The Myth of the Golden Cat. Is the Rare Gold Cat in Battle Cats Real?

Introduction to Battle Cats

Battle Cats is a popular tower defense game developed by Ponos for iOS and Android. In Battle Cats, players collect and deploy different types of cats onto a battlefield to defend their base from invading enemies. The cute cartoon artstyle and offbeat sense of humor have made it a hit with players of all ages (The Battle Cats – Apps on Google Play).

Gameplay involves strategically summoning cats with unique abilities to counter the enemy types on each stage. As players progress, they can unlock new types of cats with different strengths, weaknesses, and attack styles. With hundreds of stages and enemies to battle, Battle Cats offers deep strategic gameplay paired with quirky cat characters and humor (The Battle Cats – PONOS).

What are Uber Rare Cats?

Uber Rare Cats, also known as Uber Super Rare Cats, are the rarest and most powerful type of cats in Battle Cats. As described on the Battle Cats Wiki, Uber Rare Cats are “a type of Cat Unit rarity that can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule.”

The main features of Uber Rare Cats are:

  • They have the highest stats and abilities compared to other rarity tiers
  • They can only be obtained from the Rare Cat Capsule, which requires Cat Food to play
  • They have around a 5% chance to be unlocked from the Rare Cat Capsule
  • There are currently over 100 different Uber Rare units in Battle Cats

In summary, Uber Rare Cats are the most elite group of cats in Battle Cats. Their powerful abilities make them highly coveted by players, but their low drop rates from the Rare Cat Capsule gacha make them challenging to obtain.

Gold Cat Overview

Gold Cat is an Uber Rare Cat in The Battle Cats that can be unlocked by completing the Love is Sickness event. It has a long recharge time of 4850 seconds but high health and attack power. At level 30, Gold Cat has 388,500 health and 18,500 damage.

Gold Cat is a single target attacker with a range of 375. Its abilities include strong against aliens, immune to waves, and knockbacks and slows aliens. Gold Cat costs $3600 to deploy and requires worker cat level 8. It has a golden metallic appearance wearing sunglasses and earrings.

Overall, Gold Cat serves as a powerful long range area attacker effective against aliens. With very high health and damage, it can take hits while dealing heavy damage. The long recharge time is a balance to its strong stats.[1]

Gold Cat Rarity

Gold Cat is considered an Uber Rare cat in Battle Cats. Uber Rare cats are the rarest and most powerful cats that can be obtained in the game. There are different tiers of Uber Rare cats, with higher tiers being more difficult to obtain.

Specifically, Gold Cat is part of the Galaxy Gals set and has a rarity of 0.3%. This means there is only a 0.3% chance of obtaining Gold Cat each time a Rare Cat Capsule is used while the Galaxy Gals set is available. Compared to other Uber Rare cats which can have rarities of up to 9%, Gold Cat is one of the rarest and most coveted Uber Rares in the game.

Having such a low drop rate makes Gold Cat extremely difficult to obtain. Many players go through hundreds or even thousands of Rare Cat Capsules before finally unlocking Gold Cat. Her rarity and powerful abilities are what make her so desirable for experienced Battle Cats players.

Uber Rare Drop Rates

The odds of drawing an Uber Rare cat from the Rare Cat Capsule gacha is normally around 5%, according to the Battle Cats Wiki. However, during special events like Uberfest and Epicfest, the odds are increased to 9% for Uber Rares, significantly improving the chances of getting that coveted Uber cat.

According to Reddit discussions, the 9% Uber Rare rate during Uberfest has been consistent based on player experiences over multiple occurrences of the event. While not a guarantee, saving your Cat Food for Uberfest gives you the best odds for drawing an Uber Rare from the gacha.

It’s important to note that the 9% rate is still quite low. You may need to do many draws during Uberfest periods to finally acquire the specific Uber Rare cat you want. Proper planning and patience is key when amassing your collection of powerful Uber Rare Battle Cats.

Tips for Getting Gold Cat

Gold Cat is one of the rarest cats in Battle Cats due to its high monetary value. Here are some tips and strategies for increasing your chances of getting this valuable cat:

Focus on completing special events and stages that have a chance to drop Gold Cat tickets. Events like Catfruit Jubilees have a small chance to award Super Rare tickets, which can turn into Gold Cat [1]. Defeating Cyclones and Uncanny Legends stages also have a chance to drop Super Rare tickets.

Save up Catfood and use it for Rare Cat Capsules during Superfest or Epicfest events. The Uber Rare drop rates are increased during these events, making it slightly easier to obtain Super Rare cats as well [2]. Use single rolls instead of 11-rolls to conserve Catfood.

Make sure to play every day and complete the daily missions. Completing certain missions like logging in or clearing stages has a chance to reward you with Rare Tickets. Use these tickets during Superfest/Epicfest for a shot at Gold Cat.

Gold Cat is a rare find, so staying patient and diligent is key. Keep playing events and stages with Super Rare ticket drops, save Catfood for Superfests, and complete those daily missions for more chances to eventually obtain this coveted cat.

Gold Cat Uses

Gold Cat can be a useful addition to your Battle Cats lineup in certain situations. Here are some of the most effective stages and strategies for utilizing Gold Cat:

Against Red Enemies: With his increased damage against Red enemies, Gold Cat can help counter tough Red enemies like Bore, Razorback, and Teacher Bear. He can be deployed alongside other anti-Red cats like Piledriver Cat.

Rush Strategy: Gold Cat has a quick attack rate and can be spawned quickly. This makes him good for spamming to rush the enemy base. Use Meatshields like Wall Cat to protect him.

Fixed Damage: Gold Cat’s critical hits deal massive damage regardless of enemy defense. This fixed damage can shred high HP enemies like Manic Island Cat and Perfect Cyclone.

Crowd Control: His area attack allows Gold Cat to damage groups of peons. He’s great for stages with swarms of weak enemies.

Breaking Barriers: With strengthened abilities, Gold Cat can break through barriers made by enemies like Teacher Bear and Samurai Cat.

Alternatives to Gold Cat

While Gold Cat is a powerful Uber Rare cat in Battle Cats, there are other rare and Uber Rare cats that can fulfill a similar role. According to the Battle Cats Wiki on Fandom, Gold Cat is tempting to get early on due to the massive XP value, but it may not be essential for all players.

Some alternatives to consider are other Uber Rare cats like Kalisa or Baby Cat. Kalisa is an excellent attacking Uber with high damage that can replace some of the offensive power of Gold Cat. Baby Cat is one of the best meatshields, with very low cost and quick recharge time. Using Baby Cat alongside other meatshields like Crazed Macho Cat can provide similar defensive utility to Gold Cat, protecting your attackers.

There are also other Super Rare and Rare cats that can fulfill niche roles. For example, using Catasaurus stacked with other crit cats can do high damage against traited enemies. On levels with barriers, having cats like Major Space Cat or Neo Psychocat provides advantages that Gold Cat lacks.

While Gold Cat is a top-tier Uber, for players without access to it, there are plenty of alternative Rare and Uber Rare cats in Battle Cats that can fill similar niches. Considering your playstyle and needs, other cat options may work just as well as substitutes.

Is Gold Cat Worth it?

Gold Cat is generally considered one of the best Uber Rare cats in Battle Cats due to its high stats and abilities (source). It has high HP, good range, and a decent attack speed. Its main ability is turning any metal enemies it hits into gold, which prevents them from attacking. This can be extremely useful against tough metal enemies like Super Metal Hippoe.

However, some players argue Gold Cat is overrated and not worth spending rare tickets trying to get (source). While its metal freezing ability is unique, other Uber Rares like Jizo and Gao have higher overall DPS. Players also point out you can use rich cat or cat jobs combos to freeze metals without needing Gold Cat.

Overall, most players agree having Gold Cat can make the game much easier, especially early on when metals are very difficult. But it may not be an essential Uber Rare later in the game when you have other top tier cats. So while Gold Cat is very useful, it ultimately comes down to your personal playstyle and needs whether it’s worth spending rare tickets trying to acquire.


In summary, Gold Cat is one of the rarest Uber Rare cats in Battle Cats due to its extremely low drop rate. As an Uber Rare cat with strong abilities, Gold Cat can be highly useful for players looking to clear difficult levels or challenge strong enemies. However, obtaining Gold Cat requires luck or significant investment due to its rarity. While Gold Cat is not essential for completing the game, having this powerful tank-like cat can give players a strong advantage. Other cats can fill similar roles, but Gold Cat’s extra abilities like critical hits and massive damage to Angels make it stand out. For players with the patience and resources to obtain this top-tier Uber Rare cat, Gold Cat will prove a worthwhile addition to any roster.

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