Cats Gone Wild. The Hot New Trend in Cat Fashion is Denim Jeans for Men


Cat jeans for men are specially designed jeans meant for adult male cats to wear. The concept originated from online videos and memes depicting cats wearing miniature jeans or denim shorts. While initially a novelty, cat jeans have grown into a popular pet fashion item.

The first well-known instance of a cat wearing jeans was Jorts the cat in 2021. Images and videos of Jorts wearing high-waisted denim shorts went viral on Twitter and TikTok ( This sparked an explosion in interest around dressing cats in tiny human clothes. Soon after, companies began manufacturing miniature jeans tailored for cats.

Cat jeans remain a niche product but have quickly gained a cult following, especially among young pet owners. They allow owners to express their pet’s personality through fashion while also providing amusement from seeing cats wear humanesque clothing. As more brands produce cat jeans and social media popularizes the trend, they will likely continue increasing in popularity as a cute but controversial pet garment.

Styles and Varieties

Cat jeans come in a range of styles to suit different tastes and body types. Some of the most popular cuts include:


Skinny cat jeans are close-fitting throughout the leg and taper towards the ankle. They create a sleek silhouette that shows off your legs and behind. Skinny jeans for cats are often made with some stretch for comfort.


Bootcut cat jeans have a straight fit through the thigh and knee but flare out from the knee downwards. The flared leg opening allows room to fit over boots. This style balances and flatters different body shapes.


Relaxed fit cat jeans have a loose, baggy look. They have a low rise and straight leg that hides the contours of the body. Relaxed jeans are extra roomy for free movement and maximum comfort.

In addition to different cuts, cat jeans come in solid colors like black, blue, gray, and white as well as a variety of printed designs. Some feature large floral or paisley prints while others have subtle polka dot or plaid patterns. Jeans can have a zipper fly or elastic waistband for easy on/off access. Button closures are less common for cat jeans.

Where to Buy

Cat jeans have historically been sold primarily through specialty online shops catering to pet fashion. Sites like Meowingtons, Pawsonify, and Catster Apparel have the widest selections and regularly add new cat jean designs. These sites also offer helpful sizing guides since fit can be tricky when shopping online for pet clothes. The downside is higher prices and shipping costs at these niche retailers.

Mainstream clothing and department stores are beginning to dip their toes into the cat jeans market. Brands like The Gap, Old Navy, and Target now carry basic cat jean styles and washes during peak seasons like back-to-school and holidays. The upside is convenience and lower prices. The drawback is a much smaller selection focused on generic washes in limited sizing. These stores also tend to sell out of popular cat jeans quickly due to lower inventory.

For the latest trends and styles, boutique pet fashion sites can’t be beat. But for budget-friendly basics, mass retailers are worth a look. There are pros and cons to both shopping channels when buying cat jeans.

Fit and Sizing

Cat work jeans tend to run true to size, but fit can vary depending on the style. According to the Cat Workwear sizing charts (, their jeans are designed with a relaxed fit through the hip and thigh. Most styles sit at the natural waist. The classic straight leg and loose straight leg fits are roomy through the hip and thigh, while the relaxed fit has a looser fit throughout.

It’s recommended to refer to the specific sizing chart for your style of Cat jeans, as each fit may vary slightly. If you are between sizes, consider sizing up for a looser, more relaxed fit. The jeans are designed to allow free movement while working. For a trimmer fit, size down. Keep in mind the jeans may shrink slightly after washing.

To find your ideal size, first measure your waist. Refer to the size chart to find your waist measurement matching the jean waist size. Next, consider your fit preferences – if you like a looser, relaxed fit, size up 1. If you prefer a trimmer fit, you may want to size down. Trying the jeans on in store can help dial in the perfect size.

Fabrics and Materials

Denim is the most common material used in cat jeans. Denim is known for its durability and comfort. Most cat jeans use 100% cotton denim or a cotton/polyester blend (Costco). Denim provides the signature rugged look that cat jeans are known for.

Stretch fabrics are also commonly used, often combined with cotton denim. A small percentage of spandex or other elastic fibers woven into the denim allows for flexibility and comfort while retaining denim’s durability. Stretch cat jeans frequently contain around 1-5% spandex (Costco).

For maximum comfort, some cat jeans use soft materials like fleece or flannel on the interior. Soft brushed cotton or cashmere may be used on the inside of jeans to pamper cats while maintaining a rugged denim exterior.

Since cat jeans need to withstand daily wear and tear from active felines, durability is a key consideration. Thicker denim fabrics around 12-16 oz are often used. Bar tacking and reinforced seams ensure structural integrity. Premium hardware and reinforcements at stress points also improve durability.


Cat jeans are generally priced between $50-$150 depending on the brand, style, and where you purchase them. Some factors that affect the pricing include:

  • Brand – More established and popular brands like Meow Mix or Purrfect Apparel will charge more than lesser known start-up companies.
  • Materials – Jeans made with premium denim or feature decorative elements like rhinestones or embroidery will cost more.
  • Specialty Styles – Unique designs like leather or ripped cat jeans often demand higher prices.
  • Retailer – Purchasing cat jeans from a boutique or specialty retailer will be pricier than mass merchant stores.

You can often find sales and deals from 10-40% off the original prices. It’s worth comparing prices between retailers and waiting for end of season sales or coupons to get the best value. Overall, expect to invest $75-$120 for a quality pair of cat jeans from an established brand.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for your cat jeans can help prolong their life and maintain a sharp appearance. It’s important to take some precautions when washing and drying to prevent fading, shrinkage, and damage.

Washing recommendations:

  • Turn jeans inside out before washing to protect the fabric and minimize fading (1).
  • Wash jeans in cold water on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent (2). Hot water can cause fading and shrinkage.
  • Wash jeans inside a garment bag to prevent abrasion.
  • Avoid overcrowding the washer, which can lead to wrinkling.

Drying recommendations:

  • Tumble dry on low heat. High heat can shrink jeans (1).
  • Remove jeans from the dryer immediately to prevent over-drying.
  • Hang dry jeans to maintain color and prevent shrinkage. Lay flat to dry.
  • Iron while still slightly damp on medium heat, inside out.

Folding and storage:

  • Fold jeans neatly along seams to prevent wrinkles and creases.
  • Store folded jeans in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Repair recommendations:

  • Patch small holes and tears with denim or iron-on patches.
  • Darn larger holes using a needle and thread matching the jeans’ color.
  • Take jeans to a tailor for repairs beyond darning.

With proper care and maintenance, your cat jeans can stay looking great for years.

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(2) CAT Men’s Workwear Jean

Who is Wearing Them

Cat jeans for men have seen a surge in popularity across various demographics in recent years. While they were initially associated mostly with younger, trendier men, cat jeans are now being embraced by men of all ages.

Teenagers and young adults still make up a significant portion of cat jeans wearers. The playful cat patterns and relaxed fits appeal to younger tastes and styles. However, men in their 20s, 30s, and beyond are also joining the cat jeans trend.

Part of the expanding appeal is that cat jeans work well for casual daytime wear but can also transition seamlessly into nightlife looks. Their versatility makes them suitable for school, the office, going out, and more. Cat jeans allow men across age ranges to express a fun, youthful spirit while remaining stylish.

Some professional men are even incorporating cat jeans into business casual and smart casual work looks. Tasteful cat patterns on dark washes provide understated flair. So while cat jeans may have started out as a Gen Z fad, they now transcend age and style tribes.

Criticisms and Controversies

Cat jeans have received some criticism and controversy since their rise in popularity. Some see them as silly or immature clothing for grown men. There’s an association between cat jeans and negative stereotypes about “cat men” being detached and living aimless, solitary lives [1]. This became a topic of debate on Reddit when a user was accused of “perpetuating ethnic stereotypes” for naming his cats Jorts and Jean [2].

There are also potential ethical concerns around the production of cat jeans. Like other clothing items, there have been questions about fair labor practices and environmental sustainability in manufacturing. Brands that are transparent about their supply chain and make efforts for ethical production could avoid some of this criticism.

Future Outlook

Cat jeans for men are projected to continue rising in popularity over the next few years. According to Time Magazine, looser and more relaxed fits like the cat jean style are a growing trend, appealing to men looking for comfort without sacrificing style.

As cat jeans gain mainstream appeal, they are likely to influence wider fashion trends. More designers may incorporate elements like exaggerated whiskering, distressed details, and relaxed tapered legs into their collections. The casual aesthetic and emphasis on comfort in cat jeans reflects shifting attitudes among male consumers.

Several new brands offering modern takes on cat jeans have emerged recently. For example, DNGR Apparel, with its focus on sustainability, and Levi’s with updated vintage-inspired cat jean designs. More niche designers specializing in cat jeans for men may gain traction as the trend solidifies its place within mainstream fashion.

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