Crack CAT. The Best Online Test Prep Sites To Help You Conquer The Exam


The Common Admission Test (CAT) is one of the most popular entrance exams for MBA admissions in India, with over 2 lakh students registering each year [1]. As competition grows, students are seeking quality online CAT preparation to improve their chances of getting into top B-schools. This article compares the leading CAT coaching websites to help students determine the best online platform for their needs. We evaluate key factors like course offerings, teaching methodology, faculty, test series, success rate, study material, and costs. The goal is to provide an in-depth analysis to help students make an informed decision about which site is optimal for their CAT prep journey.

Overview of Top Sites

When it comes to CAT exam preparation, there are many high-quality online sites to choose from. Here is an overview of some of the top options:

Byju’s – This popular exam prep app offers comprehensive CAT coaching including live classes, recorded lessons, mock tests and more. Byju’s is known for its expert faculty and adaptive learning methodology. Source

T.I.M.E. – Triumphant Institute of Management Education (T.I.M.E.) is one of the leading CAT coaching institutes in India. Their online portal offers video lessons, mock tests, sectional tests and an AI-based personalized learning platform. T.I.M.E. has a great track record for CAT results. Source

Career Launcher – This institute provides online CAT coaching through recorded videos, live doubt clearing sessions, mock tests and more. Their faculty includes CAT 100 percentilers and their study material covers the entire CAT syllabus. Source

IMS Learning Resources – IMS is a pioneering CAT coaching institute that offers online classroom programs, doubt clearing sessions, mock CATs and video lectures. They have trained many CAT toppers over the years. Source

Toppr – This edtech startup provides an AI-based online CAT coaching platform. Key features include video lessons, mock tests, sectional quizzes and smart analysis of weak areas. Toppr collaborates with experienced faculty and CAT experts. Source

Course Offerings

When choosing a coaching institute for CAT preparation, it’s important to consider the types of courses offered. The main options are classroom courses, online courses, and hybrid models that combine both.

Classroom courses allow for in-person instruction and interaction. Top institutes like Career Launcher, T.I.M.E., IMS, and Edugain conduct classes across India. But attending requires time for commuting. Course lengths range from short 20-40 day crash courses focused on exam strategy to comprehensive 1-year classroom programs covering the entire syllabus.

Online CAT coaching offers flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere. Leading institutes like Career Launcher, Byju’s, T.I.M.E., edX, and Prepladder have interactive video lessons, doubt clearing, tests and tutor support. Self-paced online courses allow customizing study time, while scheduled live classes provide structure. Course durations run from 1-6 months.

Hybrid or blended courses combine online content with optional in-center classes. Popular options like T.I.M.E. Hybrid and Byju’s Online + Offline offer comprehensive CAT prep through recorded videos supplemented by doubt solving sessions and full-length mocks. These provide flexibility of online learning along with some in-person instructor interaction.

Teaching Methodology

When it comes to teaching methodology for CAT exam preparation, the top sites utilize a blend of video lessons, mock tests, and live doubt clearing sessions to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

Simplilearn offers video lessons covering all sections of the CAT syllabus, followed by full-length mock tests to assess one’s grasp of the concepts. Experts are available for doubt-clearing sessions through live online classes.

Similarly, BYJU’S provides video lessons explaining CAT exam patterns, tips and tricks from toppers, and section-wise topic videos. Their mock test series replicates the actual exam interface and difficulty level. Students can clear doubts by booking one-on-one mentorship sessions.

The methodology focuses on building strong fundamentals through video content, then testing oneself through mocks, and resolving gaps through expert guidance sessions. This comprehensive approach ensures effective CAT exam preparation.

Faculty & Experts

MBA Wallah has some of the top faculty and experts for CAT exam preparation, including Rudra Banik, who is known for his expertise in Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation, and Logical Reasoning for CAT (TeacherOn). Popular instructors like Anakin Banerjee, Pulkit Sir, and Nishant Jindal teach key topics and strategies across MBA Wallah’s comprehensive CAT courses.

BYJU’s CAT preparation leverages top educators like Ankit Sharma, who serves as the Academic Head for CAT. BYJU’s instructors are known for their unique teaching methodologies and ability to break down complex CAT concepts through visual learning aids. Leading faculty like Neeraj Joshi bring decades of experience successfully training CAT aspirants (BYJU’s).

Other top sites rely on expert CAT instructors to design their prep materials and courses. For example, Gradeup enlists seasoned faculty like Vaibhav Gupta for their live classes and video lectures. The credentials of these faculty and their track record training CAT aspirants are key factors for students evaluating the best site.

Test Series

CAT exam preparation requires extensive practice on mock tests to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and accurately gauge your preparation progress. The ideal CAT test series should provide ample mocks that closely simulate the real CAT exam environment, along with robust analytics and personalized feedback.

According to Career Launcher, their CAT test series offers advanced analytics like sectional performance, accuracy rate, attempts vs correct answers, and more. Test-takers receive personalized feedback on strengths, weaknesses, and scope for improvement.

AIMCAT by T.I.M.E. is another popular CAT test series known for mocks that closely replicate the actual CAT pattern. Their analytics cover sectional and overall percentile ratings, with expert feedback on performance.

Similarly, Bullseye provides over 100 mocks in their test series with 10,000+ questions. Users get performance analysis for sections, topics, and question types along with guidance from experts.

By comparing the number of mocks, analytics, and personalized feedback, aspirants can determine which test series best suits their preparation needs.

Success Rate & Reviews

Student reviews and verified success rates are important factors when evaluating CAT coaching institutes. According to Quora, TIME has strong reviews for their online CAT classes. One student reported scoring well on the CAT after taking TIME’s online course for Rs. 11,000, describing the experience as “fruitful and result-oriented.”

On Reddit, however, some students expressed dissatisfaction with TIME’s doubt-solving mechanism and lack of live classes in their online CAT prep program. One Redditor enrolled in TIME’s online course for their last CAT attempt but found the doubt support lacking.

Overall, independent student reviews on third-party sites like Quora and Reddit highlight a mix of positive and negative experiences with TIME’s online CAT coaching. While some students achieve high CAT scores after TIME’s affordable online prep, others feel TIME’s online doubt support and live interaction is insufficient.

Study Material

The study material offered by most top CAT coaching institutes includes PDF notes, video lectures, mock tests, question banks, and previous years’ CAT papers. Many provide comprehensive study packages covering the entire CAT syllabus with chapter-wise and sectional practice tests for quantitative aptitude, data interpretation & logical reasoning, and verbal ability & reading comprehension.

Byju’s, for example, offers detailed theory notes, concept videos, and chapter exercises covering all three sections of CAT. Hitbullseye provides targeted prep with 100+ chapter-wise and 25+ mock tests. Other coaching institutes like TIME, Career Launcher, IMS, and T.I.M.E. also have comprehensive CAT study material in video and PDF format. Many supplement lectures and notes with previous years’ CAT question papers for practice.


When comparing costs for CAT exam preparation, there are several factors to consider.

Manyak, the online CAT preparation site, offers various pricing options ranging from ₹10,000-₹25,000 for online classroom programs according to MBA Universe. They also offer prep packages starting at ₹3,999. In comparison, offline classroom programs can cost upwards of ₹1 lakh.

As per a Quora discussion, typical per session fees for offline CAT coaching can range from ₹50-₹150, with coaches also offering discounted package deals for multiple sessions (Quora). This is significantly higher than quality online alternatives.

Byjus, a leading edtech company, notes that offline CAT preparation is relatively costly compared to online options which offer similar quality of content and faculty at a fraction of the price (Byjus). Online sites like Manyak allow students access to top faculty and resources at very reasonable costs.

When evaluating expenses, online CAT preparation often provides better value for money. Reputed sites offer scholarships, early bird discounts, referral bonuses, and flexible payment options to make quality coaching affordable. With similar content and faculty as offline centers, online preparation maximizes savings without compromising on learning outcomes.


Based on the analysis of key factors like course offerings, teaching methodology, faculty and experts, test series, success rates, study materials, and costs, it’s clear that BYJU’s Online CAT Classroom is the best online site for CAT preparation.

BYJU’s has the most comprehensive course offerings, covering every section of the CAT syllabus in great depth through recorded lessons, live classes, doubt sessions, and mock tests. Their faculty are all top CAT experts and their teaching methodology focuses on conceptual clarity as well as exam strategy.

Their All India CAT Test Series is the most extensive with over 36 tests, and they have the highest claimed success rate among CAT coaching institutes. The quality of their study materials, especially the CAT Learning App, is unmatched. While their courses are premium priced, the quality of education and training makes it well worth the investment for serious CAT aspirants.

Based on BYJU’s track record, expert faculty, and comprehensive training methodology, they are strongly recommended as the best choice for CAT exam preparation, especially for working professionals seeking flexibility and high quality e-learning.

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