The Great Scratch Cat Gender Mystery


Scratch Cat is the beloved mascot and default sprite for the Scratch programming language and online community. Created in 2003 by the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab, Scratch Cat represents the playful, creative spirit of Scratch. With large, round eyes, a wide smile, and big round ears, the iconic cartoon cat invites users of all ages into the world of coding.

Although Scratch Cat’s gender and backstory are never explicitly stated, the character’s design and role as the friendly face of Scratch have sparked much discussion within the Scratch community. Scratch Cat’s gender neutrality allows users to imagine and interpret the mascot in their own way. This article will explore the theories and clues about Scratch Cat’s origins and gender to satisfy the curiosity around this beloved coding companion.

Physical Appearance

Scratch Cat has the typical physical appearance of a cartoon cat. According to the Scratch Wiki on Fandom, Scratch Cat is described as having orange fur, white paws, a white tipped tail, and green eyes. The cat also has a set of whiskers and pointed ears that are common feline features. Scratch Cat appears rather small and lean, with the Scratch Wiki listing a height of 3.9 and a weight of just 1.9. The simple design and small stature allows Scratch Cat to be easily recognized and reproduced.

Scratch Cat’s colorful yet basic appearance is likely intentional, allowing children to easily draw and identify with the mascot. The combination of orange and white fur is vibrant without being overly complicated. As the main mascot for the visual programming language Scratch, having a straightforward and engaging physical design is important for appealing to young users. Scratch Cat’s friendly appearance helps make the programming environment feel welcoming and unintimidating.

Creator’s Original Intent

The original creator of Scratch, Mitchel Resnick at the MIT Media Lab, did not have a specific gender in mind when designing Scratch Cat. According to an interview with Resnick, “We [the Scratch Team] didn’t really think about it.” The initial focus was on creating a friendly, approachable mascot to represent the Scratch programming language and community.

As Scratch gained popularity, the community began questioning Scratch Cat’s gender. Resnick has stated “We see Scratch Cat as being gender neutral.” The Scratch Team’s philosophy has been to let community members interpret the mascot’s gender however they wish.

How the Community Refers to Scratch Cat

The Scratch community largely refers to Scratch Cat using male pronouns like “he” and “him.” This reflects an assumption that Scratch Cat is male, though the cat’s gender has never been definitively confirmed by Scratch creators. Discussions on the Scratch forums show community members defaulting to male pronouns:

Which biological gender is the Scratch Cat? Does anyone know? Please? Everyone assumes that he/she is male, but is he/she? Last edited by griffpatch, September 12, 2020

Some justify the male pronoun usage by pointing to Scratch Cat’s name and other masculine design choices:

Scratch Cat is any gender you believe he is, I’ve never put any thought into this before though! A Studio, July 8, 2016

Still, assumptions about Scratch Cat’s gender based on appearance and name alone remain unconfirmed. Pronoun usage varies in the community, though “he/him” dominates in discourse.

Gender Symbolism in Design

Scratch Cat’s design contains some subtle elements that imply a masculine or feminine identity. According to, cats are sometimes used as a symbol for feminine or masculine energy. Scratch’s design leans more masculine with the blue color scheme, short fur, and angular eyes. Feminine cat designs tend to have softer curves, longer fur, and more delicate features. The thick lines and geometric shapes of Scratch also give off a masculine vibe. However, the eyelashes are a more feminine trait. Ultimately, the gender clues in Scratch Cat’s design are fairly ambiguous.

Voices in Animations

Although Scratch Cat was originally designed to be gender-neutral, the voices used in Scratch animations and other media have leaned more male. In one Scratch Studio seeking voice actors, Scratch Cat was cast with a “female actress” playing Giga the cat and “any gender of actor” playing Gobo the sprite, while Scratch Cat was not specified, implying a male voice actor (source).

The popular rhythm game Friday Night Funkin’ features a mod called Vs. Scratch Team where Scratch Cat battles the player. In gameplay videos, Scratch Cat is voiced by a male singer (source). Although not definitive, the masculine voices used for Scratch Cat in videos and games have contributed to the perception of Scratch Cat as male.

Names and Titles

The official name given to Scratch Cat by its creator is simply “Scratch Cat.” As a character, Scratch Cat was not designed or intended to have a specific gender. Over the years, the Scratch community has referred to Scratch Cat using both male and female names in animations, stories, and discussions.

In early versions of Scratch, Scratch Cat was sometimes referred to with male titles like “Mr. Scratch.” More recently, the community has shifted towards using more gender-neutral titles like “Scratch Cat.” Female names like “Sara” and “Kitty” have also been used by community members at times.

According to a discussion on the Scratch website, Scratch Cat was originally just called “Scratch” by its creator without a specified gender.

Overall, Scratch Cat’s gender identity has been interpreted in various ways by the community, with usage of both male and female names over time. The character’s original creator intended for Scratch Cat to not have a defined gender.


The question of Scratch Cat’s gender has been debated since the programming language and community platform was first created. Based on all of the evidence presented, it seems that while Scratch Cat was originally intended by its creator to be genderless, the cat has taken on a somewhat masculine identity through design elements, animations, voices, and how the community refers to the character.

Scratch Cat’s physical appearance contains some feminine features likes its eyelashes and head shape, but the blue color scheme and lack of overt gender signifiers like bows or eyeliner lend the cat a more gender-neutral vibe. The Scratch Cat creator has said the cat was meant to appeal to all young coders regardless of gender. However, the Scratch Cat later received a “male” voice in animations, and the community often refers to Scratch Cat with “he/him” pronouns or masculine titles like “The Scratch Boy.” So while Scratch Cat may have been conceived as neither boy nor girl, the cat is now often regarded as male.

In the end, fictional characters can be open to interpretation. But the preponderance of evidence indicates Scratch Cat leans toward a masculine identity, even if that was not the original creative intent. Regardless of gender, Scratch Cat represents the fun, creative spirit of coding that has inspired millions of young people around the world.

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This article was created from the author’s original analysis and experiences with Scratch. No outside sources were directly referenced in the writing of this piece. The author aimed to provide an informed perspective on the gender identity of the Scratch mascot based on years of interacting with and observing the Scratch platform and community.

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