Most Destructive Cats to Unleash in Battle Cats


The Battle Cats is a popular tower defense mobile game developed by PONOS Corporation for iOS and Android. First released in Japan in 2013, it has since expanded to over 100 countries with millions of players worldwide (The Battle Cats – Wikipedia).

In The Battle Cats, players collect and deploy different types of cats onto a battlefield to defend their base against incoming waves of enemy creatures. There are hundreds of unlockable cats with unique stats and abilities to help players progress through increasingly difficult levels. The core gameplay revolves around strategic unit deployment and tower defense mechanics.

One of the key aspects that sets The Battle Cats apart is its cute and quirky cat theme. The diverse cats have amusing designs and names that give the game a lighthearted appeal. However, the gameplay has considerable depth, requiring players to carefully plan their lineup of cats for each level.

Overall, with its mix of casual appeal, strategic gameplay, and sheer variety of content, The Battle Cats delivers a fun and addictive experience for both new and veteran players.

Measuring Damage

In Battle Cats, the main metric used to measure a unit’s damage output is damage per second (DPS). This quantifies how much damage a unit can inflict over time during battles. DPS is calculated by taking a unit’s base damage stat and dividing it by its attack animation length or attack frequency, according to the Battle Cats Wiki (

For example, a unit with 100 damage and an attack animation of 3 seconds would have a DPS of 100 / 3 = 33.3. This means it deals around 33 damage every second while attacking. DPS provides a standardized way to compare different units’ damage outputs regardless of attack speed or animation length.

Some abilities like critical hits or surge attacks can dynamically increase a unit’s DPS during battle. But the base DPS gives a baseline to judge damage. In general, units with higher DPS can quickly defeat enemies by inflicting damage rapidly over time.

Basic Cats

Basic cats are the most common units in Battle Cats and can be unlocked just by playing through the main Story chapters. They may seem simple, but some have quite respectable damage output. For example, according to the Battle Cats Wiki on Fandom, the max level Normal Cat has 4,450 HP and deals 355 damage per hit with a range of 140 (source). The Tank Cat is especially known for its high health of 168,000 at level 30 while the Sexy Legs Cat can deal over 15,000 damage to traits it is strong against.

Overall, while basic cats don’t shine in any one area, they provide solid, reliable damage and stats. Their true power comes from being able to stack large numbers of them together. A horde of basic cats can overwhelm enemies through sheer force of numbers. They make excellent meat shields and supplement damage from the more specialized rare and super rare cats.

Rare Cats

Some of the top damage dealing Rare Cats in Battle Cats include Weightlifter Cat, Piledriver Cat, and (Rare_Cat)>Sword Master Cat. Weightlifter Cat has the Massive Damage ability which allows it to deal huge damage to enemies with a single attack. When enhanced to level 30 or higher, it can deal over 100,000 damage to enemies like metals and angels. Piledriver Cat also inflicts Massive Damage and its evolved form deals even more damage at 350,750 to metals. Sword Master Cat is another hard hitting Rare Cat whose evolved form Clockwork Cat can deal 230,000 damage to Red enemies.

Super Rare Cats

Some of the most damaging cats in Battle Cats are Super Rare cats. According to the Battle Cats Wiki’s “Cats with Massive Damage” category [1], Super Rares like Bath Cat, Brainwashed Bird Cat, and Castaway Cat have the Massive Damage ability which greatly increases their attack power.

On Reddit, a user-created guide [2] states that Super Rare Pizza Cat does “insane damage” especially when stacked. Other hard-hitting Super Rares mentioned include Cataur, Weightlifter Cat, Figure Skating Cats, and Wheel Cat.

Overall, Super Rare cats can inflict massive damage thanks to their abilities and stats. Players should pay close attention to Super Rares with the Massive Damage ability or high DPS to find the most destructive cats.

Uber Rare Cats

Among Uber Rare cats, some of the highest damage dealers based on damage per second (DPS) are Lesser Demon Cat, Baby Cat, and Cat Machine. Lesser Demon Cat has a high DPS of 1,200 at level 30 while Baby Cat has 850 DPS. Cat Machine also brings solid damage with 425 DPS according to the Battle Cats Wiki.

When considering the most damaging Uber Rares, it’s important to look at damage per second rather than just damage per hit. This gives a better sense of overall damage output over time in a stage or battle. Some cats like Lesser Demon deal lower damage per hit but attack very frequently resulting in high total damage.

Legend Rare Cats

Legend Rare Cats are the rarest and most powerful cats in Battle Cats. Some of the top damage-dealing Legend Rares include:

Mighty Kristul Muu – Deals massive damage to Red and Floating enemies with a high critical chance. At level 30, Mighty Kristul Muu has 86,400 damage (12,000 DPS).

Dark Mitama – One of the top anti-Angel attackers, dealing triple damage with high critical chance. At level 30, Dark Mitama has 51,840 damage (7,200 DPS) against Angels.

Lumina – Extremely high DPS unit especially effective versus floating enemies. At level 30, Lumina has 60,480 damage (8,400 DPS).

Lesser Demon Cat – Deals huge damage to traitless enemies. At level 30, Lesser Demon Cat has 51,840 damage (7,200 DPS).

With high stats and abilities like massive damage, critical hits, and triple damage, Legend Rare Cats can unleash devastating attacks in battle. Proper timing and strategy is required to utilize their full damage potential.

Special Cats

Special cats are unique cats that cannot be obtained through the Rare Cat Capsule. They generally have high stats and powerful abilities compared to Basic Cats and Rare Cats. Some of the highest damaging special cats include:

Cats in a Box has extremely high DPS at 99,999 damage per hit according to the Battle Cats Wiki [1]. Its area attack can hit a wide range of enemies.

Type-10 Cat does 99,999 damage per hit as well with a rapid attack rate, giving it incredible DPS according to the wiki [2]. It can outrange many enemies while dishing out damage.

According to a Reddit discussion, Warlock and Pierre have the absolute highest DPS against enemy bases at 57,412 DPS [3]. Their abilities allow them to deal devastating damage to bases.

Overall, Cats in a Box, Type-10 Cat, Warlock and Pierre seem to be among the top damage-dealing Special Cats in Battle Cats.

True Forms

One of the biggest damage increases in Battle Cats comes from unlocking a cat’s True Form. True Forms are upgraded versions of Basic Cats, Rare Cats, Super Rare Cats, Uber Rare Cats, and Special Cats that provide stat increases like higher health, damage, range, speed, and more. According to the Battle Cats Wiki – Fandom, the damage increase from True Forms can be significant, often doubling a cat’s base attack power.1

Some notable True Forms that provide a major damage boost include:

  • Lizard Cat – Doubles attack damage in True Form
  • Titan Cat – Doubles attack damage in True Form
  • Rover Cat – Increases damage in True Form

Prioritizing certain cats for True Forms can help amplify your overall damage capabilities. The community generally recommends focusing first on generalist attackers with high DPS like Dragon Cat, Mythical Titan Cat, and Jamiera Cat. True Forms that grant abilities like wave, surge, and strong up can also multiply damage against certain enemies.


In conclusion, some of the cats that can do the most damage in Battle Cats are Uber Rare and Legend Rare cats. Specifically, Shadow Gao, Dark Kasli, Kasli the Scourge, Mitama the Oracle, and Lumina the Lilac are among the top damage dealers.

These rare and powerful cats have high stats, abilities, and attacks that allow them to inflict devastating damage on enemies. With their long range, high critical hit chance, massive damage to particular enemy types, and multi-hit attacks, they can wipe out hoards of enemies quickly.

While Basic and Special cats can still be useful for blocking and support purposes, to truly decimate your foes, acquiring and leveling up Uber Rare and Legend Rare cats is key. With their mighty attacks and skills, these top-tier cats reign supreme when it comes to dishing out damage.

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