Cat Cora Says “I Do” Again – Who is the Iron Chef’s New Spouse?


Cat Cora is a world-renowned chef and television personality known best for being the first female Iron Chef on Iron Chef America. She has been a major influence in the culinary world, paving the way for women in a male-dominated industry. With her Greek heritage and Southern upbringing, Cora has become renowned for her unique Mediterranean-Southern fusion cuisine.

Cora rose to fame in 2005 when she made history as the first and only female Iron Chef on the Food Network’s hit show Iron Chef America, where she frequently went head-to-head against other culinary giants in intense cooking competitions. She went on to co-host the show Around the World in 80 Plates in 2012. Over the years, she has hosted and judged numerous other cooking shows, establishing herself as a celebrity chef and TV personality.

In addition to her successful television career, Cora has opened restaurants across the country and authored several best-selling cookbooks. She has received multiple accolades for her contributions to the culinary world. Her story serves as an inspiration for aspiring chefs from all walks of life.

Early Life and Career

Cat Cora was born in Jackson, Mississippi in 1967 as Melanie Cora (according to She grew up in a Greek-American family and was exposed to cooking at a young age by her grandmother and father, both restaurateurs. Cora’s father ran a Greek diner, and she often helped out by washing dishes and waiting tables as a child. By age 15, Cora was cooking at her family’s restaurant. She then went on to attend the Culinary Institute of America and graduated in 1989.

After culinary school, Cora moved to California and worked at the upscale BayWolf restaurant in Oakland. She then spent some time cooking in the Mediterranean before returning to the U.S. Cora worked under notable chefs like Anne Rosenzweig and Larry Forgione early in her career. Her big break came in 1997 when she became the co-host of the Food Network show Melting Pot. This launched Cora’s television career and fame.

Rise to Fame on Iron Chef

In 2005, Cora made history when she was selected as the first ever female Iron Chef on the Food Network’s hit show Iron Chef America ( As one of the few elite chefs chosen as an Iron Chef, Cora quickly became a fan favorite for her fierce competitive spirit and excellent skills in the kitchen. Over the course of 5 seasons on the show, Cora battled alongside Iron Chefs Bobby Flay, Masaharu Morimoto and Mario Batali in the famous Kitchen Stadium. She won an impressive 60% of her battles and cemented her status as a force to be reckoned with.

Cora thrived under the intense pressure of the show’s culinary challenges and continued to push herself creatively. She won acclaim for her innovative dishes that combined Mediterranean and Asian flavors reflecting her Greek heritage and passion for pan-Asian cuisine. Cora’s appearance on Iron Chef America propelled her to new levels of fame and popularity as viewers were captivated by her talent and confident presence in the male-dominated world of professional chefs.

Marriages and Divorces

Cora has been married twice previously before her marriage to Nicole Ehrlich. Her first marriage was to Tommy Hix in the 1990s. The two divorced after seven years of marriage in 1999 as Cora realized she was gay (source).

Cora then began a relationship with Jennifer Cora and the two married in 2013. They had four sons together through artificial insemination – Zoran, Caje, Thatcher, and Nash. However, the marriage only lasted two years and they divorced in 2015 (source). The divorce was described as “amicable” and they agreed to co-parent their children.

Marriage to Nicole Ehrlich

Cat Cora met Nicole Ehrlich in 2009 through mutual friends when Ehrlich was working as an executive for Geffen Records (Source: The couple began dating and were married in April 2013 in an intimate ceremony in Santa Barbara, California. According to People magazine, they exchanged vows in front of just 12 close family members under an old pepper tree on the property of the Santa Barbara Courthouse (Source:

Cora and Ehrlich went on to have four sons together via in vitro fertilization. Cora gave birth to Zoran in February 2015, and Nash in July 2017. Ehrlich then carried their twin boys Caje and Thatcher, born in April 2020. The couple seemed to have a happy relationship and family life, with Cora telling People in 2018, “My wife, Nicole, and our family are the most important thing to me.”

Nicole’s Background

Nicole Ehrlich has an extensive background in the entertainment industry. According to her Wikipedia page, she is a producer, director, and women’s rights activist. She currently serves as the SVP of Creative and Celebrity Relations.

As noted on her IMDb biography, Nicole is a New York native and a graduate of Smith College. Her award-winning career spans over two decades across film, art, music, fashion, and transmedia. She has a passion for championing women’s voices and diverse perspectives.

Nicole is described as energetic, creative, and charismatic. She has an eye for spotting talent and telling compelling stories. Despite her success, she remains humble and down-to-earth. Nicole balances her busy career with interests in yoga, travel, and spending time with her family.

Wedding Details

Cat Cora and Nicole Ehrlich exchanged vows on April 21, 2018 at the beautiful Villa Verano Estate in Santa Barbara, California. According to E! News, the ceremony took place in the estate’s courtyard under a breathtaking floral arch designed by Nicol Floral Couture. Over 150 close friends and family members were in attendance at the romantic outdoor wedding.

Notable celebrity guests included actress Aisha Tyler, who served as the wedding officiant, and TV personality Jeannie Mai, who introduced the newlyweds for their first dance. The couple enlisted the expert services of celebrity event planner Michael Gaeta to help bring their dream wedding to life. As reported by Us Weekly, Cat and Nicole’s six sons also participated in the ceremony and celebrations.

Life Together Today

Cora and Ehrlich live together in Jackson, Mississippi with their four sons – Zoran, Caje, Thache and Nash [1]. The family originally lived in California, but relocated to Mississippi in 2015 to escape the pressures of fame and raise their children in a more relaxed environment [2].

Philanthropy work is an important part of family life for Cora and Ehrlich. In 2016, they created the Diva Foundation to support women entrepreneurs and the LGBTQ community. The foundation has funded projects including a culinary mentorship program for young girls and job training for transgender individuals. Cora has said “Nicole and I feel it’s important to give back to the communities we care about.”


Secrets to a Successful Marriage

Despite her recent divorce from Nicole Ehrlich, Cat Cora has shared insights over the years on how to build a strong, lasting marriage. Drawing from her experiences being married for over a decade to Jennifer Cora, and later to Nicole, Cat has emphasised the importance of communication, intimacy, and continued growth together.

“Marriage takes work. It’s about constantly nurturing your relationship,” Cat shared in a 2020 interview. “Make the time to check in with each other emotionally. Share your feelings openly and be vulnerable.”

She also stresses the need to keep dating your spouse and finding new ways to connect. “Try new hobbies together, travel to new places, and share new experiences,” Cat advises. “This keeps the spark alive.”

While Cat’s own marriages ultimately ended in divorce, she still believes a lifetime partnership is possible with the right partner and continued effort. “True love endures when both people commit to growing together, communicating fully, and fighting for the relationship when times get hard,” she says.

Looking Ahead

Despite the success and fame they’ve achieved, Cat Cora and Nicole Ehrlich remain focused on their relationship. As Cat told [1], “Nicole and I have an unconditional love and we’re going to be together forever.” The couple hopes to expand their family in the coming years by adopting more children. They also plan to continue growing their businesses while staying grounded as a family.

Professionally, Cat and Nicole are both as busy as ever. Cat is working on new cookbooks and product lines, and she continues to make television appearances, including on the Food Network. She also devotes much time to her nonprofit ventures empowering women in the culinary industry. Nicole’s interior design firm Skylar Grey Design continues to take on new high-profile clients for residential and commercial projects.

More joint business ventures may also be in store for the power couple. As Cat told [1], she and Nicole love “creating things together.” Their connection and synergy fuel their creativity. Whatever they take on next, it’s certain they’ll continue succeeding both individually and as a team.

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