessly.

The co-op mode allows players to team up to take on quests, defeat enemies, and collect loot. All players share the same world and progression, so they must work together strategically to advance the story. According to The Nintendo Switch’s Co-Op guide, “Quest in a world filled with magic, curious monsters, and go on a grand adventure with a friend in local wireless or online multiplayer.”

To enable the multiplayer mode, players simply need to connect additional controllers and press a button to add more heroes. Up to 4 players can adventure together this way on a single screen. Cat Quest II also offers online multiplayer using services like Steam Remote Play or Parsec, which essentially streams the gameplay to others online.

As described on Parsec’s blog, “Start the game, create a game in Parsec, and send a link to a friend! You can play the entire story campaign together.” This makes it easy to play Cat Quest II with friends anywhere.

Overall, the focus on multiplayer co-op opens up new ways to experience the quests, combat, and world of Cat Quest II.


Playing with Friends

Cat Quest II supports online multiplayer and local wireless multiplayer, allowing you to play cooperatively with friends. To play online with friends on PC, you’ll need to use a third party application like Parsec, which enables online multiplayer support through remote desktop streaming. According to the Parsec blog, you can “Start the game, create a game in Parsec, and send a link to a friend!” Once your friend joins through Parsec, you’ll be able to adventure together in Cat Quest II.

For consoles, Cat Quest II supports local wireless multiplayer. On Nintendo Switch, you can play co-op multiplayer locally if your friend also has a Switch and a copy of Cat Quest II. Up to 4 players can play together this way by having each player join the host’s game session. On PlayStation and Xbox, two players on separate consoles can connect locally and play cooperatively. So by gathering friends together in person with the game, you can embark on quests cooperatively in Cat Quest II’s multiplayer mode.

Playing with Strangers

Cat Quest II does not have built-in matchmaking to connect with random players online. The game only supports playing co-op multiplayer locally or with friends online using third-party tools like Steam Remote Play or Parsec. There is no matchmaking system to find and group with random players across platforms.

Some players on platforms like Steam have requested the developers consider adding online multiplayer matchmaking in a future update. However, as of now, the only way to play with strangers online is by coordinating in gaming communities to find other interested players. For example, some Reddit users have posted in the r/CatQuest subreddit looking for partners for online co-op sessions.

no matchmaking system to play with strangers

Without built-in matchmaking, players need to leverage forums, social media, gaming chats, and other external tools to find and partner with random players for Cat Quest II’s online multiplayer mode. The game does not connect you with random partners automatically.


Progression in Cat Quest 2’s multiplayer mode works similarly to the single player campaign. Players team up to complete main story quests that take them through different areas and dungeons. As quests are completed, the level requirements for upcoming quests increase incrementally, ensuring a steady difficulty curve.

According to players on Reddit, the progression system for multiplayer is fairly straightforward, with main quests pushing you through the story and escalating in difficulty as you advance [1]. Leveling up unlocks new abilities and gear for each character.

Loot found in dungeons can be kept by each player or traded between players. This allows for coordination in gearing up each character for their desired build and playstyle. The multiplayer progression means no one player can outpace and carry the team.

Platforms with Cat Quest II Multiplayer

Cat Quest II is available on a wide variety of platforms, many of which support multiplayer gameplay. Here are the platforms on which you can play Cat Quest II with friends or strangers:

  • Windows (Steam)
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • available on various platforms including switch

  • iOS
  • Android

The multiplayer functionality works cross-platform as well. For example, a player on PS4 can connect with a friend on Switch or mobile. This makes Cat Quest II a great option for multiplayer gaming, since you’re not limited to connecting only with people on the same hardware.

The developers have made an effort to provide multiplayer access across all the major gaming platforms. No matter your platform of choice, you can team up with friends or get matched online to adventure through the Cat Quest II story cooperatively.


Cat Quest II has received positive reviews overall, especially for its fun and accessible multiplayer mode. Reviewers have praised how easy it is to jump into co-op play with either friends or random players online. The multiplayer integration is seamless and doesn’t take away from the core single-player experience.

Multplayer gaming site Co-Optimus states that “the co-operative multiplayer is an absolute joy” and makes the game even more enjoyable. They highlight how being able to play with a friend or family member adds a new level of fun and strategy to the gameplay. The co-op works smoothly whether playing locally or online.

Game Revolution calls the multiplayer “a great addition that significantly improves the experience.” They mention how playing with a partner allows for strategic coordination during battles and makes exploration more dynamic. The drop-in/drop-out co-opmeans playing with others is simple and intuitive.

According to Nintendo Life, the multiplayer mode “enhances the experience in every way imaginable.” They praise how it makes battles more tactical and allows players to easily revive each other if defeated. The site states that Cat Quest II is “one of the best couch co-op games on Switch.”

reviewers praise the fun couch co-op

Overall, reviewers widely agree that the multiplayer integration adds substantially to Cat Quest II, making an already enjoyable adventure even more fun and rewarding when played with others.


In conclusion, Cat Quest II’s multiplayer mode adds a fun and engaging co-op experience that complements the main single-player campaign. Being able to adventure with friends or strangers online provides a new dimension to the colorful world of Felingard. The multiplayer progression is tied to the host’s campaign progress to maintain balance. While minor latency issues can occur, the accessibility across platforms makes it easy to find players. For those looking for a lighthearted action RPG to enjoy with others, Cat Quest II’s multiplayer is a great option worth trying out.

I recommend giving Cat Quest II’s online co-op mode a shot, especially if you have friends who are also fans of the game. Playing with others adds humor and camaraderie to the quest, and makes defeating enemies and bosses even more rewarding.

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