The Battle Cats. Ranking the Most Powerful Units in the Game


The Battle Cats is a popular tower defense mobile game developed by PONOS Corporation for iOS and Android. First released in Japan in November 2013, it has since been localized for various regions around the world.

In The Battle Cats, players collect and deploy different types of cats onto a battlefield to defend their base against waves of enemy attackers. There are hundreds of unlockable cats with varying abilities and stats, ranging from basic melee attackers to long-range damagers and support units. Players can upgrade their cats to make them stronger over time.

The game features a single player campaign with thousands of levels across dozens of chapters and stories. There are also competitive multiplayer modes. With its combination of strategic tower defense and cat collecting mechanics, The Battle Cats provides a fun and addictive gameplay experience.

Criteria for Best Unit

When evaluating which Battle Cats unit is the best, there are several key criteria to consider:

  • Damage – High damage units can quickly take out enemies. Top damaging units like Tecoluga ( can have damage exceeding 100,000.
  • Health – Units with high health can withstand attacks for longer. Tanks like Jamiera have health over 300,000.
  • Abilities – Special abilities like critical hits, wave attacks, and freeze can make a unit more versatile and effective.
  • Cost – Cheaper units can be deployed early on and in higher numbers. Units like Cool Japan Cat only cost $550.

The ideal unit will balance high damage and health with a reasonable deployment cost. Abilities that control the battlefield like freezing enemies or knocking them back also contribute to a unit’s overall strength.

High Damage Units

Some of the highest damaging units in Battle Cats are Bahamut Cat and Dragon Cat. Bahamut Cat has extremely high damage at 4,400 per hit at level 30, allowing it to take down most enemies quickly. Its evolved form, Awakened Bahamut Cat, has even higher damage at 46,000 per hit at level 30. Dragon Cat also inflicts massive damage at 3,500 per hit at level 30. Its long range combined with area attack makes it great for taking out groups of enemies.

Other top damaging cats include Kalisa at 4,000 damage and Tecoluga at 5,500 damage per hit. Units with high critical hit chance like Togeluga can also inflict devastating damage. Overall, Bahamut Cat and its evolved forms stand out with their tremendous damage potential that can change the tide of battle.

High Health Units

When it comes to high health cats in Battle Cats, two stand out as having the most HP – Mythical Titan Cat and Jamiera Cat. Mythical Titan Cat has a whopping 300,000 HP at level 30, making it one of the tankiest cats in the game. Its massive HP pool allows it to absorb hits from powerful enemies. Jamiera Cat also has very high HP at level 30, coming in at 285,000. With its huge HP and strong defense, Jamiera Cat can serve as a nearly impenetrable shield on the frontlines.

Other cats with high health include Doktor Heaven, Divine Kai, and King Gamereon. While their HP totals aren’t quite as astronomical as Mythical Titan Cat and Jamiera Cat, they all have over 200,000 HP at level 30. This makes them excellent choices when you need cats that can take a beating and stay standing.

In general, high health cats are great for absorbing damage from enemies, blocking them from hitting your base, and stalling tough enemies while your damage dealers do their work. Cats like Mythical Titan and Jamiera have the raw HP to simply outlast enemies, making them cornerstones of many lineups.

Cheap Cost Units

Some of the most useful units in Battle Cats are those with a very low deployment cost, allowing you to spawn them frequently to overwhelm enemies or defend your base. Two of the best cheap cost units are Macho Cat and Wall Cat.

Macho Cat only costs $75 to deploy and has a very fast recharge time. It can be spawned rapidly to rush the enemy base or block enemies from advancing. Though weak individually, a horde of Macho Cats can overwhelm enemies through sheer numbers. Macho Cat is available very early in the game, making it extremely useful for new players.

Wall Cat costs slightly more at $100, but makes up for it with much higher health. It can absorb significantly more damage than Macho Cat, stalling powerful enemies while your harder hitting cats attack from behind the safety of the Wall Cats. Its low cost means you can deploy many Wall Cats to form a strong defensive line. Wall Cat’s resilience and defensive strength make it indispensable.

Macho Cat and Wall Cat demonstrate why cheap units shouldn’t be underestimated. Their low deployment cost and specialized roles make them cornerstones of a balanced lineup throughout the game.

Crowd Control Units

Crowd control units in Battle Cats are essential for handling large groups of enemies. Their abilities to freeze, slow, knockback, weaken, or otherwise debilitate enemies help stall enemy progression. Two of the best crowd control units are Thundia and Tecoluga.

According to the Battle Cats Wiki’s Category: Crowd-Controller-class Cats, Thundia is an excellent mid-ranged uber with high damage and the ability to freeze enemies. With 480 range and 27,500 damage at level 30, she can wipe out peons and freeze bosses. Her fast attack rate makes her highly effective at stalling enemies.

Tecoluga is another top-tier uber crowd control unit as discussed on the Battle Cats subreddit. His long-range attacks (650) have a 100% chance to knock back and weaken enemies. By keeping enemies at bay, he excels at disrupting the enemy frontline. His high health also makes him survivable.

When used together, Thundia and Tecoluga can freeze and knockback enemies for maximum crowd control. Their combined abilities enable your cheaper close-ranged damage dealers to defeat enemies slowed by these ubers.

Versatile Units

Some of the most versatile and useful cats in Battle Cats are Cyborg Cat and Paris Cat. According to the Battle Cats Wiki’s Cat Units page, Cyborg Cat has high health and decent damage, making it a great meatshield. Its stats remain competitive even in late game. Reddit users on r/battlecats have recommended Cyborg Cat as one of the most versatile cats due to its tankiness and spammability.

Paris Cat is considered one of the best Rare cats in the game. The Cat Dictionary on the Battle Cats Wiki calls Paris Cat the “cornerstone of any battle” due to its well-rounded stats, relative cheapness, and huge range. Its ability to outrange and wipe out backrow enemies makes it indispensable. Many experienced players keep Paris Cat in their standard lineup at all times.

Anti-Specific Enemy Units

Certain units in Battle Cats are exceptionally effective at countering specific enemy types like aliens, angels, zombies, etc. Two of the most powerful anti-alien ubers are Pai-Pai and Catman. According to the Battle Cats Wiki on Fandom, Pai-Pai is one of the best anti-alien Ubers in the game with high damage to aliens at a relatively cheap cost [1]. Her evolved form gains area attack which allows her to wipe out multiple aliens at once. Catman is also considered a top-tier anti-alien with massive damage, health, and range. His true form gives him a 100% chance to freeze aliens which can completely stop an alien rush [2]. Having Pai-Pai and Catman on your lineup will make alien enemies much easier to counter.

Ideal Loadout Composition

When constructing an ideal battle cats team, it’s important to have a mix of damage dealers, tanks, and support units. According to the Battle Cats subreddit, an effective lineup contains a combination of high DPS cats like Jizo and Tecoluga along with tanky cats like Gamereon to soak damage ( The Battle Cats wiki also recommends including ranged attackers like Paris Cat, area attackers like Bahamut, and crowd control specialists like Delinquent Cat for their abilities (

The damage dealers provide sustained DPS to quickly defeat enemies. Tanks like Gamereon have high HP to absorb hits. Support units like Delinquent Cat can freeze enemies, letting your damage dealers continue attacking unimpeded. Ranged cats like Paris Cat can chip away at enemies from afar while area attackers like Bahamut hit multiple targets at once.

A balanced Battle Cats team has a bit of everything – DPS, tanking, and support abilities. Mixing unit types covers any weaknesses and helps the team adapt to different level layouts and enemy types. With tanky cats holding the frontline while damage dealers wipe out opponents and supports control the battlefield, an varied team has all the tools needed to prevail.


Based on an in-depth analysis of attack power, health, cost efficiency, crowd control abilities, versatility, and effectiveness against specific enemies, the best overall battle cats units are:

  • Bahamut Cat – Extremely high damage dealer with massive range.
  • Cyberpunk Cat – Resistant attacker that freezes enemies.
  • Crazed Tank Cat – Tanky meatshield with quick recharge.
  • Ramen Cat – Stalls enemies with knockbacks and slow ability.
  • Cameraman Cat – Cheap ranged attacker with decent stats.

While individual levels and enemies require different unit compositions, having these powerful and versatile cats on your roster will provide the tools to strategize for and defeat most enemies and stages in The Battle Cats.

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