Is Cat Valentine Riding the Vegan Train?

Introducing Cat Valentine

Cat Valentine is one of the main characters on the Nickelodeon TV show Victorious. She is portrayed by actress and singer Ariana Grande. On the show, Cat is known for her bubbly, happy, and childlike personality. She is described as a “sweet, beautiful, fun, dimwitted girly girl” (Cat Valentine | Victorious Wiki – Fandom).

Cat often acts much younger than her age, both in her behavior and her interests. For example, she enjoys playing with toys, having tea parties, and dressing up in costumes. She has an innocent view of the world and easily believes fantastical stories. Cat is also very sensitive and emotional, and is quick to cry or get upset. However, she rebounds just as quickly back to happiness.

While Cat may seem unintelligent at times, she occasionally shows moments of hidden insight and intelligence. She attends Hollywood Arts High School with the rest of the show’s main characters, suggesting she is talented in the performing arts. Overall, Cat provides a lot of the show’s humor through her childlike naivety and quirky personality.

Cat’s Quirky Personality

One of Cat’s most well-known traits is her quirky, eccentric, and random personality. She often says nonsensical things and behaves in strange ways that confuse or amuse those around her (The Scamp). For example, Cat is known to talk to herself or inanimate objects, make odd noises, suddenly break out into song or dance, and say random phrases like “What’s that supposed to mean!?” (Cat Valentine (Victorious) – Great Characters Wiki).

In many ways, Cat acts much younger than her age – she has childlike excitement about things, doesn’t always understand sarcasm, and can be naïve (Cat Valentine | Wiki | Ariana Grande Amino). She also has a very short attention span, which causes her to be easily distracted and forgetful. However, she also displays moments of intelligence and wisdom when she’s focused.

While her eccentricities can frustrate others at times, they are a core part of what makes Cat such a lovable, endearing character.

Cat’s Childlike Nature

One of Cat’s most definining characteristics is her childlike innocence, playfulness, and imagination. Despite being a teenager, Cat often acts much younger, showing a very youthful personality. As described in this Quora post, “She’s very bubbly, happy, and optimistic. She also has a wild imagination and acts very innocent and childlike” [1].

cat valentine having a tea party with stuffed animals

Cat’s childlike nature is shown through her playfulness and the way she imagines fantasy scenarios. For example, she often pretends objects around her can talk and creates imaginary friends to play with. According to the Great Characters Wiki, “She is mostly motivated by her feelings and she has a tendency to daydream” [2]. Her innocence also leads her to be very trusting and gullible at times.

Overall, Cat’s youthful playfulness and imagination contrast with the more cynical personalities of her teenage friends. Her childlike qualities make her a uniquely fun, quirky character.

Cat’s Love of Animals

Cat Valentine is well-known for her childlike personality and affection for stuffed animals and pets. Throughout the Victorious series, Cat is frequently shown cuddling and playing with her numerous stuffed animal friends, whom she names and treats like real pets (Source: Some of her beloved stuffed animals include Mr. Purple, Mr. Porkstache, and Monkey.

In addition to stuffed animals, Cat adores real animals too. In one episode, she tries to adopt a dozen kittens because she couldn’t bear to leave any behind at the pet adoption fair. Cat also shows excitement any time she encounters dogs, horses, and other animals throughout the show. She clearly has a big heart for all kinds of creatures, big and small.

Given Cat’s immense affection for animals of all kinds, some viewers speculate that she may follow a vegan lifestyle. However, her diet is never explicitly addressed in the show. While she clearly adores animals, it’s uncertain if that extends to avoiding animal products entirely.

Evidence of Cat’s Veganism

In the Victorious episode “The Breakfast Bunch,” Cat clearly states that she is a vegan when the kids are all discussing what they had for breakfast. She says, “I’m a vegan, so I had nothing” (Cat Valentine | Victorious Wiki – Fandom). This is one of the strongest pieces of evidence that Cat is a vegan, since she directly says it herself.

cat stating she is a vegan in the show

There are also several other hints throughout the series that point to Cat being a vegan. For example, in one episode Cat is looking for a snack and gets excited when she finds a bag of carrot sticks, which fits with a vegan diet (Cat Valentine – Nickelodeon Wiki – Fandom). She also often turns down food offered to her by other characters that contains meat or dairy.

Additionally, Cat cares deeply about animals and their welfare, which is a common value among vegans. She is frequently shown cuddling stuffed animals, and in one episode tries to free the lobsters from a restaurant tank because she doesn’t believe they should be eaten.

While she never explicitly states she is a vegan in most episodes, these clues provide strong evidence that for at least some period of the show, Cat stuck to a vegan diet.

Evidence Against Cat’s Veganism

Despite stating she is a vegan in one episode, there are several instances across the Victorious series where Cat Valentine is shown eating or expressing a desire to eat meat and dairy products:

In the episode “Survival of the Hottest”, Cat eats a fat cake made with bacon. When her friend Tori points out fat cakes have bacon, Cat says “But it’s so tiny and delicious!” (source)

cat eating a bacon fat cake treat

In another episode, Cat is shown eagerly eating a pepperoni pizza. Her friend Robbie points out pepperoni is meat, but Cat keeps eating it anyway (source).

Cat also frequently orders or eats tacos made with ground beef at her school. She shows no hesitation about consuming meat in her tacos (source).

In one scene, Cat drinks some milk and makes a comment about it tasting good. This indicates she consumes dairy despite claiming to be vegan (source).

Overall, Cat seems to periodically disregard her veganism for certain animal products like bacon, ground beef, pepperoni and milk. Her diet choices appear inconsistent with a strict vegan lifestyle.

Theories on Cat’s Diet

There are mixed signals in Cat Valentine’s character on the show Victorious regarding whether she actually follows a vegan diet. In the episode “The Breakfast Bunch,” Cat clearly states that she is a vegan when the group is discussing their school cliques. However, there are other instances that contradict this.

In the episode “Freak the Freak Out,” Cat is shown eagerly eating a cheese enchilada, which would not be considered vegan. There’s also a scene in “The Diddly-Bops” where Cat drinks milk straight from a carton, again not typically consumed by vegans.

Some fans theorize that Cat simply wants to identify as a vegan and animal lover, but doesn’t fully commit to the lifestyle. Her childlike personality causes her to act on impulse without considering the consequences. Another theory is that the writers were not strict about keeping her character completely vegan, and would sometimes overlook this detail.

Overall, while Cat Valentine seems to consider herself a vegan, her actual diet on the show is inconclusive since she is shown eating non-vegan products on multiple occasions.

Cat’s Personality and Vegan Stereotypes

Cat Valentine has a quirky, childlike personality that seems contrary to some common vegan stereotypes. Vegans are sometimes portrayed as militant activists who are very serious about their cause (Source). However, Cat is nothing like this stereotype. She is bubbly, carefree, and seems oblivious to serious causes. Her silly, playful nature does not fit the stereotype of the angry, militant vegan.

Additionally, vegans are often stereotyped as new age hippies (Source). But again, this stereotype does not apply to Cat’s character. While she is creative and artistic, she does not fit the hippie persona. She seems more focused on fun than any sort of new age lifestyle or activism.

So while some people may assume a vegan character would be serious and cause-driven, Cat defies these stereotypes with her playful, childlike personality. Whether she actually follows a vegan diet or not, her personality certainly does not align with common vegan stereotypes.

The Significance of Cat’s Diet

Cat Valentine’s diet is significant because it relates to her childlike and quirky personality. As a bubbly, naive character, Cat often behaves much younger than her actual age. Her fun-loving spirit and affinity for animals suggests she may lean towards a vegan diet. However, Cat also displays some contradicting behaviors that make her dietary preferences unclear.

On one hand, Cat is very passionate about animals and pets. In the episode “Cat’s New Boyfriend” she becomes attached to a pig and wants to keep it as a pet 1. This love for animals could mean Cat follows a vegan diet. However, Cat has also been shown eating pepperoni pizza and enjoying meatballs in other episodes. She does not seem to pay much attention to whether foods contain animal products or not.

cat snuggling a pet pig she wants to adopt

Ultimately, Cat’s diet is not a defining part of her character. Whether she is strictly vegan or not, her childlike innocence shines through. The curiosity and quirkiness that make Cat so endearing remain the same, regardless of her specific food preferences. Her dietary choices are much less significant than her playful spirit.


In conclusion, there is no definitive proof in the show that Cat Valentine is strictly vegan, vegetarian, or follows any particular diet. Cat displays some stereotypical “quirky” and childlike personality traits that align with some vegan stereotypes, like loving animals and being spacey. However, her actual diet is never explicitly addressed. Some fans theorize she must be vegan based on her personality, while others argue she likely has a mixed diet like most people. Ultimately, Cat’s diet is left up to each viewer’s interpretation and imagination. Her character is defined much more by her bubbly, fun personality than any specific food choices. While an interesting debate for fans, Cat’s possible veganism remains speculative. The core appeal of her character lies in her innocent, carefree nature that brings comedy and adventure to every scene.

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