Is There a Hidden Cat in Battle Cats? The Mysterious Secret Character Revealed


Battle Cats is a popular tower defense game developed by the Japanese company PONOS Corporation. First released in Japan in November 2013 for iOS and Android devices, it has since expanded to over 100 countries with millions of players (Wikipedia). In Battle Cats, the player collects and upgrades different types of cats to defend their base from incoming enemy forces. With simple, colorful graphics and addictive gameplay, Battle Cats has become a casual gaming phenomenon.

At the start of each level, the player spends cat food to deploy cats onto the battlefield. There are dozens of cats to collect, each with their own attack range, speed, abilities, and upgrades. As new enemies approach, the player must strategically deploy cats to defend their base. The goal is to defeat all enemies before they reach the player’s base. With preciously ridiculous cats like Sexy Legs Cat, Castaway Cat, and Crazed Cat, Battle Cats delivers fun and intense tower defense gameplay.

While seemingly simple, Battle Cats offers deep strategic elements. Proper cat unit selection, timing, placement, and upgrades are key. The game also contains a local multiplayer battle mode. With its cute cat-themed graphics and strategic depth, Battle Cats has gained widespread popularity across all ages (Google Play).

What are the different cats in Battle Cats?

Battle Cats features hundreds of different cat units that can be unlocked and collected. They are grouped into several main categories:

Common cats – These basic cats form the backbone of your forces, like the versatile Tank Cat and the long-ranged Sexy Legs Cat. They are easy to upgrade to boost their stats. There are over 50 common cats to collect.

Special cats – Unusual cats with specific abilities like the bulky Sumo Cat that can block enemies or the flying Bird Cat that bypasses ground enemies.

Rare cats – These cats have better stats and abilities than common cats. Notable rare cats include Pogo Cat who can jump over enemies and attack from behind.

Super Rare cats – The most powerful basic cat types with abilities like massive area attacks or critical hit chances. Hacker Cat can freeze enemies and Apple Cat deals huge damage to Red enemies.

Rumors of a secret cat

There has been much online speculation about hidden cats in Battle Cats that can be unlocked through secret methods. Gamers have pored through game files and code looking for clues about these elusive secret cats.Three Hidden Cats | Battle Cats Wiki – Fandom Many believe there could be as many as four secret unlockable cats in total.

One of the most talked about secret cats is the Flower Cat, which some players claim they have unlocked through mysterious means. There are varied reports online about how to get the Flower Cat, with some saying you can unlock it for free in the Special Cats menu, and others claiming you need to beat certain levels in a specific way.

There has also been speculation about the existence of other secret cats with names like “Crazed Cow Cat”, “Crazed Tank Cat”, and “Crazed Axe Cat”. Data mining of game files has uncovered assets and code referring to these hidden cats, furthering rumors that they can be unlocked somehow.

While the details remain unclear, the breadth of rumors, game assets, and coding oddities suggest there is more to find regarding secret cats in Battle Cats. Gamers continue mining for clues, hoping to be the first to discover just how to unlock these elusive felines.

Evidence of data mining discoveries

Over the years, dedicated Battle Cats fans have dug into the game’s code using data mining techniques to uncover hidden details. In one notable Reddit thread from 2017, a user claimed to have deciphered encrypted data found in the game code that pointed to the existence of a secret cat unit.

The Redditor, u/JulietCat, said the decrypted data contained sprites and information for an unreleased “crazed cat” unit with powerful stats and abilities. They speculated this could be an uber rare cat obtainable through mysterious means. Other fans chimed in with theories that it’s unlocked through some secret in-game achievement.

The Battle Cats Wiki also references the potential for unlocking this rumored crazed cat, citing the findings from data mining as evidence. It remains an intriguing mystery within the Battle Cats community.

The mystery deepens

There has been some conflicting information around whether data mining efforts have actually revealed a secret cat in Battle Cats. On one hand, some users on Reddit claim that dataminers have found evidence of a hidden uber rare cat in the game’s code (source). They point to things like unused sprite sheets and cat unit IDs as proof that there is an obtainable but yet-unrevealed cat.

However, the Battle Cats wiki page shows no evidence of a secret cat in their compiled cat release order (source). The wiki is quite comprehensive and documents even unreleased and limited availability cats from the Japanese version, so you would expect any leaked secret cat to be listed there. The lack of concrete proof means there is still uncertainty around the existence of an unlockable hidden cat.

Speculation on how to get the secret cat

There has been a lot of speculation among Battle Cats players on how to unlock the rumored secret cat. Many theories have emerged on what special conditions need to be met in order to obtain this mysterious feline.

One prevalent theory is that players need to collect all other cats in the game first before the secret cat will appear (Source). This suggests the secret cat could be a reward for completing the full cat compendium. Some players have reported trying this method to no avail, but others believe it’s still a possibility if other unknown conditions are met.

Another speculation is that the secret cat is tied to 100% completion of the game, including all chapters, levels, and challenges. This would mean fully upgrading the Cat Base, collecting all treasures, clearing all stages with 3 stars, etc. Some think the secret cat may then appear after meeting these rigorous requirements.

There’s also talk of needing to trigger special events or complete oddly specific sequences to unlock the secret cat. For example, clearing a level in a certain amount of time or using only particular cats. These kinds of strange theories speak to the air of mystery around this elusive feline.

While no one knows for sure how to obtain the rumored secret cat, dedicated Battle Cats fans continue testing theories and searching for solutions. The allure of discovery keeps players engaged as they work to unveil the secrets of this adorable but complex strategy game.

Expert Commentary

Experienced Battle Cats players have weighed in on the rumors of a secret cat over the years. In a 2017 Reddit post, user catmaster2000 shared what they had learned after playing Battle Cats since launch: “You will unlock a hidden cat if you open the door in the menu a lot under 60 seconds” (source). This comment sparked speculation that repeatedly clicking the menu door yields a special surprise.

Other longtime players chimed in with their own experiences. Redditor catfan1234 said “I’ve tried the door thing, didn’t get anything. Pretty sure it’s just a myth” (source). Despite extensive gameplay, many expert players reported no evidence of a secret cat from the door trick.

Developer perspectives

Officially, the developers of Battle Cats have never confirmed the existence of any secret cats in the game. However, some comments made on Reddit by user ‘PONOS’, believed to be an account associated with the developers, have fueled speculation.

In one Reddit post titled “Battle Cats Rant [Fluff]”, PONOS responded to complaints about flaws in Battle Cats by saying “There may be secrets in Battle Cats that you haven’t discovered yet” (Source). This coy response suggests the developers may be hinting at hidden content.

Additionally, when asked directly if there are any secret cats, PONOS replied “Who knows?” (Source). This further implies the developers are keeping something under wraps.

However, PONOS has stopped short of officially confirming any secrets. So while their comments seem designed to entice players, there’s no definitive proof yet from the developers themselves that secret cats exist in Battle Cats.


While there is no definitive proof of a secret cat in Battle Cats, there are some compelling pieces of evidence that point to its potential existence. The discoveries from data mining the game files indicate that there is unused content referencing an unknown cat unit. The circumstances around this data are mysterious, lending credence to the idea that the developers intended for there to be a hidden unlockable cat.

The theories from fans about how to get this secret cat provide interesting speculation, but so far these alleged methods have not been reliably confirmed. Some believe it may be tied to 100% completion of the game or achieving certain milestones, while others think it could be unlocked through esoteric means like entering a convoluted code. Ultimately, there is no smoking gun.

While the secret cat remains elusive, the accumulated evidence makes a convincing case that there is more to the story than meets the eye. Short of an official acknowledgement from the developers, the secret cat will likely continue to be a tantalizing rumor among Battle Cats fans and data miners. The mystery and speculation around it has become an intriguing bonus dimension to an already enjoyable game.


After examining rumors and speculation around a secret cat in Battle Cats, the evidence remains inconclusive. Data mining code discoveries hint at unused assets and clues about a hidden character. However, without confirmation from the developers, the existence of a secret unlockable cat cannot be definitively proven or disproven. While some expert players insist there are methods of unlocking this cat, the specific details remain elusive. Ultimately, the idea of a secret cat makes for an intriguing theory among the Battle Cats community, but its existence is still up for debate until the developers address it directly.

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