Crazed Bird Cat. Cute Chaos or Dangerous Destruction?

Introducing Crazed Bird Cat

Crazed Bird Cat originated in the mobile strategy game The Battle Cats developed by PONOS. It is an upgraded version of the regular Bird Cat unit unlocked by defeating the Crazed Bird Cat enemy in the Flappy Cat stage.

Crazed Bird Cat has higher stats than the basic Bird Cat, with greater attack power and health. It is a floating unit with long range attacks. The game is centered around deploying cat armies to defeat enemy bases and progress through stages. Players can unlock and upgrade special cats like Crazed Bird Cat to build effective forces.

According to the Battle Cats Wiki, “Crazed Bird Cat: Better mid-range attacker than Bird Cat, they do insane DPS when stacked and well-protected. Good at attacking enemies with high DPS but low health.”

Gameplay Mechanics

Crazed Bird Cat is a Super Rare Cat in The Battle Cats that can be unlocked by completing The Crazed Bird level that appears on the 18th of every month. According to the Battle Cats wiki on Fandom, Crazed Bird Cat is a floating attacker with high health and damage [1]. Its primary purpose is to be an anti-floating unit due to its increased damage against floating enemies.

In terms of gameplay, Crazed Bird Cat has a movement speed of 10 and a recharge time of 20 seconds between deployments. It has a 100% chance to land a critical hit, making it very powerful against floating enemies. The Cat’s attack animation consists of it swooping across the screen, damaging any enemies in its path. Players will want to deploy Crazed Bird Cat when facing tough floating enemies like Bun Bun variants to take advantage of its boosted damage [1].

Overall, Crazed Bird Cat serves as a specialty unit for The Battle Cats with its niche focus on countering floating enemies. Its high damage and crit chance make it an essential part of any loadout when facing floating threats.


Crazed Bird Cat has received generally positive reviews from Battle Cats players. On Reddit, many users report that Crazed Bird can be a useful unit when properly stacked with meatshields. Users say Crazed Bird is effective against enemies like Shadow Boxer K, Crazed Cow and Manic Eraser.

Reviewing Crazed Bird on YouTube, one player found it nearly as effective as Fishman Cat in terms of damage output. In a head-to-head comparison, Crazed Bird was able to take down enemies quickly, though not quite as fast as Fishman Cat.

The main advantage of Crazed Bird cited by players is its high damage output for a relatively low cost. At just $900, Crazed Bird can dish out huge damage when deployed in large numbers. The main disadvantages are its single target attack and relatively low health. But overall, most reviews indicate Crazed Bird is a strong addition to any Battle Cats lineup.

Graphics and Visuals

Crazed Bird Cat has a unique and distinctive pixel art style, befitting of The Battle Cats game. It features a crazed looking blue bird wearing boxing gloves and boots. The animations are fluid and smooth, with the bird flapping its wings as it moves across the stage. Visual effects like stars and explosions pop nicely when cats attack enemies. According to the Battle Cats Wiki, Crazed Bird Cat’s evolved and true forms feature even more elaborate outfits and animations. Overall, the retro pixel art style is charming and enhances the zany character designs.


Crazed Bird Cat features retro-style chiptune music and sound effects that evoke a nostalgic feeling of classic arcade games. The upbeat background music creates an energetic atmosphere during gameplay. When the player collects coins or defeats enemies, retro sound effects like bleeps and bloops play. The distinct meows of the cat protagonist add charm and personality. According to IGN’s review, “The retro-style music and sound effects fit the aesthetic beautifully and sound like they were pulled straight from the era the visuals are inspired by.”

Overall, the pixelated graphics are paired nicely with the chiptune music and retro sound effects to fully immerse players in a nostalgic arcade gaming experience.

Modes and Features

Crazed Bird Cat is encountered in the single player stage Flappy Cat, which is unlocked after completing Into the Future Chapter 1. Defeating Crazed Bird Cat unlocks it as a playable Special Cat that can be used in all single player and multiplayer stages.

As a Special Cat, Crazed Bird Cat has the following features and abilities:

  • Floats over enemies, allowing it to bypass ground enemies and obstacles
  • Deals area damage with wing attacks
  • Has a long standing range that outranges many enemies
  • Immune to waves and weaken effects
  • High health and attack power compared to basic cats

Overall, defeating Crazed Bird Cat unlocks a versatile and powerful Special Cat for tackling various stages and enemies.


Crazed Bird Cat is controlled through simple touch controls. Players tap the screen to make Crazed Bird Cat flap his wings and fly upwards. Letting go allows Crazed Bird Cat to descend. There are no other buttons or complex controls.

The simplicity of the control scheme is intentional, as the focus of the gameplay is on timing your taps correctly to navigate obstacles and enemies. Having only tap controls keeps the player’s focus on the core gameplay rather than managing extra controls.

There are no in-game settings to adjust the controls or button mapping. The simplistic tap controls work well for the gameplay and do not require customization. The controls are simple enough for casual players to pick up quickly.

Overall, the touch controls for Crazed Bird Cat are simple and intuitive. Tapping the screen at the right moments to make Crazed Bird Cat flap is responsive and allows players to fully engage with the challenge of navigating the levels.


Crazed Bird Cat is considered one of the most challenging stages in The Battle Cats. The stage “Flappy Cat” where players can unlock Crazed Bird Cat is rated with 7 out of 10 difficulty stars according to the Battle Cats Wiki []. There are no difficulty options or settings that can be adjusted to make the stage easier.

The main challenge comes from Crazed Bird Cat’s high health and attack power. At level 30, it has 1.8 million health and can deal around 18,000 damage per hit to cats. Players need high level cats with critical hit chance abilities to defeat Crazed Bird Cat before it destroys the base. Stacked Bahamuts and critical-hitting ubers are essential for victory.

The stage has a steep learning curve. It takes many failed attempts for players to learn the timings of when to spawn meatshields and critical hitters. There are some RNG factors as well in terms of Crazed Bird’s attack patterns. Overall, Crazed Bird requires much trial and error, but the satisfaction from finally beating the stage is immense.

Appeal Factors

Crazed Bird Cat has wide appeal among Battle Cats players. Fans of the tower defense genre will enjoy the strategic gameplay and challenge of defeating enemies using timed deployments of cats. Collectors will want to obtain all the Crazed Cats, making Crazed Bird Cat essential. The cute graphics and humorous cat animations also appeal to more casual gamers.

Specifically, Crazed Bird Cat is a great addition for players struggling with aerial enemies. Its ability to resist floating enemies and deal massive damage makes it invaluable. Players facing tough floating enemies in late Empire of Cats stages or early Into the Future will benefit greatly from unlocking Crazed Bird Cat.

The satisfaction of finally defeating the frenzied Crazed Bird enemy to unlock the cat also appeals to determined players. The stage requires patience, upgrading key cats, and perfecting strategy. Unlocking such a powerful cat after this challenge is very rewarding.

Overall, Crazed Bird Cat appeals to dedicated Battle Cats fans seeking to complete their cat collection and beat tough aerial foes. Its strength and the sense of accomplishment from obtaining it make Crazed Bird Cat a must-have for many players.


Overall, Crazed Bird Cat is one of the more useful Crazed Cats to obtain. Its high speed, low cost, and decent range make it an excellent source of cheap damage against Red and Floating enemies. When stacked in large numbers, Crazed Bird Cats can dish out tremendous damage before enemies can even get close. Their fast speed also helps them avoid attacks and land hits on backrow enemies.

Crazed Bird Cat is a great addition to any lineup in need of anti-Red or anti-Floating capabilities. Their spammability makes them easy to deploy alongside meatshields when you need extra firepower against problematic enemies. Just be wary of their fragility if not properly protected. With proper timing and stack count, Crazed Bird Cat is an excellent tool for taking down Red and Floating threats.

For any player struggling with Red enemies like Bore, or Floatings like Bun Bun Symbiote, unlocking Crazed Bird Cat should be a priority. Their immense value for cost cannot be overstated. Overall, Crazed Bird Cat earns a strong recommendation thanks to their versatility and sheer damage potential.

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