Phone Laser Pointers. The Purrfect Cat Toy at Your Fingertips


Laser pointers have become an incredibly popular toy for cat owners to use when playing with their feline companions. The sight of a cat excitedly chasing after the moving red dot from a laser pointer is endlessly entertaining. There’s just something magical about the way cats react to laser pointers that fascinates humans. According to a 2021 survey, over 80% of cat owners reported using laser pointers when playing with their cats ( Laser pointers allow owners to easily direct their cat’s playtime and activity. It provides exercise, stimulation, and bonding time between pets and owners.

Why Cats Love Laser Pointers

Cats naturally have an instinct to hunt and chase prey. Their predatory drive comes from their ancestry as solitary hunters where catching prey was necessary for survival. When cats see a laser pointer, their predatory instincts kick in and they perceive the moving red dot as potential prey to chase and catch (Hill’s Pet Nutrition).

The darting red dot triggers a cat’s prey drive by mimicking the erratic movement of small prey animals. To a cat, the laser resembles a rodent or bug zipping around unpredictably. This unpredictable movement captivates cats and compels them to stalk and pounce on the laser dot as they would natural prey.

Additionally, the laser pointer taps into a cat’s natural instinct to hunt using their keen eyesight. As hunters that rely on visual cues, cats become wholly engrossed in chasing the bright red dot which excites their vision-oriented predatory behaviors (PureWow).

Benefits of Laser Playtime

Laser pointers provide great mental stimulation and exercise for cats. The laser stimulates a cat’s natural prey drive by moving quickly and unpredictably, capturing their full attention as they intently follow it. This activity engages a cat’s problem-solving skills and satisfies their desire to hunt, similar to how they would chase bugs or rodents in the wild. The laser gives them an outlet to express these natural behaviors indoors in a safe, controlled way.

Chasing a laser pointer requires agility and coordination. As cats twist, turn, leap, and pounce to catch the elusive red dot, they get an excellent cardio workout. This type of playtime can help prevent obesity by burning calories and building muscle tone. According to veterinarians, even just 10-15 minutes per day of chasing a laser pointer can provide measurable health benefits for your cat

In addition to physical exercise, laser toys provide vital mental stimulation to keep cats engaged and entertained. The random movement of the laser prevents boredom by challenging your cat’s mind and reflexes. Cats love the thrill of the hunt, so a laser toy becomes a riveting game. Just like their big cat cousins, domestic cats have a strong natural instinct to chase fast-moving objects. A laser pointer allows them to indulge in this instinct indoors in a constructive way.

Potential Dangers of Laser Pointer Playtime

While lasers can provide cats with mental stimulation and exercise, some potential dangers need to be considered when using laser pointers as cat toys according to veterinarians and cat behavior experts. The main concerns around laser use involve the risk of eye damage and stress in cats.

Laser pointers can potentially damage a cat’s eyes if shined directly into them according to veterinary eye specialist Dr. Chelsea Kilfoil (PetMD, 2021). The high-intensity light from lasers can cause retinal burns or blindness if aimed at a cat’s eyes. To avoid this risk, PetMD recommends keeping lasers pointed at the ground or wall and avoiding shining it in your cat’s face.

Another concern is that laser play may cause stress or frustration in cats that are unable to catch the laser dot despite repeated pouncing attempts. Certified cat behavior consultant Marilyn Krieger explains that “cats can become obsessed, depressed, and frustrated when they are unable to catch the moving red dot” (PetMD, 2021). Restricting laser playtime and mixing in tangible toys that cats can physically catch helps prevent this issue.

Tips for Safe Laser Play

When using laser toys with cats, it’s important to take some precautions to keep playtime fun and safe. Here are some tips:

Don’t shine the laser pointer into your cat’s eyes or face. Cats have very sensitive vision and lasers can potentially damage their eyes if shined directly into them. Always aim the laser pointer at the floor or walls around your cat. According to PetMD, “Never point a laser pointer directly into your cat’s eyes as it can cause retinal damage.” (Source)

Limit laser play sessions to 5-10 minutes. Laser chasing can be very stimulating and exciting for cats, but they can get obsessed, frustrated, and exhausted from prolonged play. Keep sessions short and make sure your cat has cool down time in between. The TippVet article recommends ending “play sessions on a positive note, while your cat is still interested.” (Source)

Rotate laser toys with other interactive cat toys. While laser toys provide great exercise, cats need toys they can physically catch and “kill” as well. Rotate laser play with wand toys, balls, and plush toys to provide your cat with a variety of stimulating play.

Best Laser Toys for Cats

When choosing a laser toy for your cat, there are a few key features to look for. Automatic and phone-attachable laser toys allow you to play with your cat hands-free, while multi-color options add visual excitement. Some top options include:

Laserglow Rechargeable Interactive Laser Cat Toy – This automated laser toy has programmable patterns and speeds to keep your cat entertained. It can attach to your phone via an app for remote playtime.

SmartyKat Loco Laser Electronic Motion Cat Toy – With its erratic motions and ability to change direction randomly, this automated laser toy provides hours of hands-free fun. It features three light colors.

PetSafe Bolt Automatic Laser Cat Toy – Using a random pattern technology, this laser toy automatically moves the laser in unpredictable directions. It offers a 12-hour automatic play mode.

FroliCat DART Automatic Rotating Laser Pet Toy – This automated laser rotates in circles and figure 8 patterns. It has several speed settings and can attach to your phone for app control.

Fun Videos of Cats and Lasers

What’s more entertaining than watching funny cat videos? Watching funny cat videos featuring kitties chasing laser pointers! Here are some of the most popular and hilarious YouTube videos of cats going crazy over lasers:

This classic video compilation shows cats frantically pouncing, jumping, and backflipping as they try to catch those elusive laser dots. Their acrobatic antics never fail to make us laugh!

Watch as this kitty practically climbs the walls and leaps through the air trying to capture the laser. Its relentless determination is both hilarious and impressive.

This big fluffy cat gets so immersed in laser-chasing that he starts digging and scratching at the floor! Kitty is clearly having a blast.

With lasers and cats, the laughs never stop. Watching kitties in laser-induced play frenzies will brighten anyone’s day!

Laser Games to Play with Your Cat

There are a variety of fun laser games you can play with your cat using your smartphone. Cats love to chase, pounce and hunt, so a laser pointer is the perfect interactive toy. Here are some ideas for laser games to try:

The classic laser chase game involves shining the laser dot around the room and having your cat run after it. Move the dot along the floor, up walls, or on furniture to simulate prey for your cat to “catch.” Most cats will enthusiastically chase and pounce on the laser dot. Just be careful not to shine the laser in your cat’s eyes.

You can also try “fetch” with the laser pointer by stopping the laser on a toy or treat, letting your cat pounce, then rewarding with praise or treats. This teaches your cat to “fetch” the dot. Start with the laser on the treat, then work up to pointing the laser near the treat so your cat learns to run to the dot.

Using the laser pointer to make patterns on the wall or floor is another way to play. Try making circles, figure 8s, or wave-like patterns for your cat to chase. This keeps them mentally stimulated trying to catch the moving dot. Just make sure to end the game with an actual reward, not just the dot disappearing, so it feels satisfying for your cat 1.

Other Interactive Cat Toys

While laser pointers can provide fun interactive play for cats, it’s important to provide a variety of stimulating toys to prevent boredom. Here are some great alternatives to laser pointers:

Puzzle feeders and treat balls – These allow cats to “hunt” for food or treats, satisfying their natural foraging instincts. Models like the Trixie Activity Flip Board provide mental stimulation.

Remote controlled toys – Toys like the Frisco Remote Control Mouse allow you to interact with your cat from across the room. Cats love chasing and pouncing on these electronic rodents!

Catnip toys – Many cats go crazy for catnip! Plush catnip-filled toys, like this Yeowww! Banana, are irresistible to cats.

Another great option is toys you can set up to automatically move or bounce around while you’re away, keeping your cat engaged and active.

Rotating through a variety of interactive toy types will keep your cat from getting bored with any one toy. Lasers can be part of the fun – just be sure to use them in moderation!

The Joy of Cat and Laser Pointer Bonding

There’s something magical about the way cats react to laser pointers. As soon as that little red dot appears, they turn into playful hunters, completely transfixed by the elusive prey. Cat owners delight in moving the laser pointer around, watching their feline friends pounce and leap as they give chase.

The whimsical nature of cats is on full display during laser playtime. They’ll try catching the dot with their paws, quickly realizing it’s just light. But that doesn’t stop them from tracking it intently, never tiring of the game. There are countless cute videos online showing the fun cats have chasing lasers. Like this compilation of laser cat clips that captures their curiosity and zeal (source).

Laser pointers offer a great way for owners to interact and bond with their cats. It’s an exercise in imagination, causing delight as you move the dot around, watching your cat’s reactions. The shared playtime strengthens your connection. With just a simple laser pointer, you can activate your cat’s natural hunting instincts and enjoy their silly antics together.

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