Is Grumpy Cat a Girl or a Boy? The Surprising Truth About This Famous Feline

Introducing Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat, whose real name was Tardar Sauce, was an Internet celebrity cat known for her permanently “grumpy” facial expression. She was born on April 4, 2012 and lived with her owner Tabatha Bundesen in Morristown, Arizona.

Despite her seemingly unamused appearance, Grumpy Cat became a worldwide sensation in 2012 after a photo of her was posted on Reddit by Tabatha’s brother Bryan. Her frowning face sparked countless memes and she quickly gained a massive online following. Grumpy Cat’s popularity established her as one of the most famous cat stars on the Internet.

According to Wikipedia (, her permanently grumpy facial appearance was likely caused by feline dwarfism and an underbite. This gave her a distinctive displeased look that captivated people worldwide.

Grumpy Cat Goes Viral

The Grumpy Cat meme began in September 2012 when Bryan Bundesen posted a photo of his cat Tardar Sauce on Reddit. The photo showed Tardar Sauce’s signature grumpy expression caused by her underbite and feline dwarfism 1. The photo quickly went viral on Reddit and other social media sites like Tumblr as users made funny captions and memes featuring Tardar Sauce’s unhappy face. Phrases like “I had fun once, it was awful” and “If you’re happy and you know it, I don’t care” became extremely popular Grumpy Cat memes.

Within days of the original photo being posted, Grumpy Cat became an internet celebrity. Media outlets started reporting on the meme and Grumpy Cat’s popularity continued to skyrocket. According to KnowYourMeme, there were over 1 million Grumpy Cat memes being shared by November 2012 2. Grumpy Cat’s viral meme status launched her into international stardom both online and off as people couldn’t get enough of the frowning feline.

Grumpy Cat’s Real Name

Grumpy Cat’s real name is Tardar Sauce. She was given this unusual name by her owner Tabatha Bundesen, who bred and raised cats in Morristown, Arizona. According to Bundesen, she wanted to give the kitten, who was born on April 4, 2012, a unique name that matched her permanently grumpy facial expression. The name Tardar Sauce references the tartar sauce condiment, and was chosen because of the kitten’s distinctive grumpy look.

The cat’s now famous nickname of “Grumpy Cat” was given later due to her viral fame on social media. Images and videos of the frowning feline with the cynical expression quickly went viral on Reddit in late 2012 after Bundesen’s brother posted photos of the unusual looking kitten. Tardar Sauce’s permanently “grumpy” appearance struck a chord and led to her nickname of Grumpy Cat becoming an internet phenomenon. While Tardar Sauce is her given name, she is now universally known on social media and in pop culture by her nickname of Grumpy Cat.


Is Grumpy Cat a Boy or Girl?

Despite the masculine-sounding name, Grumpy Cat is female. Her real name is Tardar Sauce, and she was given the nickname Grumpy Cat by her owners due to her permanently grumpy facial expression.

The confusion over Grumpy Cat’s gender stems from her somewhat misleading nickname, which sounds like a male name. Additionally, female cats are often given feminine names like Fluffy or Princess. So when people heard the name Grumpy Cat, they naturally assumed it was a male.

However, Grumpy Cat is very much female, born on April 4, 2012. According to Wikipedia, her distinctive grumpy look is due to feline dwarfism and an underbite [1]. So while her nickname may be a bit masculine, Grumpy Cat is undeniably female.

Grumpy Cat’s Distinctive Appearance

Grumpy Cat, whose real name was Tardar Sauce, had a distinctive and memorable appearance due to feline dwarfism and an underbite [1]. Feline dwarfism is a genetic mutation that causes stunted growth, resulting in short legs, a rounded face, and large eyes. It is similar to dwarfism in other animals and humans. Grumpy Cat’s particular form of feline dwarfism led to an underdeveloped lower jaw that caused her bottom teeth to protrude and her tongue to stick out, creating her signature frown.

This permanent frown, along with Grumpy Cat’s piercing blue eyes, became her trademark look. While some cats with feline dwarfism can encounter health problems, Grumpy Cat was relatively healthy despite her small size. Her unique appearance and perpetual scowl sparked an internet frenzy and won the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

Grumpy Cat’s Daily Routine

Like many cats, Grumpy Cat enjoys a fairly regular daily routine centered around meals, naps, playtime, and grooming. According to the official Grumpy Cat stickers from LINE (, her typical schedule looks something like this:

In the morning, Grumpy Cat wakes up and has some breakfast. Being the internet celebrity she is, breakfast is served to her in bed by her doting owners. After eating, it’s playtime with her favorite toys, followed by a long morning nap.

Around lunchtime, Grumpy Cat is ready for her next meal. She enjoys a hearty lunch served in her signature frowny face bowl. After lunch, it’s grooming and beauty time, with a nice brushing to keep her fur looking fabulous.

The early afternoon brings more playtime and then another nap. Grumpy Cat is known for being able to sleep up to 20 hours a day! In the late afternoon, she wakes up for a pre-dinner snack and some more playtime with her owners.

Dinnertime is one of Grumpy Cat’s favorite parts of the day. She loves her evening meal and will meow insistently if it’s served even a few minutes late. After dinner, it’s relaxation time with some leisurely grooming before one final nap to end the day.

Even though she’s world famous, Grumpy Cat enjoys a pleasant, predictable routine focused on her favorite activities like eating, sleeping, and playing. It’s the simple pleasures in life that bring joy to this perpetually grumpy but charming feline.

Grumpy Cat’s Owners and Home

Grumpy Cat is owned by Tabatha Bundesen and her brother Bryan Bundesen who live in Morristown, Arizona. Tabatha Bundesen first posted a photo of Grumpy Cat on Reddit on September 22, 2012 that went viral. According to, Tabatha was working as a waitress when she adopted Grumpy Cat as a kitten from an animal shelter. Tabatha gave Grumpy Cat the nickname “Tardar Sauce” which eventually led to the Grumpy Cat name. The Bundesen family lives in a modest house in Morristown, Arizona where Grumpy Cat resides when not traveling for media appearances and events.

Grumpy Cat’s Popularity and Earnings

Grumpy Cat became an internet celebrity and pop culture phenomenon, with books, merchandise, media deals and more capitalizing on her famed frowny face. She made appearances on television shows, magazine covers, advertisements and merchandise like t-shirts and plush toys.

In 2014, some media outlets claimed Grumpy Cat made close to $100 million from her fame and likeness rights. However, her owner Tabatha Bundesen denied those high estimates in interviews. While her exact net worth is unknown, various sources estimate Grumpy Cat earned millions from books, sponsorship deals, merchandise and appearances over the years.

Grumpy Cat’s Legacy

Grumpy Cat left a lasting cultural impact as an internet meme. Her frowning facial expression inspired numerous memes, viral images, gifs, and photoshopped pictures that spread across social media. According to CNN (, Grumpy Cat appeared in TV shows, feature films, books, calendars, merchandise, and even a Madame Tussauds waxwork figure. Her sourpuss expression came to represent feelings of disinterest, dissatisfaction, grumpiness and existential sadness.

As Wired ( notes, Grumpy Cat inspired new memes like Seriously McAngry Cat and played a key role in remix culture. Her iconic frown face was photoshopped onto countless images for humorous effect. Grumpy Cat became one of the most influential memes of the early 2010s and left a lasting impact on internet culture.

The Answer: Grumpy Cat is Female

So despite all the confusion over Grumpy Cat’s name and gender, the truth is that Grumpy Cat is female. Her real name is Tardar Sauce, and she was born on April 4, 2012. Tardar Sauce’s permanently grumpy facial expression is caused by feline dwarfism and an underbite. Though she became an internet celebrity and earned millions for her owners, Tardar Sauce lived a happy life being cared for by her loving family. So the next time someone asks if Grumpy Cat is male or female, you can confidently answer that Grumpy Cat is a girl named Tardar Sauce!

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