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The Cat Kid Comic Club series is a spinoff of author and illustrator Dav Pilkey’s wildly popular Dog Man graphic novel series for children. Pilkey first introduced readers to the characters of Petey, Flippy, and Li’l Petey in the Dog Man books. These characters are cats and dogs that inhabit the same comic book world as the crime-fighting hero Dog Man. Given the popularity of these characters among young readers, Pilkey decided to give them their own series in 2019 with Cat Kid Comic Club.

Cat Kid Comic Club

The first Cat Kid book, titled Cat Kid Comic Club, was published in 2021. It was written and illustrated by Dav Pilkey, the creator of the popular Dog Man series. As described on the Dog Man Wiki, the book follows the character Li’l Petey and his friends as they start a comic club.

Li’l Petey, who is part cat and part human, loves comic books. He wants to share this passion with his friends, a group of frogs. So he starts the Cat Kid Comic Club, recruiting his best friend Flippy as vice president. Their friend Molly, a tadpole, also joins. Together, they try to teach the frog kids how to create their own comics.

As summarized on BookRags, the frogs have trouble getting along and staying focused. Their comics descend into silly fights and chaos. Li’l Petey has to get the club back under control. The overall story shows how working together and using individual strengths, the friends can overcome conflicts.

Cat Kid Comic Club: On Purpose

Cat Kid Comic Club: On Purpose is the second book in the Cat Kid Comic Club series by Dav Pilkey, released in 2022 [1]. It continues the story of Li’l Petey’s comic club that began in the first book. In this installment, the baby frog characters explore ideas around finding their purpose in life.

The book’s official description states “The Comic Club is going in all different directions! Naomi, Melvin, and siblings are each trying to find their purpose. Naomi has an idea to get rich quick by selling her comics in the school hallway. Melvin wants to create an epic comic without any words. The siblings compete to sell the most lemonade. Will any of their efforts fulfill their true purpose?” [2]

On Purpose continues the lighthearted, humorous tone of the previous Cat Kid book while allowing the main characters to explore meaningful themes. Fans were eager to return to the frog characters and Li’l Petey’s club after the first volume. The book delivers the signature Dav Pilkey art style and kid-friendly stories that readers have come to love.

Cat Kid Comic Club: Perspectives

The third Cat Kid book, Cat Kid Comic Club: Perspectives, is set to be published in 2023. This book will focus on the perspectives of supporting characters in the Cat Kid world. As described on Amazon, “Li’l Petey, Molly and Flippy are making a comic book starring their friend Melvin as his superhero alter ego, Captain Awesome. But when we last saw him, Melvin didn’t want to write about ONLY Captain Awesome. Will Petey, Molly, and Flippy succeed in getting their comic made their way? Or will they have to tell a different story?” (Source). By exploring other characters’ points of view, Perspectives will expand the Cat Kid universe beyond the main protagonist’s experience.

Recurring Characters

There are a few recurring characters that appear throughout the Cat Kid Comic Club series.

Li’l Petey is a smart and creative cat who is the founder and leader of the Cat Kid Comic Club. He loves making comics and encourages the other members of the club. Li’l Petey first appeared in Cat Kid Comic Club.

Flippy is a happy-go-lucky cat who is always smiling and eager to help. He is optimistic and sees the best in everything. Flippy is known for being rather clumsy but very enthusiastic. He was also in the original Cat Kid Comic Club book.

Molly is the jokester of the group. She is a witty cat who loves to tell silly puns and jokes. Molly brings a lot of humor and laughter to the comic club. She has been part of the club from the beginning.

Themes and Style

The Cat Kid Comic Club series explores several important themes that resonate with young readers. Some of the key themes include the importance of creativity, friendship, and perseverance. As the baby frogs in the club share their comics, they encourage each other to keep creating, even when faced with self-doubt or criticism from others. Their supportive friendship helps build their confidence and skills as artists (Cat Kid Comic Club Themes).

The books are brought to life through Pilkey’s signature hand-drawn illustrations and humor. The vibrant artwork and funny stories capture the imagination of kids, while also modeling positive values. Pilkey combines whimsical visuals with relatable characters to make the themes entertaining and engaging for young readers.

Critical Reception

The Cat Kid Comic Club books have been well received by critics. Reviews praise the books for being fun, engaging stories that extend the world of Dav Pilkey’s popular Dog Man series.

Common Sense Media gave Cat Kid Comic Club, Book 1 a positive review, calling it “a quick read with enough advanced vocabulary words sprinkled in to offer a challenge, and the illustrations are fast, colorful, and fun.” (source)

Customer reviews on Amazon have also been positive. One reviewer wrote, “Once again, Dav Pilkey does not disappoint in Cat Kid Comic Club. On one level it’s the story of Cat Kid’s determination to teach young frogs how to draw comic books. On another, it’s a lesson in perseverance.” (source)

The School Library Journal gave a positive review to The Cat Kid Comic Club #4, calling it “silly” but noting that it is geared toward young kids and about “trial and error” and “effort.” (source)

Overall, reviewers see the Cat Kid books as a fun continuation of the hugely popular Dog Man series that will engage young readers.

Popularity and Impact

The Cat Kid Comic Club series written and illustrated by Dav Pilkey has become widely popular since the first book was published in December 2020. As of June 2022, the series has sold over 14 million copies worldwide (source). The second book in the series, Cat Kid Comic Club: Perspectives, debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list (source).

The series has garnered several awards and accolades, including winning the Children’s Choice Book Award for Kindergarten to 2nd Grade Book of the Year in 2021. Cat Kid Comic Club was also recognized as one of the Best Children’s Books of 2020 by Amazon. Pilkey himself won the Young People’s Literature Legacy Award in 2021 for his lasting contribution to children’s literature through his Dog Man and Cat Kid series.

Future Books

Even though there are only 4 Cat Kid Comic Club books released so far, fans are eagerly anticipating more titles in the popular series. According to Scholastic, Dav Pilkey plans to continue the series with new adventures featuring Li’l Petey, Flippy, Molly and the rest of the Cat Kid Comic Club. There is speculation that the 5th book could be released sometime in 2023 or 2024.

Potential future books may feature more comics created by the kids, new characters joining the club, field trips or other adventures outside of the clubhouse. There is also opportunity for spinoff series or standalone graphic novels focusing on individual characters like Li’l Petey or Molly. Fans hope to see continued character growth and relationships between the kids as the series progresses. While details are limited at this point, Pilkey is known for his creative storytelling and fans are eager to rejoin the Cat Kid Comic Club on their next adventure.


The adventures of Cat Kid and his friends have delighted readers across multiple books. To recap, the books in the series so far include:

  1. Cat Kid Comic Club
  2. Cat Kid Comic Club: On Purpose
  3. Cat Kid Comic Club: Perspectives

These stories are told through comics created by the Cat Kid Comic Club members, with plenty of humor and fun along the way. Upcoming books promise more entertaining tales of this group of creative kids and their cats. With engaging characters and imaginative storytelling, the Cat Kid series brings laughter and joy to readers of all ages.

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