Is the Marucci Cat 9 Bat USSSA Approved? The Answer May Surprise You


The Marucci Cat 9 bat has become one of the most popular baseball bats in recent years. Known for its balanced swing weight, big sweet spot, and excellent pop, the Cat 9 provides players with a lightweight but powerful bat designed for optimal performance.

Marucci first introduced the Cat 9 in 2019, and it quickly gained a reputation as one of the top bats in the game. According to Marucci, the one-piece AZ105 alloy construction allows for a responsive, trampoline-like effect on contact. The bat features a “ring-free” barrel technology that maximizes the surface area of the sweet spot.

Many players have chosen the Cat 9 over the years, from youth baseball leagues up to college and professional levels. In particular, the USSSA approved drop 10 Cat 9 became enormously popular, allowing younger players to benefit from the bat’s performance and swing speed.

The reputation and demand for the Cat 9 continues today. Marucci designs the bat to be durable and long-lasting, so many players hang onto their Cat 9 season after season. Overall, the balance, power, and feel of the Cat 9 bat have made it a top choice across multiple leagues.

USSSA Bat Standards

The United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) has specific regulations regarding the bats that can be used in their sanctioned leagues and tournaments. These standards help ensure fairness and safety in USSSA baseball.

According to the USSSA website, all bats used in USSSA play must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a USSSA 1.15 BPF certification stamp
  • Be made of wood and manufactured by a USSSA-approved manufacturer
  • Have a -3 length to weight ratio BBCOR certification stamp (for 13U and older)
  • Have a barrel diameter no greater than 2 5/8 inches
  • Have no more than a -8 length to weight ratio (with -5 being the max for 8U)
  • Have a minimum length of 29 inches

Bats that do not meet these standards are prohibited from USSSA play. Using an illegal or altered bat can result in penalties for the player and team.

The USSSA tests bats using the BPF (bat performance factor) test to measure their ‘trampoline effect’ and ensure they do not exceed a certain limit. This helps regulate batting performance. The BBCOR standard helps regulate bat performance for older divisions.

Wood bats made by licensed USSSA manufacturers are permitted at all age levels. The USSSA regularly reviews and updates their bat standards to promote safety and fairness.

Marucci Cat 9 Specs

The Marucci Cat 9 bat is known for its innovative design and high-performance specs. According to the Marucci website, some key specs and features include:

  • AZ105 alloy barrel that creates a massive sweet spot
  • Ring-free barrel design that improves flexibility and decreases obstruction
  • Precision-balanced barrel with thinner walls for improved bat speed
  • Tapered handle for more control and a custom feel
  • Micro-perforated soft-touch grip enhances feel and control
  • One-piece alloy construction designed for power hitters
  • Available in multiple sizes including -3 length to weight ratio

The Cat 9 was engineered using Marucci’s state-of-the-art bat technology to optimize the batter’s sweet spot and create a lightning-quick swing through the zone. Players looking for a powerful, balanced one-piece alloy bat with a massive barrel will appreciate the design and performance of the Cat 9.

USSSA Approval

The Marucci CAT9 is approved for play in USSSA leagues. According to the Marucci website, the CAT9 is stamped with the 1.15 USSSA BPF certification mark indicating it meets the performance requirements set by USSSA (“Marucci CAT9 -10 2 3/4″ USSSA Baseball Bat”). This certification allows it to be used in USSSA sanctioned games.

USSSA has specific bat standards concerning the Bat Performance Factor (BPF), barrel diameter, and length-to-weight ratio. Bats must have a BPF of 1.15 or lower to be approved. The CAT9 meets the maximum 2 5/8″ barrel diameter rule. It is available in drop weights between -5 to -11, aligning with USSSA’s new bat standards introduced in 2020 (“USSSA Baseball Bat Rules and Regulations”).

In summary, with the 1.15 USSSA BPF certification stamp, appropriate barrel size, and drop weights, the Marucci CAT9 is approved for use in USSSA league and tournament games. Players looking for a one-piece alloy bat can swing the CAT9 with confidence knowing it meets USSSA requirements.

USSSA Certification

The United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) has a specific process that bat manufacturers must follow to get their bats certified for USSSA sanctioned leagues and tournaments. According to the USSSA website here, all bats must pass USSSA testing before being approved.

The testing involves measuring the bat’s batted ball coefficient of restitution (BBCOR), balance point, and weight drop. USSSA uses high-speed cameras to measure the trampoline effect of the bat and make sure it falls within the maximum allowed limit, which is 1.15 for most USSSA bats. The balance point and weight drop are also precisely measured.

In addition to passing the performance testing, bats must be made from approved materials like aluminum, composite, wood, or bamboo-composite. And they have to meet rules for length (no shorter than 29 inches) and weight differential (drop 3 is the max for most leagues). The graphics, labeling, and marking on the bats are also evaluated.

If a bat model successfully completes all aspects of the USSSA testing and approval process, the manufacturer is granted a license to apply the USSSA 1.15 BPF mark on the bat. This indicates to consumers, leagues, and tournaments that the bat is legal and sanctioned for USSSA play. The certification process ensures USSSA bat standards are met.


There are several other USSSA approved bats that are similar to the Marucci Cat 9 in terms of performance and specs:

The DeMarini CF (-3) is often compared to the Cat 9 as DeMarini’s top-of-the-line USSSA composite bat. It features a balanced swing weight and a composite barrel designed for maximum pop and response on contact. According to JustBats, the 2021 and 2022 CF models are approved for USSSA play.

Louisville Slugger also offers the Meta (-3) as a high-end USSSA bat with a similar composite design to the Cat 9. The Meta has a ring-free barrel construction and a responsive composite material that provides excellent performance and durability. The 2021 and 2022 Meta models are USSSA approved based on Louisville Slugger’s website.

For power hitters, the Easton B5 Pro B211119 (-12oz), Easton B5 Pro B211296 (-10oz) and Miken KP23 (-10oz) are a few other highly-rated USSSA certified bats that provide a bit more swing weight than the balanced Cat 9. They have two-piece composite designs and offer great pop combined with a stiff feel on contact.

There are many other options, but the CF, Meta, and the Easton/Miken power bats are among the most popular and highest performing USSSA approved bats with specs similar to the Marucci Cat 9.

Youth Versions

Marucci offers several youth versions of the Cat 9 bat approved for USSSA play:

  • CAT9 Pastime Youth Big Barrel Bat (-8, -10, -11, -12)
  • CAT9 Connect Youth Big Barrel Bat (-10, -11)
  • CAT9 Composite Youth Big Barrel Bat (-10)

The youth big barrel bats come in both alloy and composite constructions with drop weights ranging from -8 to -12.1 This offers younger players multiple USSSA-approved options to match their size and strength.

Reviews of the CAT9 youth bats praise their balanced swing weight, large sweet spots, and excellent pop.2 The thermal alloy treatment on the CAT9 alloy bats creates a responsive, forgiving feel many young hitters will appreciate.

While more expensive than some youth bats, the CAT9 lineup provides quality, USSSA-approved performance parents can trust for their aspiring sluggers.


The Marucci Cat 9 has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from players using it in USSSA leagues. Many praise its balanced swing weight, large barrel size, and fantastic performance.

According to a review on Bat Digest, “Our hitters liked the drop 5 more than any other USSSA bat on the market. It swings lighter and has a bigger barrel than expected.” Players report excellent exit speeds and power hitting with the Cat 9 (

On top of the performance, players comment on the feel and comfort of the Cat 9. As one review states, “The grip, balance, and overall feel through the zone makes the CAT 9 a top performer” (

While more expensive than some models, players feel the Cat 9 is well worth the investment for USSSA leagues. It consistently ranks among the best USSSA bats in terms of power, swing speed, and durability.


In summary, the adult Marucci Cat 9 model, also referred to as the Cat9 Connect, is not approved for USSSA sanctioned league and tournament play. The bat does not meet the USSSA 1.15 BPF bat performance standard required for approval and lacks the USSSA certification mark. However, Marucci does offer a youth version of the Cat 9 that is USSSA approved for play in leagues and tournaments up to age 14.

While the adult version with composite barrel does not have USSSA approval, it remains an excellent BBCOR certified bat option for NFHS high school leagues and NCAA college play. The balanced swing weight, AV2 anti-vibration knob, and AZ105 alloy barrel deliver a great combination of power, control, and comfort.

For those seeking a similar Marucci bat approved for USSSA play, the closest alternatives would be the CAT 8 (-3 and -5 models) or CAT Connect. Both feature the same AV2 knob and balanced swing weight but with a one-piece alloy barrel construction to meet USSSA requirements. Several CAT 8 models are available in both adult and youth USSSA approved versions.

In conclusion, while the standard adult Marucci Cat 9 does not have USSSA approval, players have excellent USSSA approved options in the Marucci lineup, including the youth Cat 9 as well as the CAT 8 series.


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