Can You Play Cat Quest with a Friend? Exploring the Co-op Capabilities of This Cute RPG

Cat Quest is an action RPG video game developed by Singapore based indie studio The Gentlebros and published by PQube. The game was first released in 2017 for iOS, Android, and Steam. According to the Steam page, Cat Quest is set in an open world environment called Felingard and centered around a cat protagonist on a quest to defeat the villain and save his catnapped sister. Players explore the kingdom, fight monsters, complete quests, use magical abilities, and collect loot. Cat Quest received positive reviews for its cute cat-filled world, accessible but deep RPG systems, and fun gameplay.

What is Cat Quest?

Cat Quest is an open world action role-playing video game developed by Singapore based team The Gentlebros and published by PQube. The game was first released for iOS and Android devices in August 2017, with PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows versions later released in 2018.

In Cat Quest, the player controls a cat adventurer on a quest to defeat the evil Drakoth and rescue their catnapped sister. It features real-time combat and exploration across a lighthearted fantasy world filled with magic and cat puns. The core gameplay blends action RPG elements with open world traversal and dungeon crawling.

Upon release, Cat Quest received positive reviews for its accessible gameplay, pun-filled world, and fun adventure premise. Critics praised it as an enjoyable indie RPG experience, especially for casual gamers and younger audiences. The game’s success led to a sequel, Cat Quest II, released in 2019.

Is Co-op Mode Available?

Co-op mode is available in Cat Quest II, the sequel to the original Cat Quest game. Co-op mode was introduced for the first time in Cat Quest II, allowing two players to play together.

According to comments on Reddit, Cat Quest II’s co-op mode provides a fun way for two people to play together. The co-op experience allows players to take on the role of both a cat and a dog as they explore the kingdoms together.

So in summary, co-op mode is available in Cat Quest II but not in the original Cat Quest game. The introduction of 2 player co-op in the sequel provides a new way for players to cooperatively adventure through the cat and dog kingdoms.

co-op only available in cat quest 2 sequel

How Co-op Works

In Cat Quest 2, co-op allows players to team up locally or online to control each of the two main characters – the cats on a quest together. By playing cooperatively, both players can directly control one of the cats and play through the entire adventure simultaneously.

For local co-op, players simply need two controllers connected to the same device. Both players will share the same screen as they journey through the Cat Quest world.

Online co-op allows friends to play together over the internet, even if they are in different locations. One player hosts the game, while the second player joins their session as the guest. Voice chat is also available during online co-op for real-time communication.

No matter if playing locally or online, each player takes on the role of one of the cats. They can freely move, attack enemies, collect loot, take on quests, and explore the world together. Co-op provides a fun way to share the adventure and combine strengths to take down tough enemies.

Co-op Gameplay

One of the best parts of Cat Quest’s co-op mode is getting to team up in combat and work together to defeat enemies. With two players, you can strategize which enemies to target, coordinate your attacks and spells, and take down tough bosses as a duo. This cooperative style of combat creates a fun social experience and allows you to tackle harder quests and dungeons together.

The co-op mode also extends to puzzle solving. Throughout the cat kingdom, you’ll encounter puzzles that require two players to activate buttons, move blocks, or manipulate the environment simultaneously. Figuring out these challenges together creates a sense of joint accomplishment and encourages communication between players. Puzzles that seemed impossible solo become manageable with a friend.

Overall, the cooperative gameplay creates a dynamic social experience within Cat Quest’s cute world. Whether slaying monsters or solving puzzles, playing the game with a friend by your side makes the adventure even more enjoyable.

co-op makes the adventure more enjoyable

Playing Solo vs Co-op

Cat Quest provides a different experience when played solo versus cooperative multiplayer. While the core gameplay remains the same, playing co-op allows you to team up with a friend to explore the cat kingdom together. Each player controls their own customizable cat character, and you can adventure side-by-side, taking on quests and defeating enemies as a duo.

According to reviews on Steam, Cat Quest feels great to play solo as well. The game is designed so that one character can handle both melee and ranged combat effectively. The AI companions also provide good support. So playing solo is very viable and doesn’t detract from the overall experience.

That said, many players find the co-op mode to add more enjoyment and variety to the gameplay. Working cooperatively and coordinating attacks with a friend can be more dynamic and fun compared to playing solo with an AI companion. However, co-op is not required to fully enjoy Cat Quest. It simply provides a different way to experience the adventure.

As one Reddit user commented: “Co-op provides a unique experience, but is not at all required for completing or enjoying the game.” (Source)

Reception of Co-op

Cat Quest 2’s co-op mode was released in a free post-launch update and has received generally positive reviews. Many players find the co-op implementation fun and engaging.

On Reddit, one user called Cat Quest 2 “a great co-op experience” and said “it’s very well done for what it is”.

Reviews on other platforms like Reddit note the seamless integration of co-op into the existing single player campaign. Players can easily drop in or out of co-op mode. The co-op mechanics like shared XP and loot drops are designed to maximize enjoyment.

reviews praise the fun co-op implementation

The co-op functionality in Cat Quest 2 adds replayability for those who already completed the single player campaign. Overall, it provides an accessible and entertaining way for friends to quest together in the Cat Quest universe.

Developer Comments

The developers at The Gentlebros had a clear vision and goals when implementing the co-op mode in Cat Quest II. According to the VentureBeat interview, they wanted to expand the Cat Quest universe with a new canine companion and allow players to “quest together.” Co-op was designed to enhance the gameplay experience and adventure aspects. As stated on Steam, their goal was to provide an option for two players to team up locally on the same device and play through the entire story campaign. The co-op feature was implemented with the intent of making Cat Quest II more social, interactive, and enjoyable.

Future Co-op Plans

Many fans of the Cat Quest series have wondered if co-op multiplayer will be added to the original Cat Quest game in the future. According to the game’s developers at The Gentlebros, there are currently no plans to add co-op support to Cat Quest I. The developers have stated that the game was designed as a single player experience and that significant changes would need to be made to the core gameplay and mechanics to properly integrate co-op multiplayer.

However, co-op is planned as a core feature for the upcoming Cat Quest III according to comments from the developers. Cat Quest III is slated for release in late 2023 and The Gentlebros have confirmed 2-player online and local wireless co-op. They want to build on the success and popularity of the co-op gameplay in Cat Quest II. The developers plan to design Cat Quest III from the ground up with co-op in mind, promising new gameplay experiences tailored specifically for cooperative multiplayer.

So while fans eagerly awaiting co-op in the original Cat Quest may be disappointed, the future looks bright for continued co-op experiences in the Cat Quest universe when Cat Quest III releases. The Gentlebros emphasize a commitment to delivering quality co-op gameplay and modes that complement the spirit and style of the Cat Quest series.


In summary, Cat Quest is an open-world action RPG that was originally designed as a single player experience. The developers at The Gentlebros did not include a co-op mode when the game first launched in 2017. However, after receiving numerous fan requests, they added 2-player local co-op in the Cat Quest II sequel released in 2019.

The co-op mode allows two players to explore the Cat Quest II world together, taking on quests and defeating enemies cooperatively. Players have noted that co-op makes the game more enjoyable by allowing strategic coordination and pairing of abilities. However, the co-op feature is limited to couch co-op only, there is no online multiplayer mode. Some players feel the game still works best as a single player adventure.
co-op adds new way to experience cat quest 2

Overall, co-op adds a fun new way to experience Cat Quest II. It’s a great option for playing with a friend or family member. But the game wasn’t fundamentally designed for co-op, so it remains ideal as a solo quest. The developers have expressed interest in continuing to improve the co-op feature in future Cat Quest games.

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