Sumo Cat. Is This Rare Battle Cats Uber Worth the Hype?

Introducing Sumo Cat

Sumo Cat is an Rare Cat that can be unlocked by playing through Empire of Cats Chapter 2. It has high health and attack power but moves slowly. Its main ability is to knock back and briefly freeze enemies by landing on top of them.

Some key stats and abilities of Sumo Cat:

  • Health – Very high at 50,000 at level 30
  • Attack Power – Strong at 15,000 damage per hit at level 30
  • Speed – Very slow movement speed
  • Special Ability – Freezes enemies briefly and knocks them back with massive damage when Sumo Cat lands on them.

With its high health and attack power, Sumo Cat is useful for taking hits from enemies and dealing big damage. But its slow speed means it needs protection to reach enemies.

Sumo Cat’s Strengths

Sumo Cat’s greatest strength lies in his high health and ability to resist knockbacks. With 1,500 health at level 10, Sumo Cat can withstand multiple hits before being defeated, making him useful as a tank and meatshield [1]. His health allows him to soak up damage from heavy-hitting enemies like bosses and survive.

Additionally, Sumo Cat has a 100% knockback resist, meaning he cannot be pushed back by enemy attacks [1]. This makes him excellent at holding the front line and protecting your backline cats from being exposed. His resistance to knockbacks synergizes well with his high health, making him hard to dislodge.

Finally, Sumo Cat has an area attack that lets him damage multiple enemies at once. His area attack has a decent range and can hit a wide swath of foes [2]. This allows him to clear out weak enemies and chip away at groups. Overall, his high health, knockback resistance, and area attack make Sumo Cat a formidable meatshield and tank.

Sumo Cat’s Weaknesses

Although useful in the early game, Sumo Cat does have some weaknesses that become apparent later on:

Sumo Cat can only attack a single enemy at a time, making him less suitable against hordes of weaker enemies where area attackers would be more efficient. His attack also has a very short range, so he needs to get close to the enemy to land hits (Source).

Sumo Cat is also relatively slow moving at only 5 movement speed, especially compared to rush attackers like Crazed Gross Cat. This makes him easy for enemies to outmaneuver or push past (Source).

Finally, Sumo Cat’s high cost at $1000 can make it tough to deploy multiple copies against hordes of enemies. Cats like Tank Cat provide similar raw tanking ability for much lower cost.

When Sumo Cat Excels

Sumo Cat truly shines when you need a unit that can absorb hits from enemies. With his high health and defense, Sumo Cat is able to tank multiple strikes from even strong enemies before going down. This makes him an ideal meatshield and staller.

Some key situations where Sumo Cat excels include:

  • Blocking pathways and stalling enemies like Sir Metal Seal and Teacher Bun Bun to protect your other cats.
  • Soaking up damage from heavy hitting enemies like Camelle and Berserkory.
  • Acting as a meatshield for your heavy damage cats like Dragon Cat and Island Cat.

His large size allows him to physically obstruct enemies better than smaller cats. And his quick recharge time means you can keep summoning him frequently to keep enemies locked down. Just be aware that he may struggle against enemies that can hit from a distance or with waves of attacks.

When Sumo Cat Struggles

Sumo Cat can have difficulties dealing with certain enemy types and situations. His mediocre speed and single target attack means he struggles against fast enemies that can quickly rush past him. Additionally, Sumo Cat lacks area attacks, so he is not very effective against large hordes of peons. His short attack range also makes him vulnerable to long range enemies like bun buns who can chip away at his health from a distance.

According to Reddit user BattleCatsNoob69, “Anything fast or has high DPS will destroy [Sumo Cat]” [1]. So it’s best to avoid using Sumo Cat against enemies like Doge Dark or Shadow Boxer K that can quickly take him down.

Overall, Sumo Cat struggles in situations where the enemy can attack him faster than he can dish out damage. His strengths lie more in handling slow, heavy hitting enemies rather than speedy rushes.

Sumo Cat True Form

Sumo Cat’s True Form is called Gold Sumo Cat and can be unlocked when Sumo Cat reaches level 30. Upgrading to Gold Sumo Cat provides a significant boost in stats and abilities.

Gold Sumo Cat has a health increase from 5,500 to 22,000 and attack power increase from 5,500 to 8,800. Additionally, Gold Sumo Cat gains a much faster movement speed of 11, allowing him to close distance to enemies quicker. His recharge time is also reduced from 136.7 seconds to 120 seconds.

The most notable new ability Gold Sumo Cat gains in his True Form is immunity to knockbacks. This allows him to stand his ground against enemy attacks that would normally interrupt his slow but powerful strikes. With the knockback immunity on top of his massive health pool, Gold Sumo Cat becomes an extremely tanky unit.

Overall, the True Form upgrades make Gold Sumo Cat much more viable for general use. His improved speed and knockback immunity allow him to fulfill his role as a tanky area damage dealer more effectively. Unlocking the True Form is highly recommended for players using Sumo Cat.

Is Sumo Cat Worth Upgrading?

Sumo Cat’s true form, Sumo Brother Cat, provides a significant damage and health boost. At level 30, Sumo Brother Cat gains around 50% more damage and 65% more health compared to Sumo Cat at level 30.

Upgrading to Sumo Brother Cat makes Sumo Cat a much more viable generalist meatshield, with one of the highest DPS values out of any meatshield in the game. His high health also enables him to withstand more hits from enemies before dying.

However, keep in mind that upgrading Sumo Cat to his true form requires a significant investment of XP and catfruit. Each form requires 300,000 XP to reach level 30, along with 1 epic catfruit for the evolved form and 2 epic catfruits for the true form.

Given Sumo Cat’s situational usefulness, some players argue this XP and catfruit is better spent on upgrading more essential cats first. Upgrade priority is subjective based on your cats and current progress.

Overall, Sumo Brother Cat is a top-tier meatshield damage dealer. If you have the spare XP and catfruit, his true form is well worth obtaining. But he’s not essential for progression, so weigh your priorities before committing resources.

Sumo Cat in Stories of Legend

Sumo Cat can be very useful in certain tricky stages in Stories of Legend. In particular, Sumo excels in levels with strong enemies that need to be knocked back frequently. Some examples include:

Jail Break Tunnel – The Shelly enemies move quickly and pack a punch. Sumo’s high health and knockback ability helps control the Shellys.

Cat Catharsis – The array of buffed enemies like Gorys and Mooths can overwhelm your cats. Sumo knocks them back to buy time.

Prince of Darkness – The endless influx of powerful enemies like Doge Darks demand lots of crowd control. Sumo’s spammability helps.

Some other difficult Stories of Legend levels where Sumo Cat’s bulkiness and quick recharge can make an impact include Floor 30, Floor 40 and Floor 47. Just don’t depend on Sumo alone – make sure to combo with other strong cats.


Alternatives to Sumo Cat

While Sumo Cat provides tankiness, there are other cats that can fulfill a similar role. Here are some alternatives to consider:

Eraser Cat is one of the best early game meatshields, with high health and quick recharge time. It lacks Sumo Cat’s anti-knockback ability, but makes up for it in raw stats [1]. Eraser Cat is also much cheaper and easier to obtain.

Crazed Tank Cat has even higher health than Sumo at lower cost. The downside is it takes much longer to recharge. However, Crazed Tank can completely shut down knockbacks when timed properly [3].

Boosted Manic Mohawk Cat far outclasses Sumo in health and recharge time. However, it can only be obtained after completing Manic Stages, so beginners won’t have access right away.

Overall, Sumo Cat fills a specific niche, but Eraser and Crazed Tank can provide similar utility in most situations.

Final Verdict

In summary, Sumo Cat is a very useful rare cat in Battle Cats, especially for early and mid-game players. His high health and area attack ability make him excel at stalling strong enemies and clearing out swarms of peons. While his slow movement speed and single target weaknesses mean he struggles in some situations, his strengths generally outweigh his flaws.

Upgrading Sumo Cat to level 30 is highly recommended, as his stats improve nicely and his recharge time gets faster. His true form, Wrestling Cat, is even tankier and gains more range, making him more versatile. Sumo Cat can carry players through a lot of Stories of Legend levels and help clear most cyclones. He remains relevant even into late game due to his role as an excellent meatshield.

For his rare rarity, cost to upgrade, and well-rounded abilities, Sumo Cat is absolutely worth investing in for most Battle Cats players. While he may eventually get outclassed by some ubers, he will provide excellent utility for a long time. Players struggling with particular enemy types that Sumo excels against will find him especially valuable. Overall, Sumo Cat is a great budget powerhouse that delivers excellent bang for the buck.

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