Why Are Cat Videos So Hilariously Entertaining? The Surprising Science Behind Our Feline Obsession


Cat videos are an undisputed powerhouse of internet popularity. But why do these furry felines capture our hearts and our gaze for hours on end? There must be some explanation behind the incredible appeal of a cat leaping into an empty box or pawing playfully at a toy mouse.

Funny cat videos have become an online phenomenon, with billions of views across major video platforms. Their irresistible charm has fueled an unstoppable force of cute cat content.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the main reasons behind the megastar status of funny cat videos. From the universal cuteness of cats to the psychological benefits of watching them, it’s clear these quirky clips are more than just a passing fad.

Entertainment Value

One of the main reasons people enjoy watching funny cat videos is for entertainment value. Cats often get themselves into silly, clumsy, or hilarious situations that people find greatly amusing. As the saying goes, “cats will be cats” and their playful, curious nature combined with their agility and grace (or lack thereof) makes them inherently humorous. Funny cat videos provide amusement, comic relief, and make people laugh by capturing cats’ antics and mishaps. According to recent research, watching cat videos can boost positive emotions, decrease anxiety, and make people happier.

Many people turn to funny cat videos on YouTube and social media as a source of lighthearted comedy. Short clips of cats getting scared by cucumbers, jumping and missing, falling off furniture, or trying to catch a laser pointer, provide an easy escape and a good laugh. As this compilation demonstrates, funny cat videos are an endless source of comic entertainment.

Cuteness Factor

One of the main reasons people enjoy watching cat videos is because cats are inherently cute animals. Their big eyes, soft fur, and playful antics appeal to humans’ love for all things adorable. As highly visual creatures, cats are naturally photogenic and videos allow their cuteness to be captured in motion.

Cats exhibit many behaviors that humans find endearing, like chasing toys, nuzzling up to owners, or falling asleep in silly positions. When a cat’s ears perk up in curiosity or they leap after a toy, it triggers a neurological response in people to want to care for them. According to a study, images of baby animals stimulate the same regions of the human brain that respond to actual human infants.

Watching a silly kitten play with a piece of string or seeing a cat squeeze into a tiny box satisfies people’s innate affection for cute, cuddly animals. The videos capture cats at their most adorable moments. It’s no wonder these clips get shared widely online as they bring a smile to viewers’ faces.


A major appeal of cat videos is that they showcase relatable feline behaviors and antics that cat owners find familiar. As social creatures, humans inherently seek out shared experiences to feel connected. When watching viral cat videos, people often recognize their own cats’ mannerisms and quirks, sparking amusement and camaraderie.

For instance, cats staring blankly when being spoken to is a common occurrence that elicits laughs of agreement from viewers (https://cheezburger.com/19605253/hilariously-relatable-cat-video-documents-the-pov-of-our-cats-while-were-speaking-to-them-and). Additionally, a video of a cat walking across a laptop keyboard, inadvertently typing gibberish, resonates with those whose cats have done the same (https://www.hindustantimes.com/trending/video-involving-cat-and-laptop-is-amusing-people-find-it-relatable-too-101653036564154.html). The relatability makes people feel they share a bond with the cat stars of viral videos.

Seeing familiar cat behaviors reaffirms that people are not alone in their experiences as cat owners. The videos validate common cat quirks as near-universal. This shared relatability creates a sense of community and connection among cat lovers worldwide.


Watching funny cat videos can provide a mental escape and distraction from the stresses of everyday life. As one article points out, “The online world is an interactive museum of humiliation, bad faith and gross memes. This is why we need parrots trolling cats.” (Source) Cat videos allow people to take a brief mental break and get lost in the cuteness and silliness of felines doing funny things. According to a Quora thread, watching cat videos “can provide a brief escape from daily stressors, offering a mental break and a source of entertainment.” (Source) In a world full of negativity and anxiety, cat videos provide a harmless and uplifting escape that people crave.

Boredom Buster

One of the main reasons people seek out funny cat videos is for easy entertainment when bored. Humans have relatively short attention spans, and funny cat videos provide short bursts of entertainment that can quickly alleviate boredom. The videos are usually under a minute long, making them the perfect distraction during a short break or idle time. According to a YouTube video from Boredom Blasting TV for Cats, birds and wildlife, cat videos can be an effective cure for boredom in humans, providing a quick laugh or smile when they need it.

With so many funny cat videos online, people can easily find something new and entertaining if they have a few spare minutes to kill. The short format means viewers don’t have to invest a lot of time or mental energy to be amused. Funny cat videos are enjoyable even when people are too tired or distracted to focus on longer or more complex entertainment options. In this way, funny cat videos serve as a handy boredom buster for quick entertainment anytime.

Internet/Meme Culture

Cat videos have become an integral part of internet culture and meme popularity. Many viral cat videos get shared rapidly across social media platforms and messaging apps, taking on a life of their own as internet memes. As noted by Jack Schofield, author of The Guardian’s Networker column, “Cats have an independence and playful inventiveness that appeals to the solitary geeks who spend their time writing computer code” (source). The cute, quirky, and spontaneous antics of cats are perfectly suited for creating viral meme content. People love being able to share funny cat moments and memes with others online.

Community and Connection

Watching funny cat videos can bring people together through shared experiences and create a sense of community. Sharing and reacting to silly cat antics online allows people to bond over finding humor in similar things. As one Reddit user commented, “I don’t know anyone in real life who likes cat videos as much as I do. But every time I watch a funny cat fail compilation on YouTube, I feel connected to the millions of fellow cat video lovers out there who are laughing along with me in the comments” (Source). The popularity of funny cat videos has created online communities where people can share their favorite clips and make connections. Many cat video compilation channels on YouTube foster engagement through likes, comments, and inside jokes among subscribers who regularly tune in for their feline entertainment fix. Overall, these shared viewing experiences satisfy people’s innate need for community and connection.

Stress Relief

Watching funny cat videos can provide stress relief and reduce anxiety. According to a 2015 study, viewing cute animal videos releases feel-good hormones like dopamine and oxytocin in the brain. This helps lower cortisol levels associated with stress. The research found that even short viewings of funny cat videos can lift mood and provide a quick stress break during the day.


As we’ve explored, there are numerous reasons why funny cat videos have become so popular and beloved across the internet. First, they provide simple entertainment and humor that lifts our moods and gives us a little dose of joy. The natural cuteness of cats also triggers our positive emotional responses. We find cats adorable and can’t help but smile at their antics. Additionally, their quirky behaviors are often relatable, showing cats getting into mishaps or acting silly in ways that mirror our own lives.

Funny cat videos also allow us to take a little break from our daily stresses. They provide lighthearted escapism and an amusing distraction when we need a quick mood boost. With the massive proliferation of funny cat videos online, they have also become part of internet culture and meme popularity. Sharing funny cat videos can also help build a sense of community and connection with others who enjoy that type of humor.

Given all of these appeals, it’s no wonder funny cat videos have become an enduring part of the internet’s fabric. They give us a simple, positive way to take a break, get some laughs, and connect with others through shared joy. Our love for these videos shows how something as simple as a cute cat can brighten our day and bring a little more happiness into the world.

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