Is High Lord Babel the Best Battle Cats Uber Rare?

Introducing High Lord Babel

High Lord Babel is a Legend Rare Cat in The Battle Cats that can be obtained from the Rare Cat Capsule during the Lords of Destruction Dragon Emperors event1. He has a humanoid appearance wearing black and gold armor with large shoulder plates and a horned helmet. His most notable features are his menacing red eyes and the massive zweihander sword he wields in battle.

As a Legend Rare, High Lord Babel has well-rounded stats with good health, damage, and speed. His main ability is to deal massive damage to traited enemies, especially against Angels and Aliens thanks to his Curse ability. He also has decent range and a quick attack rate. However, his single target attacks make him vulnerable to large hordes of enemies.

Stats and Abilities

High Lord Babel has 255,000 HP and deals 85,000 damage per attack with an area attack range of 390 at a frequency of 36f (stats at level 30) (Source).

His abilities include:

  • Massive Damage vs Red and Alien – Deals 4x damage to Red enemies and Aliens
  • Resistant – Takes only 1/4 damage from Red and Alien enemies
  • Area Attack – Attacks enemies in an area
  • 100% chance to freeze Red and Aliens for 120f (4 seconds)

With high health, area attack capabilities, and boosted damage and freeze ability against Reds and Aliens, High Lord Babel has a powerful skillset for countering these enemy types (Source).


High Lord Babel has some of the highest stats among rare cats, with colossal health and tremendous toughness against Red and Floating enemies specifically. According to the Battle Cats Wiki, he boasts 410,000 health at level 30, which is extremely high for a rare cat.

His massive health pool allows him to withstand attacks from Red and Floating enemies, while his high damage of 15,200 at level 30 lets him strike back hard. His longer than average recharge time of 20.53 seconds is offset by his huge health and attack power. Babel’s massive 450 range outranges most Red and Floating threats as well.

With his triple damage ability against Red and Floating enemies, High Lord Babel excels at countering deadly late game Red and Floating enemies like Boraphim, THE SLOTH, and more. His resistance to them makes him uniquely suited for those deadly matchups.


High Lord Babel has a few key weaknesses, despite his strengths against Red and Floating enemies. High Lord Babel’s main weaknesses are:

Long attack animation – At 110f (3.7 seconds), High Lord Babel’s attack animation is very slow, limiting his DPS (damage per second). This makes it difficult for him to deal with fast-moving enemies like Otta-smack-u.

Single target attack – High Lord Babel can only damage one enemy at a time, reducing his crowd control ability against hordes of enemies.

Low movement speed – With a movement speed of 4, High Lord Babel is quite slow. This can make it difficult to reposition him or have him keep up with faster units.

Vulnerable to other types – High Lord Babel has no resistances or abilities against Alien, Black, Angel, Metal, or Zombie types. This leaves him vulnerable to those enemies despite his Red/Floating resistances.

High cost – At 4970c base cost (7455c in True Form), High Lord Babel is fairly expensive to deploy. This can make him difficult to stack or summon multiples of.

According to sources like the Battle Cats Wiki, these weaknesses hold High Lord Babel back from being an top-tier uber, but he still performs well in his specialized anti-Red/Floating niche.

Best Uses

High Lord Babel is best utilized against tough Red and Floating enemies, where his high damage and crowd control abilities can shine. According to the Battle Cats Wiki, he excels at keeping “Red/Floating pushers stalled while other attackers do the job, or to deal a few chunks of damage against ranged enemies such as Professor A.”

Reddit users emphasize using High Lord Babel against enemies with high health pools and limited knockbacks like Super Metal Hippoe. His high damage per hit makes quick work of them. He’s also great in 4-star stages like Deeply Dreaming to stall Master A. and his support enemies. Just make sure to time his long attack animation appropriately.

Overall, High Lord Babel will serve you best in mid-late game situations where single target, high damage attacks are required against Red and Floating foes, especially against bosses and enemies with high HP. His crowd control and damage over time abilities complement rushdown cats and other attackers nicely.


While High Lord Babel can provide strong damage output, his long attack animation and mediocre range limit his usefulness in many situations. Here are some alternative Rare and Super Rare cats that can fill a similar offensive role:

Rare cats like Masai Cat and Paris Cat have much faster attack speeds than Babel, allowing them to overwhelm enemies with quick damage rather than relying on single powerful strikes. Their shorter recharge times also make it easier to stack multiples of them on the battlefield. While their damage per hit is lower, their overall DPS can exceed Babel’s in many scenarios.

For longer range alternatives, Commando Cat and Neo Psycho Cat both significantly outrange Babel while still providing solid damage output. Their attacks reach enemies that Babel cannot.

While no Rare or Super Rare perfectly replicates High Lord Babel’s abilities, these alternatives provide more specialized offensive strengths that may be a better fit depending on the specific level or enemy types.

Skill Synergies

High Lord Babel’s massive health pool and resistance to Red and Floating enemies make him a formidable tank against those types. He can be combined with other cats that take advantage of his tanking abilities:

Pairing High Lord Babel with heavy damage dealers like Gaia the Creator, Wonder Momoco, or Ushiwakamaru allows them to dish out their powerful attacks while Babel soaks up damage. His resistance against Reds and Floatings nicely covers Gaia and Momoco’s weakness against those types.

Since High Lord Babel has a slow attack rate, combining him with a defense debuffer like Thaumaturge Cat or Seashore Kai improves his damage output. Their abilities expose the enemy for Babel to land stronger hits.

Overall, High Lord Babel excels when supported by heavy nukers and debuffers. His massive HP pool and resistance enables him to act as the stalwart defender for your lineup.

Evolving and True Form

High Lord Babel can be evolved into his True Form called High Lord Babel (True Form) once you reach User Rank 5156. Evolving him unlocks several key advantages:

  • Increased health from 42,500 to 52,500 (
  • Gains the Colossus Slayer ability, increasing damage to traited enemies by 200% (
  • Becomes immune to knockbacks and toxic attacks

Overall, High Lord Babel’s True Form makes him much tankier and transforms him into a powerful traited enemy counter. The knockback and toxic immunity also improves his survivability against certain enemies and levels.


In the Battle Cats community, High Lord Babel is ranked fairly low among Legend Rare cats according to various tier lists and polls.

On the Legend Rare tier list on the Battle Cats Wiki[1], High Lord Babel ranks 10th out of 15. The general consensus is that his range of 400 hinders his performance, especially compared to top Legend Rares like Gaia the Creator that outrange him.

In a YouTube community poll video ranking Legend Rares[2], High Lord Babel placed near the bottom at #13 out of 15. Voters felt his abilities were not as impactful as other rarer Legend cats.

On Reddit discussions ranking the best Legend Rares, High Lord Babel consistently appears in the bottom half. While he has high DPS, Reddit users cite his lack of abilities like critical hits, wave immunity, or long range as weaknesses compared to S+ tier Legend Rares.


Overall, High Lord Babel is a decent Legend Rare with some usefulness but not top tier. His high DPS can help burst down enemies, but his multi-hit attack is very slow and has poor range, making it difficult to utilize fully. His talents give some niche benefits like weaken and crit chance up. However, he lacks abilities like massive damage, wave block, or strong crowd control that define the best Legend Rares. His evolved and True Forms provide minor stat boosts but don’t dramatically change his capabilities.

High Lord Babel can be a good addition to your roster, especially early on, for added power against non-traits. But investing high levels of NP into him is not recommended when there are better anti-floating and generalist Ubers. He also struggles against high-range enemies like backliners. His talents provide utility, but require support to take advantage of. Overall, High Lord Babel is worth acquiring, but should not be a top priority to hyper-max.

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