Unlocking the Mystery of Catamin in Battle Cats

What is Battle Cats?

The Battle Cats is a free-to-play tower defense game developed and published by PONOS Corporation for iOS and Android. It was originally released in Japan in November 2013, with English and other language releases following in 2014 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Battle_Cats).

In Battle Cats, the objective is to use an army of cartoon cats to defeat enemy forces and conquer territory on a 2D map. Players collect different breeds of cats with unique appearances and abilities to build their army. Gameplay involves strategically deploying cats with abilities like ranged attacks, barriers, critical hits etc. to overcome enemies and structures protecting the enemy base.

Levels start out simple but increase in difficulty as players advance. Between levels, players can upgrade their cats using XP and resources earned in battles. The game features a campaign mode with stories and challenge modes for replayability. With hundreds of unlockable cats, Battle Cats offers deep strategic gameplay in an accessible, casual package (https://battle-cats.fandom.com/wiki/The_Battle_Cats).

Introducing Catamin

Catamin is a special resource in Battle Cats that allows players to restore energy and perform other functions. According to the Battle Cats Wiki – Fandom, Catamin is “a special resource that can be used to refill your Cat Energy gauge, continue after losing a battle, or to restore your loadout after changing it” (https://battle-cats.fandom.com/wiki/Catamin).

There are several different types of Catamin, each with specific uses. The main types are Catamin A, B, C, and D. Catamin A restores your Cat Energy gauge, allowing you to play more stages without waiting. Catamin B lets you continue a stage after losing all your cats. Catamin C restores your cat lineup after you change it. And Catamin D can be used to upgrade Catamin caps and storage.

Overall, Catamin serves as a versatile resource to give players more flexibility and options during gameplay. It provides a way to replenish your energy, retry levels, restore your lineup, and expand your Catamin storage and capabilities.

How to Get Catamin

There are several ways to obtain Catamin in Battle Cats:

Completing stages – Certain stages like Li’l Nyandam (Deadly) will reward Catamin upon completion.

Login rewards – Logging in daily will provide Catamin rewards at certain User Rank milestones such as 2050.

Catamin Capsules – Spending Cat Food on Catamin Capsules has a chance to yield Catamin. The more expensive the capsule, the higher the Catamin reward.

Events – Occasional events and campaigns may give out Catamin as a participation reward.

Gifts – Gifts received from other players may sometimes contain Catamin.

Catamin is a valuable resource in Battle Cats, so it’s worth taking advantage of these methods to stock up whenever possible.

Using Catamin

Catamin is a valuable resource in Battle Cats that players can utilize for a variety of purposes. The main uses of Catamin are:

Restore Energy – Players can spend Catamin to instantly refill their energy bar, allowing them to play more stages without waiting for the bar to refill over time. This is useful when grinding stages or wanting to play more.

Wishing Well – The Wishing Well allows players to exchange Catamin for random rewards like XP, rare cat tickets, cat food and more. It can be a fun way to get bonuses. According to the Battle Cats Wiki, the Wishing Well costs 10 Catamin A, 50 Catamin B, or 150 Catamin C per play1.

Special Stages – Some special event stages cost Catamin to play instead of energy. For example, the Catamin stages allow grinding for more Catamin2. These provide alternative gameplay options.

So in summary, Catamin gives players more flexibility and options in Battle Cats. It can refill energy, be exchanged for random bonuses, or used to play special stages.

Catamin Upgrades

One of the main uses of Catamin in Battle Cats is to upgrade your Catamin storage capacity. You can increase your Catamin storage by upgrading the Catamin itself. According to the Battle Cats Wiki – Fandom, the maximum storage capacity you can upgrade to is 9,999 Catamin [1].

Upgrading Catamin requires spending Catseyes, which are rare items obtained from clearing Catseye stages. The Catamin storage caps out at level 30, which costs a total of 120 Catseyes to reach. Each level upgrade increases the storage capacity by a certain amount, starting with +100 capacity at level 1 and eventually reaching +999 capacity per upgrade at higher levels [1].

Upgrading Catamin storage is important to increase the total Catamin you can accumulate over time. With more storage space, you can save up more Catamin to spend on important upgrades and items. A higher Catamin cap will also allow you to take better advantage of Catamin farming stages and events.

Restoring Catamin

Catamin naturally restores over time at a base rate. You gain 1 Catamin every 3 minutes. So in an hour you’ll restore 20 Catamin if you take no actions to speed up restoration (source: https://battle-cats.fandom.com/wiki/Catamin).

There are a few ways to restore Catamin faster:

  • Watching an ad – Immediately restores 30 Catamin
  • Using a Catamin Medal – Immediately restores 100 Catamin (source: https://battle-cats.fandom.com/wiki/Catamin)
  • Using Catfood to refill – Immediately restores all Catamin

So watching ads, using medals, and refilling with Catfood are the fastest ways to get your Catamin back up. Otherwise, it naturally regenerates over time at 20 per hour.

Catamin Usage Strategies

Catamins are an extremely valuable resource in Battle Cats, so managing their use efficiently is important. Here are some tips for making the most of your Catamins:

Prioritize spending Catamins on the most impactful upgrades like worker cat efficiency, treasure radars, and leader upgrades. As cited from Battle Cats Wiki, these provide long-term benefits versus one-time boosts.

Save Catamins for guaranteed Uber/Epic fests to get the most chances of drawing rare cats. Use Catfood for non-guaranteed rolls according to recommendations.

Only use Catamins to continue if you’re very close to beating a level and it’s a rare chance. It’s usually better to upgrade cats and try again according to most player discussions.

Watch videos for free Catamins daily. Login for attendance rewards. Play Siege of Hippoe and Facing Danger regularly to farm Catamins.

Overall, be selective in Catamin use, prioritize key long-term upgrades that multiply benefits, and take advantage of free Catamin sources before spending them on continues or temporary boosts.

Catamin Importance

Catamin has a significant impact on gameplay and progress in Battle Cats. Here are some key reasons why Catamin matters:

Allows access to special stages – Many important stages like Facing Danger and Growing Strange require Catamin to play. These stages reward players with rare Cat Tickets, XP, and Catfruit for upgrading cats.

Upgrades special abilities – Catamin can be used to upgrade each cat’s special ability, improving damage, recharge time, and more. This allows players to power up cats and progress further.

Restores lost Catamin – If a Catamin stage is failed, some Catamin will be lost. The only way to restore Catamin is by purchasing it with leadership points. So it’s important not to waste Catamin on unnecessary stages.

Limited resource – There is a finite amount of Catamin available from missions and leadership rewards. As players progress, Catamin becomes harder to obtain. Therefore it must be spent wisely on the most rewarding stages.

Enables progression – Clearing Catamin stages and upgrading special abilities allows players to take on harder levels and stronger enemies. Managing Catamin well is key to unlocking new stages and progressing in the game.

Catamin vs Other Resources

Catamin is an important resource in Battle Cats, but it’s not the only resource players need to manage. Comparing Catamin to other key resources like XP and Cat Food can help players understand when to prioritize farming Catamin.

XP is essential for leveling up cats to make them stronger. Players get XP from clearing stages, so they’re constantly earning it through normal gameplay. Catamin is more limited, only coming from specific stages, logins, gifts, etc. This makes Catamin more scarce compared to the readily available XP.

Cat Food allows players to restore their Cat Energy, draw Rare Cats from the Gacha, and continue stages if defeated. Players can buy Cat Food with real money, earn it by watching ads, get it from gifts, etc. Catamin is much harder to obtain than Cat Food. While Cat Food fuels basic gameplay, Catamin enables special upgrades.

Overall, Catamin is more limited and specialized than XP and Cat Food. It should be spent more strategically since it’s not as easily renewable. Players will be constantly earning XP and Cat Food through regular stages, while Catamin needs to be farmed from designated levels. That makes Catamin a unique resource to use thoughtfully.



Catamin is an important resource in Battle Cats that allows you to unlock and upgrade new cats. Here are some key tips to recap:

  • Catamin can be earned by clearing stages, watching ads, completing missions, and more.

  • Use Catamin to unlock new cats in the Upgrade Menu, which can then be deployed in levels.

  • Spend Catamin to upgrade cats, increasing their stats and abilities.

  • Restore Catamin for recovering lost progress or reviving cats.

  • Prioritize using Catamin on your essential cats and make upgrades strategically.

  • Catamin is very important for progressing in Battle Cats, so make sure to keep earning and spending it wisely.

With this key resource used optimally, you can unlock new abilities, stand a better chance in levels, and ultimately go further in Battle Cats.

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