Is Necro Dancer Cat Worth It? A Deep Dive Into This Rare Cat’s Pros and Cons

Introducing Necro Dancer Cat

Necro Dancer Cat is the true form of Shaman Cat, a Rare Cat that can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule. Necro Dancer Cat evolves from Shaman Cat at level 10, and then evolves into its true form at level 30 using Catfruit.

As a ranged area attacker, Necro Dancer Cat can hit enemies from a distance with its magic spells. It has a decent amount of health and damage for a Rare Cat, with 61,200 health and 9,600 damage at max level (level 30+20). Its attack rate is relatively slow at 11.07 seconds between attacks, but it has a good reach of 475 distance.1

The main ability of Necro Dancer Cat is its chance to freeze enemies. At 100% proc rate, this can immobilize non-metal enemies and prevent them from advancing. Its long standing range combined with freeze can make it very useful for stalling and controlling the battlefield.

Strengths of Necro Dancer Cat

Necro Dancer Cat has some notable strengths that make him a valuable addition to your roster against floating enemies:

His main strength is his high damage output. At level 30, Necro Dancer Cat deals over 18,000 damage per hit to floating types. This allows him to quickly take down floating enemies like Bun Bun variants and alien enemies like Star Peng. His attack also hits a decent area, making him effective against large groups of floating foes.

Necro Dancer Cat also has better range compared to his unevolved form Shaman Cat, increasing from 235 to 250. This puts him safely out of reach of many floating enemies and allows him to attack from a distance. His boosted range gives him an advantage over other anti-floating cats with shorter range like Figure Skating Cats.

Overall, Necro Dancer Cat’s high damage, area attack capability, and decent 250 range make him a formidable anti-floating specialist.

Weaknesses of Necro Dancer Cat

Necro Dancer Cat has some notable weaknesses that hold it back from being a top-tier Rare cat. Its main weakness is its very slow movement speed. According to the Battle Cats Wiki, Necro Dancer Cat moves at a speed of 6, which is quite slow compared to many other Rare cats that have movement speeds of 10-15. This slow speed makes it difficult for Necro Dancer Cat to close distance on enemies before getting knocked back.

Another key weakness is Necro Dancer Cat’s single target attack. Unlike area attackers, Necro Dancer can only damage one enemy at a time. This limits its usefulness against large hordes of enemies. Players need to stack multiple Necro Dancers to make an impact, but the slow speed makes this difficult.

In summary, Necro Dancer Cat’s greatest flaws are its very slow movement speed and single target attack. These limit its versatility and require specific strategies to use effectively.

Stage Viability

Necro Dancer Cat excels in stages that feature fast moving enemies or enemies with high ranged attack power. For example, Necro Dancer Cat is useful against rush enemies like Super Metal Hippoe as its area attack slows them down. Its resistance to freeze, knockbacks, and wave attacks also helps it survive in longer ranged battles.

However, Necro Dancer struggles in stages with high damage enemies like metals or angels that can easily break through its HP. Its single target damage is also not very high, so it has trouble defeating tanky enemies. Lastly, its weak stats and mediocre speed make it less viable in late game stages.

According to a Reddit discussion, while Necro Dancer can be useful in some mid game levels, it falls off in viability in late SOL due to its mediocre stats and damage[1]. Players recommend focusing on improving its talents like boosting HP, resistances, and wave attack to improve viability.


Necro-Dancer Cat has good synergy with other area attackers and cats that can freeze or slow enemies. Some notable synergies include:

Island Cat – Island Cat’s long range allows him to safely chip away at enemies while Necro-Dancer inflicts area damage. Island Cat can also help protect Necro-Dancer with his high health and defense (source).

Psychocat – Psychocat can freeze enemies in place, allowing Necro-Dancer’s area attacks to hit multiple times. The freeze effect also protects Necro-Dancer from taking damage (source).

DELlQUENT Cat – DELlQUENT Cat slows enemies, giving Necro-Dancer more time to land hits. DELlQUENT Cat can also chip away at enemies from a distance (source).

Mer-Cat – Mer-Cat knocks back and slows red enemies, allowing Necro-Dancer to inflict more damage safely. Mer-Cat also helps protect Necro-Dancer with high health and defense (source).


Necro Dancer struggles against enemies that can knock him back or outrange him before he can land a hit. Some examples include:

THE SLOTH – With a far superior range of 650, Sloth can attack Necro Dancer before he ever gets in range. Sloth’s abilities also include strong against and knockbacks, making it very difficult for Necro Dancer to land a hit.

Master A. – As a long distance attacker with 495 range, Master A. can strike Necro Dancer first. His high health also enables him to withstand several hits.

Teacher Bun Bun – With a 425 range and abilities like knockbacks and waves, Teacher Bun Bun gives Necro Dancer problems getting close enough to attack.

In general, any enemy unit with significantly higher range or knockback abilities can prevent Necro Dancer from being effective. He functions best against melee enemies and mid-rangers where he can strike first.

True Form

Necro-Dancer Cat is the True Form of Necromancer Cat, unlocked after completing the Dead on Debut stage in Cats of the Cosmos Chapter 3 [1]. This form sports a boosted attack power (11,500 at level 30), longer attack range (350), and an increased duration of freeze ability (100f) compared to its evolved form [2].

The increased range allows Necro-Dancer Cat to stay safer from enemies while using its freeze ability. With nearly double the freeze time, it can disable threats for longer to support your other cats. The boosted damage also makes it more viable for chipping away at enemies. Overall, the True Form boosts Necro-Dancer’s crowd control and support capabilities.

Is Necro Dancer Cat Worth it?

When considering whether Necro Dancer Cat is worth obtaining and upgrading, it helps to review the main pros and cons:


  • Decent stats, especially range
  • 100% chance to slow enemies
  • True form boosts stats further


  • Single target
  • Long time between attacks
  • Outclassed by ubers like Mitama

Overall, Necro Dancer Cat is a fairly solid rare cat that can provide some useful crowd control against non-boss enemies. His 100% slow ability gives him an edge over some similar cats like Bishop Cat. However, he suffers from single target limitations and is easily outclassed by top tier ubers with better skills. He’s worth considering, especially if you lack other high value anti-angel or wave immune cats, but not an absolute must-have.

For most players, Necro Dancer Cat is a nice boost but expendable. Unless you lack anti-angels and need his niche, passing on Necro Dancer won’t cripple you. But his crowd control can complement lineups in the mid game. With investment his true form does become more usable. So while not a top priority, Necro Dancer Cat is a good bang for the buck rare cat that deserves consideration.


While Necro Dancer Cat can be useful in some situations, there are other Uber Rare cats that can fulfill a similar role. Two potential alternatives are:

Sanzo Cat – Sanzo has similar stats and abilities to Necro Dancer, with a longer freeze time but slightly lower health and damage. According to a Reddit comparison, Sanzo can freeze more enemies at once, making him better for crowd control.

Ramen Cat – Ramen has much higher health than Necro Dancer, making him better suited for meatshielding. His knockbacks can also help control enemies. However, his freeze time is much shorter. Still, Ramen is obtainable without spending rare tickets, making him a good budget option.

Depending on your lineup and strategy, cats like Sanzo or Ramen may be viable alternatives to consider instead of Necro Dancer.

Usage Tips

Necro Dancer Cat is best utilized as a ranged attacker that can hit enemies from a distance. Here are some tips for using Necro Dancer Cat effectively:

Time Necro Dancer’s attacks – His attack animation is slower than other cats, so make sure to deploy him early to take advantage of his long range. Wait for his area attack to finish before sending other cats.

Use in early stages – His high cost makes him difficult to deploy in late game. Focus on utilizing him in easier starter and mid-game levels.

Stack for efficiency – Stack multiple Necro Dancers to take advantage of their area attacks covering a wide range. This allows fewer cats to hit more enemies.

Protect with meatshields – His low health makes him vulnerable up close. Use cheap, expendable cats to soak up damage.

Supplement with other rangers – Combine with other long distance cats like Archer Cat to overwhelm enemies.[1]

Overall, proper timing and stacking is key to maximizing Necro Dancer Cat’s value as a ranged damager and crowd controller.


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