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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are well-known reality TV stars who first came into the public eye on the hit show The Hills. The couple began dating in 2007 and married in 2009. They have one son together, Gunner Stone, who was born in October 2017. Recently in June 2022, rumors started circulating that Heidi is pregnant again with her second child with Spencer. While neither have officially confirmed the pregnancy, speculation has been fueled by photos of Heidi appearing to have a baby bump. The purpose of this article is to review the evidence and provide an analysis on whether the rumor that Heidi Montag is pregnant again with Spencer Pratt’s baby is true.

History of Heidi and Spencer’s Relationship

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt first met in 2006 while filming season 2 of the hit MTV reality show The Hills. Montag was an aspiring fashion designer and pop singer, while Pratt was portrayed as the show’s villain. According to People, Montag has said “I pretty much told everyone I was going to marry him” after first meeting Pratt at a club.

photo of heidi montag and spencer pratt together at an event

After dating for a few years, Montag and Pratt eloped to Mexico in 2008 and had a wedding ceremony in Pasadena, California in 2009 (US Magazine). Their relationship has had its share of drama over the years, with breakups and reconciliations captured on camera on The Hills. Pratt in particular was portrayed as manipulating Montag away from her friends and family.

In 2010, Montag and Pratt appeared on the reality show I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, where they began repairing their damaged public image. They briefly split in 2011 before reconciling. In 2017, Montag revealed she had a pregnancy scare, but testing came back negative (People).

Origins of the Current Pregnancy Rumor

The pregnancy rumors started in January 2021 when Heidi Montag posted a TikTok video dancing with her husband Spencer Pratt. In the video, some viewers thought Montag looked like she had a baby bump, sparking speculation that she was pregnant with her second child.

According to a report by OK! Magazine (, the pregnancy speculation went into overdrive after the TikTok post. Many fans left comments on the video congratulating Montag and asking if she was expecting again.

The pregnancy rumor quickly spread across social media and entertainment news sites in January, with many reports questioning if Montag was sporting a baby bump. However, neither Montag nor Pratt addressed the speculation right away, leading to continued guesses and conjecture from fans and media.

Heidi and Spencer’s Response

Heidi and Spencer have not directly confirmed or denied the pregnancy rumors. However, they have posted some cryptic hints on social media that suggest there could be a baby on the way.

On January 27th, Heidi posted an Instagram photo of herself holding a pregnancy test with a positive result. The caption read “So thankful” along with a praying hands emoji. This seemed to strongly imply she was pregnant, however she did not outright state it (Source).

A few days later, Spencer posted an Instagram photo of himself with the caption “Dad beard”. This fueled speculation that Heidi’s “pregnancy test” was real and they were expecting another child. However, again they did not directly confirm anything (Source).

spencer pratt with a beard posing for a selfie

While Heidi and Spencer’s social media posts seem to hint at a pregnancy, they have mastered keeping fans guessing. Their wording is vague enough that nothing is certain yet. They seem to enjoy fueling pregnancy rumors without outright confirming or denying anything concrete.

Evidence Pointing to Pregnancy

Heidi has dropped several hints on social media that point to a possible pregnancy. In August 2021, she posted a YouTube video titled “Heidi gets surgery to help her get pregnant” to her and Spencer’s channel The Pratts ( In the video, Heidi documents getting surgery to “remove the abnormal tissue in her uterus” in hopes of increasing her chances of conception.

Heidi also posted on Instagram in September 2021 thanking Dr. Woodman “for getting me ready for baby #2!” ( Though not an explicit pregnancy announcement, the post suggests she may be trying again to have a second child.

Additionally, reports from unnamed sources claim Heidi has a noticeable baby bump and is glowing, though no photographic evidence has surfaced ( Some speculate her loose clothing choices recently are meant to conceal the pregnancy in early stages.

heidi montag pictured wearing loose, flowing clothing out in public

Evidence Against Pregnancy

Despite the rumors, there has been no official confirmation from Heidi or Spencer that they are expecting another child. In the past, the couple has been subjected to false pregnancy reports that turned out to be untrue. As recently as February 2021, Heidi took to Twitter to deny that she was pregnant, stating “I’m not pregnant yet! Just a little overweight” (Source). The couple seems to be saying they are not actually expecting at this time, despite the speculation.

Without an official announcement, it’s difficult to determine if Heidi is truly pregnant. The rumors may simply be exaggerated speculation. Heidi and Spencer have not provided any concrete evidence that they are expanding their family. Until they confirm it themselves, there is reason to doubt the validity of the pregnancy reports.

Speculation on Due Date

Based on Heidi’s hints about being “due in December” back in June 2022 (source), many have speculated that her due date could be sometime in December 2022. This lines up with the typical 9 month pregnancy timeline if she conceived around March 2022.

In recent months leading up to the birth, Heidi has been showing a very large baby bump, indicating she was likely in her third trimester. Some experts estimate she could have been around 6-7 months pregnant in photos from early October 2022, meaning the due date was likely late November or December.

Overall, the timeline and size of Heidi’s bump point to her being very close to full term in late November 2022, aligning with a due date in early December as she initially hinted at.

Impact and Reactions

The pregnancy rumors have garnered a range of reactions from fans online. On Reddit forums like r/TheHillsMTV, many fans speculated about the possibility of Heidi being pregnant, with some celebrating the news and others expressing doubt. According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, some fans criticized Spencer’s sister Stephanie Pratt for seemingly fueling the pregnancy rumor and body-shaming Heidi.

reactions from fans speculating about heidi's possible pregnancy on social media

Professionally, the pregnancy speculation does not seem to have significantly impacted Heidi and Spencer’s careers so far. They continue to be active on social media and in the entertainment industry. However, the rumors have put some focus on Heidi’s body and choices which she has vocally pushed back on, saying “I refuse to be body shamed.” Ultimately, fans remain divided on the veracity of the pregnancy claims, but the conversation has certainly kept Heidi and Spencer under the public spotlight.

Expert Analysis

Many entertainment journalists and Hollywood experts have weighed in on the validity of Heidi’s latest pregnancy rumor. While Heidi and Spencer have directly denied the claims, some still believe there could be truth to the speculation.

Celebrity gossip columnist Perez Hilton said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if Heidi was hiding a pregnancy. This is a common tactic used by celebrities to throw off the paparazzi” ( However, reality TV blogger Starcasm thinks the rumor was likely false and unfounded, pointing to Heidi’s clear denials on social media. “If Heidi was really pregnant, she would probably announce it proudly when ready” (

Looking back at other celebrity pregnancy rumors, it’s clear fans and media love speculating about baby news. But more often than not the rumors turn out to be bogus or premature. For example, similar pregnancy rumors swirled around Kylie Jenner and Cardi B before they officially announced their pregnancies. Heidi’s case seems to follow the same pattern – unconfirmed gossip that the star herself has shot down.


In summary, rumors have been swirling for months that Heidi Montag is pregnant with her first child with Spencer Pratt. While the couple has not officially confirmed the pregnancy, there are some signs pointing to it being true, such as Heidi’s changing body shape, cryptic social media posts, and the couple’s expressed interest in starting a family.

However, there is also evidence stacked against Heidi being pregnant currently, including a lack of official announcement and the fact that tabloids often spread unfounded rumors about this celebrity couple. Without concrete proof, it’s impossible to say definitively whether Heidi is actually expecting a baby right now.

Based on the available information, it seems unlikely that the pregnancy rumors are completely true at this point in time. However, fans should keep an eye out for an official announcement from Heidi and Spencer in the coming months, as they may be waiting to share their happy news until the pregnancy reaches a certain stage. Unless the couple confirms it themselves though, the rumors should be taken with a grain of salt.

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