What Can You Mix With Cat In Little Alchemy?

Introduction to Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy is a popular internet-based puzzle game released in 2011 where players start with basic elements like air, fire, earth, and water and try to combine them to “craft” more complex items. The game has a simple, intuitive interface that allows players to drag and drop elements to mix them. When the right combination is made, a new element is created and added to your library to mix further.

The goal is to find combinations to create over 500 elements ranging from simple items like stone, wood, and metal, to more complex ones like life, time, and philosophy. There is no single solution path, allowing for a creative open-ended experience. The appeal lies in the sense of discovery when new elements emerge from combinations, sometimes in surprising ways.

With its imaginative gameplay and whimsical visual style, Little Alchemy has earned a dedicated player base who enjoy sharing their ideas online. The game is frequently updated with expansions that introduce new original elements to craft and new possible combinations to uncover.

The Cat Element

Cat is one of the original elements in Little Alchemy. To make cat, combine the wild animal and milk elements:

wild animal + milk = cat

(Source: https://littlealchemy.com/hints/item/cat/)

The cat element has the following properties in Little Alchemy:

  • It is a domesticated pet animal
  • It is a predator that hunts mice and birds
  • It is an adorable and popular house pet
  • It can interact with other elements like milk, fabric, and house

Cats are one of the most beloved pets and internet memes. In Little Alchemy, the cat element opens up a lot of crafting possibilities involving household items, music, and more. It’s a key element to unlock in the game.

Making a Pet

In Little Alchemy, you can mix the cat element with other animal elements like dog, bird, or fish to create a pet. For example, combining cat and dog will create the pet dog. The specific combinations are:

Cat + Dog = Pet Dog

Cat + Bird = Pet Bird

Cat + Fish = Pet Fish

Pets are domesticated animals that live with humans. Creating pets in Little Alchemy demonstrates how you can take a wild animal like a cat and tame it by mixing it with other tamed animals. The pet combinations produce some of the most common household pets that provide companionship and enjoyment.

For more pet combinations, you can also try mixing cat with elements like lizard, rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, frog, turtle, and more. Experiment with different animal mixes to see what interesting pets you can create!

Making a Predator

One of the most interesting combinations using the cat element in Little Alchemy is mixing it with other predator animals to create hybrid creatures. For example, combining cat with wolf results in coyote. A coyote is a predator native to North America that has features resembling both cats and dogs. It has the lean body, quickness and instinct to hunt small prey like a cat, but the social pack mentality of a wolf.

Another powerful predator can be created by mixing cat with lion. This makes the liger, which is the largest known cat species in the world. LIGERS only exist in captivity, as the habitats of lions and tigers don’t overlap in the wild. They can grow over 10 feet long and weigh over 1,000 pounds. Despite their massive size, ligers are known for being sociable like lions and enjoy swimming like tigers.

Tiger is also an interesting mix with cat in Little Alchemy. Combining these makes a lynx, which is a medium-sized wild cat living in forests across North America, Europe and Asia. Lynx have large paws that help them move effectively on snow, as well as long ear tufts and short tails. They are skilled hunters known for their expert climbing abilities and vision that allows them to spot prey from far away.

These are just a few examples of the cool predators you can create by mixing cat with other animals in Little Alchemy. Experimenting with different wild animals and cats results in hybrid species with their own unique abilities and traits.

Making a Hybrid

One fun thing you can do in Little Alchemy is mix the cat element with mythological creatures to create imaginary hybrid animals. For example, you can combine cat with dragon to make a dragon cat. This fire-breathing feline has the body shape and furry features of a cat, but with large, scaly wings and a long fiery tail. According to the Little Alchemy Wiki https://little-alchemy.fandom.com/wiki/Cat, you can also mix cat with unicorn to create a caticorn. This whimsical creature has the horn and magical essence of a unicorn, combined with the soft fur and whiskers of a household tabby. Other mythological hybrids you can try to create include a pegasus cat by mixing cat with pegasus, a griffin cat by combining cat with griffin, or a sphinx cat by mixing cat with sphinx.

The potential to breed imaginary creatures is part of the fun and creativity of Little Alchemy. Combining the familiar cat element with exotic mythological beasts leads to new dragon cats, unicorn cats, and other hybrid animals not found anywhere else. Your imagination is the limit when blending elements like cat with magical creatures from mythology and legends.

Making Shelter/Home Items

Mixing the cat element with other items related to home and shelter can produce some fun combinations in Little Alchemy. Here are some ideas to try:

Cat + House – This will create a house with a cat door or opening, allowing your cat free access in and out. The mixture recognizes that many house pets like cats are given special accommodations.

Cat + Bed – Combining these elements makes a pet bed, creating a cozy place for your cat to curl up and sleep. This is essential for any domestic cat.

Cat + Carpet – The result is a scratching post carpet or cat tree, giving your cat a designated place to scratch and climb. This satisfies your cat’s natural scratching instinct.

Cat + Sofa – Your cat will quickly claim any sofa as their own domain. The mixture produces a sofa with cat hair, acknowledging the reality of feline shedding and their affinity for sitting on soft furniture.

Cat + Cat condo – Condos designed just for cats have platforms, scratching areas, and perches. Mixing cat with a cat condo emphasizes feline-specific furniture and recreation.

By combining cat with items found around the home, you can create environments suited to your domesticated cat in Little Alchemy. Give your cat places to sleep, scratch, climb and perch!

Making a Job/Role

Mixing cat with certain elements in Little Alchemy 2 can result in different jobs or roles. For example, combining cat with farmer creates shepherd, which is a person who herds and takes care of sheep. As the Little Alchemy 2 Cheats guide explains, mixing cat with guard creates watchman, someone who keeps watch. You can also make royal advisor by mixing cat with king – this is someone who gives advice to royalty. Other interesting job combinations include mixing cat with scholar to make librarian, and mixing cat with pirate to make cabin boy.

Overall, combining cat with human roles or professions often generates cat-related versions of those jobs. The cat element adds an animal twist to the different occupations. Experimenting with different combinations can unlock amusing or clever results.

Making Food

One of the most common things to make with cat in Little Alchemy is food. This makes sense since cats are often thought of as pets, and pet food is a large industry. Some examples of food combinations using cat include:

Mixing cat with milk creates cream or ice cream. Milk is one of the basic elements in Little Alchemy, and pairing it with cat references how cats love to drink milk. According to the Little Alchemy Wiki, mixing animal or night with milk also results in cat, so you can then combine cat and milk. See Little Alchemy Wiki.

Combining cat and tuna generates an article of cat food, since tuna is a common flavor for cat food brands. Tuna fish is made by mixing fish and ocean in Little Alchemy.

Mixing cat with meat or chicken creates pet food or cat food, since these are common proteins used in commercial cat food. Meat is made by combining swamp and livestock in Little Alchemy.

In general, mixing cat with other edible elements like fruit, vegetables, or meals will result in various types of cat food or pet food combinations.

Making a Object/Tool

Mixing cat with other elements can produce a variety of useful objects and tools in Little Alchemy. For example, combining cat with yarn creates ball of yarn (https://littlealchemy.com/hints/item/cat/), which can then be combined with wood to make knitting needles. Mixing cat with paper creates book, representing a book about cats or cat care. Bicycle plus cat makes motorcycle, trading pedal power for a motorized engine. Other interesting object combinations include cat plus rainbow creating prism, or cat plus angel making heavenly cat.

There are many possibilities for objects that involve cats in Little Alchemy. Experimenting with different combinations can unlock new objects to add to your collection. The key combinations require starting with the cat element, then mixing and matching with other items to see what new tools, objects or concepts emerge.


Cat combinations in Little Alchemy allow you to easily create many interesting items to progress through the game, including beloved pets, wild predators, and mythical creatures. The unique properties of the Cat element allow it to be paired in intriguing ways, from turning into part of shelter, food, tools, and more. The most notably useful combinations covered in this guide are Cat + Time creating a Keyboard Cat and Cat + Bird making a Griffin. This highlights how mixing Cat with other key elements can unlock recipes for both entertainment and fantastical purposes. In summary, Cat is a remarkably versatile base element in Little Alchemy that opens up many creativity possibilities.

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