The Mightiest Feline. Ranking Battle Cats’ Strongest Warriors


The Battle Cats is a popular tower defense and real-time strategy video game developed by PONOS for iOS and Android devices. First released in Japan in November 2013, The Battle Cats has since expanded to worldwide popularity with over 50 million downloads globally as of 2020.

The game features a cast of cartoon cat units that players can deploy in battle to defend their base against an invading army of enemy creatures. With simple, accessible gameplay and a humorous art style, The Battle Cats has built a loyal fanbase across multiple countries. While not as mainstream as top mobile titles like Clash of Clans or Candy Crush Saga, The Battle Cats enjoys a thriving online community on platforms like Reddit.

With continuous updates over the years that have added new levels, abilities, and special events, The Battle Cats provides a deep well of content for dedicated players. Its success shows that with creativity and polished execution, even lesser-known mobile games can cultivate an engaged, international audience.

What are Cats in Battle Cats

In Battle Cats, cats are the main characters that the player uses to fight against enemy units. There are many different types of cats with varying stats, abilities, and rarities. Cats can be categorized into the following main types:

Normal Cats – The basic cat unit that is unlocked from the start. They have balanced stats and abilities. Examples include Wall Cat, Sexy Legs Cat, and Giraffe Cat. (Source:

Rare Cats – Slightly stronger cats that are unlocked by playing through stages and completing missions. Rare cats have better abilities than normal cats. Examples include Pirate Cat, Thief Cat, and Fortune Teller Cat. (Source:

Super Rare Cats – Powerful cats that have strong stats and useful abilities. They are harder to obtain than normal and rare cats. Examples include Surfer Cat, Nerd Cat, and Drama Cats. (Source:

Uber Super Rare Cats – The strongest and rarest cats that have the best abilities. Ubers are very difficult to unlock. Examples include Kasa Jizo, Cosmo, and Zeus. (Source:

Legend Rare Cats – Special rare units that are even more powerful than Ubers. They can only be obtained through special events. Examples include Uesugi Kenshin and Gaia the Creator. (Source:

There are also special cats that serve unique purposes like meatshields, critical hitters, and wave blockers. By unlocking and upgrading different types of cats, players can build powerful teams to take on enemies.

Most Powerful Normal Cats

Normal cats are the basic units in Battle Cats that can be unlocked right from the start. While they may seem weak at first, some of them gain significant power as they evolve into their higher forms.

One of the most powerful normal cats is the Mohawk Cat. This is the final form of the starting Cat unit after it evolves from Macho Cat. Mohawk Cat has high health and damage for a normal unit, making it useful throughout the game. Its quick attack speed allows it to dish out damage rapidly. According to the Battle Cats Wiki, Mohawk Cat is considered one of the best normal cats for late game due to its well-rounded stats.

Another top normal cat is the Eraser Cat, the fully evolved form of Tank Cat. Eraser Cat has the highest health of any normal cat. Its role is to act as a tank and absorb damage from enemies. With significant investment, Eraser Cat gains enough health to shield your other units for a considerable time. Its health allows it to withstand attacks from powerful enemies. Eraser Cat is invaluable on stages with strong enemies, according to many Battle Cats players.

While they may seem basic, normal cats like Mohawk Cat and Eraser Cat remain viable options even in late game. With their affordable costs and solid stats, they continue to be useful additions to any Battle Cats lineup.

Most Powerful Rare Cats

Rare cats provide good value in Battle Cats as they are easier to obtain than some of the higher rarity cats. Two of the top rare cats are Masai Cat and Jurassic Cat.

Masai Cat is one of the strongest anti-red cats in the game. His stats at level 30 are 46,800 HP and 24,500 attack power. His main ability is strong against red enemies with 4x damage. This makes him extremely useful against tough red enemies and stages with lots of red enemies like R Cli-one and R. Ost. According to this Reddit rare cat tier list, Masai Cat ranks near the top.

Jurassic Cat also ranks high on rare cat tier lists. His main ability does massive damage to red, black, and angel enemies. At level 30 his stats are 38,000 HP and 21,300 attack power. His long standing range allows him to hit enemies from a distance. Jurassic Cat is great for stages like Heavenly Hippoe that contain angel enemies. Many players consider him a must-have rare cat.

Though they may not have the abilities of super rares or ubers, these rare cats have specialized strengths that make them quite powerful.

Most Powerful Super Rare Cats

Some of the most formidable super rare cats in Battle Cats include Hacker Cat and Sadako Cat. According to Battle Cats Wiki, Hacker Cat has high damage and a 100% chance to freeze enemies for 4 seconds at level 30 [1]. This freezing ability makes Hacker Cat excellent for controlling enemies. Sadako Cat has high health and does massive damage to traited enemies at level 30, as discussed on Reddit [2]. Her ability to counter traited enemies makes her a versatile attacker.

Most Powerful Uber Rare Cats

When it comes to the most powerful Uber Rare cats in Battle Cats, two stand out as being particularly overpowered: Gao and Mitama.

Gao, also known as The Flying Ninja Cat, is often considered the best Uber Rare in the game according to the community. He has high health, decent range, a good attack rate, and delivers massive damage to enemies thanks to his high DPS and critical hit chance. Gao can hit most enemies for triple damage, making him extremely versatile. He’s useful across all parts of the game from early Empire of Cats chapters through late Stories of Legend and event stages. His well-rounded stats and abilities make Gao a top choice for generalist damage dealing.

Mitama, known as The Oracle Cat, is another tremendously powerful Uber Rare. Her main ability completely stops enemies from attacking for a set period of time, rendering even deadly bosses helpless. This crowd control ability gives your other cats time to freely damage enemies without taking hits. Mitama also resists enemies’ abilities, has decent stats, and can weaken enemies with her attacks. Her unique skill of freezing enemies is highly valued in late game content. According to the Battle Cats community, Mitama is one of the best Uber Rares for controlling and supporting your lineup.

While there are many excellent Uber Rares in Battle Cats, Gao and Mitama stand at the pinnacle for their sheer offensive and defensive power. Their abilities to dish out huge damage or halt enemy attacks put them a cut above the rest.

Most Powerful Legend Rare Cats

The Legend Rare cats in Battle Cats are some of the most powerful units in the game. Two that stand out are Lumina and Gaia [1].

Lumina has high DPS and can freeze enemies. Her long freeze ability and high damage make her extremely useful against strong enemies like metals and zombies [2]. She can carry players through late SOL levels and is considered one of the best anti-metal cats.

Gaia has the highest DPS of any uber rare or legend rare in the game. She has high health, damage, and speed. Her weaknesses are a blindspot and lack of crowd control, but her raw power makes her a top choice for levels with strong individual enemies [1]. She can annihilate bosses and enemy bases.

While all legend rares have strengths, Lumina and Gaia stand out for their high damage, abilities, and utility across many situations. Their power makes them cornerstones of many player lineups when facing the toughest enemies.

Most Powerful Special Cats

Special Cats in Battle Cats are unique cats that cannot be unlocked through the Rare Cat Capsule. They usually have special abilities or provide beneficial effects. Two of the most powerful Special Cats are Awakened Bahamut Cat and Li’l Nyandam.

Awakened Bahamut Cat is considered by many players to be the most powerful Special Cat in the game. It has extremely high health and attack power, can knock back enemies with its attacks, and has a massive attack radius. Awakened Bahamut Cat can deal devastating damage to enemy bases and bosses. The main downside is its extremely long recharge time of 4 hours and 20 minutes.

Li’l Nyandam is also regarded as one of the top Special Cats thanks to its ability to warp past enemies and directly attack the enemy base. This allows players to cheese some difficult levels by bypassing frontline enemies and bosses. Li’l Nyandam also has a high health pool and decent attack power. Its warp ability gives it excellent versatility in various situations.

Most Powerful Enemy Boss

When it comes to the most powerful enemy bosses in Battle Cats, two stand out as being particularly challenging – Perfect Cyclone and Floor 30 Manic Eraser.

Perfect Cyclone has extremely high health at 5,500,000 HP and can deal massive damage to your cats with his area attacks. According to the Battle Cats Wiki, Perfect Cyclone is infamous for being able to easily destroy even uber rare cats with his high power. He is resistant to freeze and slow, making him difficult to stall.

Floor 30 Manic Eraser is the final boss of the Manic Eraser stage, and is considered one of the most difficult stages in the game. Manic Eraser has very high health at 1,200,000 HP and attack power. His attacks also briefly freeze cats, stopping your offense. His high speed allows him to quickly break through your frontlines. Many players consider Floor 30 Manic Eraser a major damage sponge that requires specific ubers and strategies to defeat.

Other notably challenging enemy bosses include Pikotaro, who has massive damage resistance as a metal enemy, and Manic Jamiera, who has the highest HP in the game at 8,888,888 HP.


In recap, the most powerful cats in Battle Cats are the Uber Rare and Legend Rare cats. Specifically, some of the top cats include Bahamut Cat, Dragon Cat, Crazed Tank Cat, and Kasa Jizo. While Normal, Rare, and Super Rare cats can be useful early on, to defeat late game levels and enemies, upgrading to Uber Rare and Legend Rare cats is key.

The power of cats in Battle Cats comes from their stats and abilities. As you progress in the game, upgrading your cats to higher rarities and levels will unlock increased health, damage, range, speed, and special abilities. This allows your cats to withstand and dish out more damage against tough enemy bosses and levels. Therefore, it’s important to invest cat food in getting new gacha cats, and XP to upgrade them to competitive levels.

With a strong lineup of top-tier Uber and Legend cats leveled up, you’ll have an easier time clearing late game content, earning more XP and cat food, and ultimately enjoying Battle Cats more. The key is patience and strategy in collecting and growing the optimal cat team over time.

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